46 Red Church Street
Shoreditch, London
E2 7DP
Tel: 020 7729 2288 Old Street 0.4 miles

Tradition meets modernism at this contemporary barbershop and grooming retail space. Located in Shoreditch just minutes from The City, Murdock offers a full range of grooming services from a traditional wet shave with an open razor, to a two hour service that includes haircut, shave and shoe polish. Shaving and hair care products by luxury male brands such as Goetz and D.R Harris are available in store or online. Gift certificates for products and grooming services are also available.

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Very disappointed in the service they have given me this week. Having ordered a Mighty Beard Box online on Monday night and choosing express delivery, it failed to arrive. No confirmation email received, so phoned on Wednesday only to be told it had just come into stock and would be with me on Friday. Friday came and went... still nothing. Tried phoning Customer Services only to be told they were working from home and would call... still waiting. To add insult to injury, my credit card bill arrived today and guess what - there was the bill for £70.65 from Murdock London! Disgusting. They'll be hearing from me on Monday morning.

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 by kinnoull21, 21 Dec 2013
Terrible haircut twice at Murdock! Even with the picture to show how I wanted it. And it cost me £52.40.

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 by argenton123, 28 Feb 2011
Went to their new Covent Garden store whilst staying in London for business. Had a full luxury service and it was blissful. The barber, Emmett, was friendly and the products were great too. The store looks great and I bought a belt while I was in there. Apparently you can also buy their products online, so I will definitely be recommending to people back in the US.

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 by bretthowland, 10 Dec 2010
Had my hair cut at their branch in Liberty's. Murdock's is like a theme pub for hair - it's a hairdressers dressed up like a traditional barbers. My hair cut took 45 mins and cost £38. It was a waste of time and money for a bad cut. He didn't use clippers when it would have been much quicker and produced a better result. He didn't ask how I wanted the back (squared off or natural) and didn't use a cut throat razor to shave the back of my neck (which any proper barber would have done).

Their blog currently states that the quiff is back - which seems to mean they'll give you one whether you ask for it or not. In the end, I went back to my local barber a few days later, who cut my hair back to how I wanted it - it took about 10 mins and cost £8.

Murdocks is a gimmick - don't bother, would be my advice.

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 by whisky_mac, 20 Jun 2010
Got a great haircut here. Relaxed environment with very friendly and talented barbers who give you an individual, 'bespoke' haircut. Good range of products too, with classic Italian colognes next to the latest skincare treatments. Will be coming back in a few weeks to treat myself to a wet shave.

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 by rich.moseley, 10 Sep 2009
Superb service. The new guy, Ray, is amazing. Will definitely be back.

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 by smallpickles, 29 Aug 2008
Received a full gift certificate service for Christmas. The SMN full service, which uses the exclusive products from the famous Florence pharmacy (literally cannot find these anywhere else in the UK), was a wonderful experience and I would recommend this to all those guys needing a friendly and honest pamper.

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 by llars, 27 Jan 2008
Fantastic wet shave and great hair cut - the perfect way to spend a Saturday after a long week in work. They also have some lovely mens' grooming products. Will definitely be back.

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 by lawrence, 10 May 2007
Went for a shave last week - excellent - and they did a great job with my hair too. Music could have changed a bit. They have amazing products though. Will return.

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 by kennygy, 23 Feb 2007
Great for a shave, poor for a haircut.

Useful review? 2 1
 by Anonymous, 30 Jan 2007
Tried a few Shoreditch stylists before discovering this little gem! Best haircut by far, it's just a shame that my guy got fired! However, excellent service from beginning to end. It feels like a shop whose sole aim is to sell products rather than cut hair though...

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 by Matador (2 reviews), 31 Oct 2006

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