Nickel Spa

27 Shorts Gardens
Covent Garden, London
Tel: 020 7240 4048 Covent Garden 0.1 miles

Whether you (or the man in your life) is after a shave, manicure or a touch of botox, Nickel Spa can handle it. Within its relaxing but reassuringly masculine environment men can enjoy a deep tissue massage, a love handle wrap or the eye-watering back, sack and crack wax. Gift vouchers are available for both treatments and products.

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Excellent. I went to Nickel Spa several times this year for sport massages and I’ve always been very satisfied with the level of service received. Staff at the front desk are very friendly and the massage therapists I had treatments with, William and Zach, were both excellent. The environment is very relaxed and I could not fault the service received in any way. I would definitely highly recommend Nickel Spa to anyone who would like to treat themselves to a massage.

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 by PopArt72, 18 Dec 2011
I'll keep it short and sweet. I went into this 'male salon' to receive waxing in an intimate area. I expect a male therapist! Staff were friendly enough.

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 by speeddancer, 09 Aug 2010
Many thanks to Nickel Spa! I have been massaged throughout the world and Nickel Spa has provided the most caring and sensitive massage I have ever received.

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 by Jason Blackwell, 23 Jun 2009
I recently had a one hour osteopathy and massage treatment and found it very good. The reception staff were very friendly and the therapist was thorough. I recommend this place.

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 by jonalust, 22 Jun 2009
My boyfriend had Botox treatment here, and had to go back 3 times to have it done again as it didn't work, then to be told "Well, we were experimenting with some new stuff we bought"! Shocking and unprofessional.

This salon is definitely an amateur affair. Don't bother.

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 by jon1, 22 Mar 2009
I walked in and was barely acknowledged, just told to sit to the side and wait. The manager presumed from a little backache that I must obviously work at a computer all day! Actually, I'm a therapist myself, so I know about delivering treatments, but also that the customer service and consultation should have been far better. The massage was pretty good, though no attention was given to my shoulder and backache, which I clearly said were a problem. And the facial was like another reviewer said - painful. The room was cluttered and I was left to find my way out of a cramped series of treatment rooms. I bought the two items they held out in front of me without really being aware of it, and then I found that one product was clearly wrong for my skin. I was pretty shocked by the lack of customer care and found it a waste of money.

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 by Goldthorn, 19 May 2008
Although my massage was of a very good standard - very professional - I did feel it was a bit rushed at the end, which took away some of the calming aspects. Other than that, very good service with friendly staff as you come in. Prices are expensive though.

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 by jonni, 26 Dec 2007
I have been to many of London's top spas and after seeing Nickel advertised on this website, thought I'd give it a go. It is by far the worst spa experience I have had. It is no more than a few treatment rooms in the basement below their shop. There are no luxury facilities that you'd expect of a spa, during the massage the room was freezing cold with no warming towels or anything just you face down on a massage table, and as for the facial I can only describe it as brutal. First you're blasted with a steam machine to the point of your face melting, then you're painfully attacked by the therapist in search of blackheads etc. I could not wait to get home and have a relaxing bath to get all the awful-smelling oils and creams off me. I do not recommend you give this place a try - there was nothing pampering about it.

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 by ianhorn, 27 Oct 2007

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