The Refinery

60 Brook Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 020 7409 2001 Bond Street 0.1 miles

The Refinery, Mayfair

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It was my and my friend's first visit to The Refinery. They charged us full price despite the fact that they were promoting 50% discount for first time treatments on their website. Also, the treatment took just 15 mins instead of the advertised 45 mins. The girl just cut my nails - and that was all! And this is what they call 'Ultimate treatment for nails and hands'. The quality of their customer service is very poor. All week the manager has been refusing to return my calls. Bad, bad, bad.

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 by Esaf007, 12 Apr 2013
I went to The Refinery a few months back for a massage, a manicure and a hair cut. All treatments were really good apart from the manicure, which was awful. Also the VERY young team made me feel quite uncomfortable. Finally, when I got to the till I asked for some P. Kingsley product - which it transpired they hadn't got - and three of those youngsters started arguing with me and insisting that the product did not exist, despite the fact that I have been buying it from Harrods for years. The whole experience was spoilt by their attitude. Because of this, I would not recommend The Refinery.

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 by jeromepollet, 08 Nov 2011
The Refinery is an oasis of calm just opposite Claridge's. Goran, the head stylist, provides great haircuts.

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 by B.B. (5 reviews), 24 Nov 2009
My wife bought me a Gift Voucher for The Refinery, for a haircut and a deep tissue massage. I arrived 15 mins before my treatment and was seen to straight away! My barber was very thorough with my consultation and the haircut was fantastic. I felt like he really knew what he was doing and the customer service was second to none (even if he was a scouser, ha). Then I had my deep tissue massage which I have got to say was very painful but hit all the right spots - I felt great the next few days! The only downside was the shop itself. It looked very tired and could have done with a lick of paint. Overall though, I would thoroughly recommend the services I had.

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 by kb1974, 03 Feb 2009
The Refinery, what a disappointment! I showed up 10 minutes before my scheduled treatment and had to wait 20 minutes in a tired waiting room, blasting BBC News 24 on a huge screen (why should I see images of terrorist attacks before a relaxing treatment?). No hot drinks were provided, and the only heating system was a portable electric heater - very five star.

My 30-minute massage lasted less than 20 minutes (it started with a 10-minute delay due to 'room preparation', but it ended promptly at the scheduled time). The cold treatment room had no heating, so the therapist had to leave the door open to let some heat through from the noisy heating system in the corridor. The lighting was bad, the floor dirty, and a cheap CD player was providing some bad background music through the noise.

The Refinery is totally overvalued, there are dozens of better alternatives in central London. Book at your own risk.

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 by LuxurySpaLover, 29 Nov 2008
Haircuts are hit or miss. I have had to wait each time I have scheduled a haircut and no apologies or explanations are offered. Each time I visit I am greeted by a surly receptionist who can barely speak English. Not sure why I continue to return, given the cost and poor service...

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 by quinton, 06 Mar 2008
I had the grooming package - 5 hours of pampering! Best I've had. Great team as well. Try it.

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 by Sirak, 12 Feb 2008
Excellent. Would use again!

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 by andyl, 24 Nov 2007
A good start to my consultation, but left with a bad haircut. I only really went because they use Philip Kingsley products, but nobody could be bothered to give me proper aftercare advice. So I thought I'd give them the benefit of the doubt and pop in for some new products. I was prepared to spend, but still managed to leave empty-handed. I even asked about Shu Uemura facials, but all they could be bothered with was to hand me a leaflet.

An expensive salon that is staffed with people that don't listen and don't care. So I then walked into Capa, Berkeley Street, and got a great head massage and a winning smile!

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 by Squidworth, 22 Sep 2006
Great deep tissue massage at Mayfair branch (best I have ever had) by a therapist who clearly knew what he was doing. Friendly staff, not at all snooty given the location. Will definitely be back.

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 by Anonymous, 01 Sep 2006
Finally I have found a spa in the West End that caters for those of us who want excellent treatments and friendly service. Good service without being stuffy and over the top.

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 by PM, 30 Jan 2006
From start to finish I experienced refreshingly down-to-earth yet professional service. Finally a spa that is not stuck-up and stuffy!

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 by TG, 29 Jan 2006
Good haircut but cold staff.

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 by Anonymous, 07 Jan 2006
I was disappointed at reception level. No times were kept to and I was not informed as to what was happening. The staff were pleasant but I did not have the Rolls Royce experience you would expect. I had to chase for the second treatment. Staff performing the treatments were professional but no apologies offered for lateness. Requires better management and organisation for an establishment with those prices.

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 by AB, 15 Sep 2005
I first gave a present of a session at the Mayfair branch in 2001, to my boyfriend - the dry-flotation tank. His verdict was 'unusual but enjoyable'.

Two years later repeated it, but went to the Bishopgate branch, (closer to where he works) - not so good, the reception staff poor. Seemed unsure of the booking, made my boyfriend wait around, were cold. Complete contrast. There was a distinct lack of professional care/high quality service that you want, expect and pay for.

But overall-the staff performing the treatments were excellent. Good products, too.

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 by Adie, 12 May 2005
Excellent haircuts.

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 by Anonymous, 13 Dec 2004

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