8-9 Argyll Street
Soho, London
Tel: 020 7734 5776 Oxford Circus 0.1 miles

Lavishly designed nightclub, bar and restaurant from the founders of Chinawhite and Aura. Built within the vaults of the London Palladium, and aimed squarely at the top end of the market, it's strictly members and guest list only.

Wed-Sat: 8pm-3.30pm

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I can't recommend this place as somewhere to base your night around because the chances of you and all of your friends (if you've got any coming before or later) getting in are minimal to none and the guestlist means nothing!

So what's the point? I guess if you are turned away you've saved yourself some cash in what is going to be an overrated venue with extortionate drink prices.

I'm not sure about the five-star reviews of this place and wonder if the staff come along once in a while to put a review in, or whether people just get excited easily. I've been to some major clubs (private members' etc, and Ibiza) and I can't see why people think this place is the bomb.

Anyway, if you read this and you still decide to try your luck at this club, don't complain when some jumped up idiot at the door refuses you entry!

Useful review?
 by BeThere, 10 Feb 2013
It's just a big laugh. I was there on a Friday night (easy in because of being on the guest list) and was just amazed at how many people wanted to come in and were willing to allow the staff to treat them like easy meat. I decided to leave the club when I saw Kim Kardashian's brother arrive. That's all too much wannabe VIP style. I don't give a shit for VIPs. Give me REAL artists and a COOL underground crowd and I'll love it. This place is crap!

Useful review?
 by markus2se, 22 May 2012
I cannot get over the rudeness of their ticket booth woman. When I told her she was being incredibly rude, she laughed right in my face and said, "Go home then". I cannot believe someone would treat their customers so badly. We will never go there again because of this vile woman.

Useful review?
 by tanya201, 14 May 2012
Want to echo the comments from other reviewers about racism at this club.

Went there 2 nights ago. Same deal: on the guest list, in a mixed group with probably half being Asian and the other half white. Were told that they had "closed the guest list" because they were full. The 4 girls in the group were very politely negotiating with the woman at the door when their big bouncer walks up and says, "You are holding up the line", and (without giving any time for people to clear) pushes the first girl out of the line. She was half his size and almost fell and hurt herself. The next girl told him not to touch her, to which he replied, "Look at you, why would I touch you?", calling her ugly.

One of the guys in my group knows a promoter there but was told by the promoter that they do not like Asians and blacks there and can't get them in. Pretty amazing how blatantly racist they are.

Useful review?
 by zainzaidi, 30 Jan 2012
What a terrible place! Movida must be the worst club in London. It pretends to be some 'A' list venue when all it is, is a dressed up club for chavs and failed models!

I went there with a few friends, spent £5k on our table and we were surrounded by fake people. The staff are rude, the service is terrible, the crowd is pretentious and the DJ just shouts on the mic all night long. To be honest, the only good thing about this club is the decor! If you want class, stay well away from this place and go somewhere else.

Useful review?
 by Allahsgift, 10 Jan 2012
I wish I could give this piece of garbage club a zero review. I've tried it on 3 different occasions, but I'm afraid to conclude this club is nothing but stuck up and racist. Staff treat you like faeces on the bottom of their shoe. Especially the door woman, who thinks she's Kim Kardashian or something.

Steer clear of this club. It doesn't matter what guest list/table booking you have, unless you're a chavved-up WAG you're not getting in!

Useful review?
 by xomiss-r.dotxo, 16 Dec 2011
Without a doubt, the best club in London. Went wiv my bruv, jumped past queue fools. Bare drinks, when girlfriend got lippy, she got told off - bar staff good as gold, even got a wink from one to say, "We've all been there son". All told, a great night - will go again.

Useful review?
 by henrybonsu, 26 Sep 2011
This place is an absolute joke!! You've gotta look like a WAG wannabe, 'only way is Essex', tanorexic to get into Movida! The lady with the dark hair at the front was so stuckup and very rude. This "no flats" policy is a joke too. Clearly they are picking and choosing who to let into the club. Would definitely not recommend going here, it is not worth it. Too many people thinking they are rich but don't have the dance moves. Avoid, and try going to a real club!

Useful review?
 by louise.balitaan, 01 Aug 2011
The worst club I have ever been to! STAY AWAY! Horrible staff, bad DJs, pretentious and arrogant crowd. Full of chavs trying to pretend they have class. Anyone who says this place is exclusive is kidding themselves.

Useful review?
 by itsrosiejones, 22 Nov 2010
Rude staff, ugly atmosphere and badly overpriced. AVOID - ESPECIALLY if you're in a mixed group, i.e. with black and Asian friends (they're harrassed at the door or don't get in at all, which is profoundly gross).

Useful review?
 by LondonGirl2 (2 reviews), 22 Jul 2010
Bar lady with the clip board was absolutely rude. The bald fat bouncer had no manners and was on a complete power trip. Great place if you have money to flash, because frankly how else will you get these people to even smile? Disgusting place to go, don't waste your time here.

Useful review?
 by andrea_venede, 18 Jul 2010
They are definitely racist - no matter how much money you bring, and how many tables you are willing to book. Loads of prejudice! I felt really frustrated on my birthday, having nowhere else to go after booking 2 weeks in advance with Movida and being rejected at the door... with half of my guests (all white) inside.

Useful review?
 by unbelievable, 12 Mar 2010
I have been to some amazing clubs all over the world and so was really looking forward to going to Movida with a group of my friends on a recent trip from Manchester to London...

Wow, never been more disappointed. Rude staff, unbelievably stuck-up clientele. Had booked a VIP table and began the night pleasantly (even though we were surrounded by letchy men who clearly 'buy' their women). After a trip to the ladies, we were told somebody else had also booked the table and we couldn't go back to it. After a little 'discussion' with an uptight bouncer who practically assaulted us, we moved to a different area. Became VERY busy toward the end of the night. Really would not recommend. Poor.

Useful review?
 by Nat6, 08 Feb 2010
Very bad. I will never go to Movida again. This was my second time going there as I was invited by promoters, and both times I've been on the guest list. First time around the lady on the door doing the guest list with dark hair asked me how I spelled my name and said I was not on the guest list. I showed her my confirmation and she still didn't let me in. Second time around, for Xmas Party, the same lady did not even look at the guest list. I brought a friend with me and she said no all guy groups. There were two of us, both looking very sharply dressed. Maybe it was because we are Indian, because I walked down the road and came back and saw the same lady letting in groups of white males with no questions. I did not think people were like this in this day and age but I will never go to Movida again and will never suggest it to anybody I know.

Useful review?
 by jrayatt, 25 Dec 2009
How would I sum up Movida? The VIP area in the main club has to be the ultimate podium for the most ostentatious showing off that was ever conceived. I mean, sparklers on champagne? There’s nothing subtle about this place! That said, it was one of the best nights out I’ve had for a good few years.

Useful review?
 by mtwsubs, 07 Dec 2009
Racist and rude. The clipboard lady with too much surgery is nasty. She wants people to beg to get in the club even when you are on the guestlist and have a table booked. The joke of the night: a girl from Eastenders had to spit out her date of birth and show ID and everyone but this dozy clipboard woman knew who she was.

Useful review? 1 1
 by ebbs121, 02 Sep 2009
£28 for 2 drinks. Expensive, yes. But it does actually keep out the riff-raff. I am not rich but I am happy to pay for a good night out surrounded by people like this rather than the people down the road in Leicester Square. It's why we have these clubs with attitude in the first place - that's how you control the atmosphere. And doormen are doormen, it's part of the fun (try your hand at some of the clubs in France and you won't complain again). So what if you don't get in? Smile and go somewhere else, knowing that next week you can just as easily dupe them into letting you in with a warm welcome.

Useful review? 1
 by v.leaper, 25 Aug 2009
Hated it. Full of little boys who think they know everything! Trust me guys, you don't.

My advice for this club would be to step down off its pedestal and treat everyone as an important customer - you never know who you are talking to. Sometimes important people don't want to turn up in a blacked-out car with a hench of security to know they are going to get treated with a bit of respect. Where we come from everyone is equal, not just those Z-listers who think they are somebodys.

Useful review? 2
 by emilycarver (3 reviews), 30 May 2009
My friend booked a table here for her birthday. After reading reviews, I was anxious; however, the reviews at Mahiki were not great either and I loved it there, so went with an open mind.

We were on the guest list, so entry was fine, no complaints and found door staff to be OK. We were seated then told to move to a different table because of a mix up. Got settled, waited for a waiter for around 10 minutes, then got told we were at a £3,000 VIP table, so had to move again. They then took us to the back of the club with no apology. Service was awful in this part - we were lucky to be served the £500 we put behind the bar, always hunting for a waitress who was happy to take our cash but never bring us a drink (never did get to see my cocktail). We realised VIP was reserved for Chelsea footballers (wannabe wags dancing around John Terry and co).

I would say the age was mixed (we were a group of five girls aged 25-31 and did not feel out of place) but definitely a good 40% of customers do not look old enough to be in there. I was disappointed with the dress code too - lots of jeans/T-shirts/baseball caps. Guess VIPs do not need to make effort...

Never going back, even if the table was free. The only good thing was the decor, which looked clean and modern.

Useful review? 1 1
 by Caz A, 19 Apr 2009
Movida is officially the WORST place to go! The amount of arrogance at the doors is unbelievable! The bouncers run the show, thinking they know who is who, and let in only the ones they like. The club needs to review its door policy.

Useful review? 1 1
 by outlawww, 29 Mar 2009

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