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40 Greek Street
Soho, London
Tel: 020 7734 5188 Leicester Square 0.2 miles

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Great for work meetings and social. But I find it's always too dark in there, especially Shoreditch House - hardly able to see who you are talking to, and walking through the bar requires caution as it's so dark you might trip. In both east and central locations, if you don't get there early, you'll struggle to find anywhere to sit, or even stand.

I recommend that you don't eat in Soho House Greek Street as I found the food lacks flavour and presentation - which, for the price you pay, you'd expect it to taste better. I was very dissappointed with this, as were my guests.

No doubt they have great events on, but I think this still doesn't justify the overpriced membership fee. Being a member of other clubs around London, I see a better service all round at a lower cost.

So far, I'm yet to be impressed with Soho House.

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 by Chawonga, 28 Feb 2013
I love the Soho House group. Fantastic design and atmosphere in each sought-after club. The only problem is that it/they draw an often utterly stuck up crowd - if you don't work in the 'industry', you might not be made to feel very welcome... Good fun though, depsite that.

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 by richardb091 (4 reviews), 30 May 2011
Great. Try the chilli and passionfruit martini. Very busy place, but that is always a good sign!

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 by susanharri (7 reviews), 26 Jan 2010
I have obviously missed out on the bad behaviour and staff. I have been visiting Soho House with my husband many times over the last 10 years - he is one of the early members - and have never seen the bad behaviour described. The staff have always been considerate, and polite. I cannot fault them. I can only assume that the loud name droppers are either new or friends trying to impress. The nice thing about Soho House is that everyone is equal - it is afterall a club where all can go for a quiet and anonymous evening. The 'guardians' on the stairs are there to keep the gate crashers out and do a very good job! Civilized but quirky environment and long may it last.

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 by Jackie Worrow, 30 Jul 2009
I have just had a birthday party in the basement which is staffed by the same people as the bar. I cannot say enough good things about them all. They were helpful, friendly and efficient and I would absolutely recommend the venue.

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 by johnmetuk, 10 Feb 2009
The management are poor and the drinks are so 5 years ago. The attitude of the staff is horrific and the business needs fresh blood and ideas. I would not recommend any of the Soho House group.

The food, however, is OK though could do with some revitalisation.

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 by bobbybits, 14 Jan 2009
This has to be one of the worst bars I am forced to frequent. Having to meet someone there for a meeting (who is a TV personality) was horrific. Firstly an extremely snooty woman at the top of the stairs tried to force me to wait on the street for my associate to arrive and sign me in - I later on saw this same snooty woman (an employee) drunk at the bar and hanging over one of the guests like some kind of cheap hooker! The place was crammed with vile media type people who weren't even executives or creatives (they were wearing suits), who proceeded to shout and name drop at the top of their voices. They then hovered around my table and rudely interrupted my discussion with my associate, simply because they recognised her off the telly.

Word of advice to anyone - if you want to spend the evening with lush, arrogant clock room staff (holding clipboards) or vile wannabe media liggers go to Soho house, otherwise steer well clear!

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 by lottielocs, 27 Nov 2007
Thought it was pretty good, even if it is too crowded. It's not as good as Babington House, or Soho House in New York, but I find it a nice place to chill. Or have a fun time.

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 by fashionista, 26 May 2007
Just lost the plot. Full of all the people you want to get away from in a club. Would suggest there are better members' clubs out there.

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 by Harry f (2 reviews), 09 May 2007
Well, I think the staff are lovely. I even gave a few of them Christmas presents last year because they look after me so well. As a woman, it's nice to go somewhere I feel totally comfortable. Yes, if you happen to be alone, there will always be some men who feel it is their duty to bother you, but at least the men in Soho House have been through a 'filter' and are either members or friends of members and tend to get the hint if you want them to. If they don't, it's quite easy to lose them in the warren of rooms, but most people tend to follow a code of behaviour and will be friendly but also respect your space.

I feel that the rates are extremely reasonable, as I joined before I was 27 so I get a reduced rate. When I consider all the free advance screenings, wine tastings, music events and the fact that I can use their wireless connection and sit comfortably in the drawing room if I have time to kill between meetings, it works out as well worth it.

By the way, they've just re-painted and refurbished, so it's looking rather slick these days. Oh, and their burger is one of the best in London!

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 by ALH, 24 Feb 2007
In response to the review below, Babington House is not open to non-members, so £600 for access to 5 fab clubs is a very good deal!

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 by anon555, 03 Feb 2007
Really disappointed by Soho House. After all the hype, it's shabby and just jammed to the rafters with self-important media types. It's said that you get a lot for your membership because of the access to other houses, but do you really? Electric House is essentially one small room which is again overcrowded, Babbington is hardly free and is open to non-members, and New York (which is much nicer than the London club) is... in New York!

The bottom line is that for your £600 there are a lot of much nicer clubs to join in London now. Soho House is well past it's sell-by-date.

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 by ant101 (2 reviews), 24 Jan 2007
I've been here a few times as a guest and like it. Nicely relaxed and quirky. However, I really can't be bothered to beg them to let me join and then wait a couple of years for the privilege.

Useful review?
 by Vegetableman (4 reviews), 12 Oct 2006
Increasingly fashionable to slag it off... However, it has great staff who always do their best to help out, a fantastic location, very good food, is often full of extremely amusing (admittedly not always for the right reason) people, and the membership is ludicrously good value for money given that you get membership to Electric House, Babington House, High Road House and Soho House NY for your £600 (note, gone up from £500). Waiting list is 2 years.

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 by Anonymous, 08 Aug 2006
Awful place. Too cramped, too crowded. People generally annoying. Music always too loud to have a proper conversation. Food alright but overpriced. Only been here for work meetings, functions and as a guest of a member. Avoid it.

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 by cavendish (6 reviews), 06 Apr 2006
Fabulously wonderful. Great company, great atmosphere. Now all I need is someone to recommend a membership for me so that I can go again!

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 by Fantabulous, 22 Nov 2005
I have been taken to Soho House New York and must say that it is by far the best hang out in the meatpacking district. Perfect environment to mingle with 20-30 somethings from every walk of life. Wish I was a member, this place is worth the extra pennies anytime.

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 by Anonymous, 30 Aug 2005
Soho house was great, thoroughly enjoyed it.

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 by Oscar (14 reviews), 12 Jul 2005
Am quite shocked by these bad reviews. Having worked at Soho House in the past and now being a member I must say that I have always thought one of Soho House's best points was its friendly staff. Yes sometimes they are a bit slow but they are attentive and smiley and remember your name if you go with any regularity.

Nick Jones paid us pretty well when I worked there 6 years ago and some staff I knew from then are still working there now so there's definitely something keeping them there! I must also disagree with the 'paying through the nose for membership' comment since at £500 a year with loads of events, offers, free film screenings etc, plus automatic membership to Soho House New York and Babington House, it is pretty damn cheap!

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 19 May 2005
I've been a member of Soho House, via my Babington House (country club near Bath) membership for 4 years. Soho house is getting on in age now and the interior whilst once fresh and clever, now looks moth eaten, dirty and far too like one of those 'theme pubs' trying to give an aged look. The food is never too expensive, but then it isn't going to blow you away with its intelligence (I ate at Sketch last week, which was something else).

The drinks are cheap, the bartenders sadly lacking in much talent. Over the years we've seen some great characters working there, but sadly Nick Jones (owner/manager of the Soho House group) never pays good staff enough to retain them.

I suppose they'd love you to think this is still exclusive. Quite simply they let too many of the wrong people in now, and a membership is not as elusive as you might think. If you live and work in Soho, or will often be close by, then it makes a good watering and relaxation hole, but otherwise, I now feel there are better clubs in town. If Soho House is to stand out once again, it needs to take some style lessons and steal some facilities from Babington House.

Hope that helps people wanting to know about this club.

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 by Anonymous, 08 May 2005

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