Truefitt & Hill

71 St. James's Street
St James's, London
Tel: 020 7493 2961 Green Park 0.3 miles

The world's oldest men's hairdressers, also offering facials, head massage and manicures. Traditional and impeccable service.

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Was a bit worried about going here after reading mixed reviews online, but when presented with a gift voucher from my girlfriend I had to go along anyway. Was pleasantly surprised. Luke was the name of my barber, he was very knowledgeable and friendly and took great care and attention when giving me a cut throat shave. He checked whether I had sensitive skin first before choosing the correct creams and balms that would suit my skin. Nice atmosphere, staff that weren't too intrusive but were helpful if need be. I'd go there again and will probably give someone else a gift voucher in the future as it was a great experience.

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 by yorkie81, 02 Dec 2010
Unfortunately, I did not have a pleasant experience. The shave was mediocre, at best. The razor seemed to be blunt, so the barber was putting too much pressure. At the end, he never used a cold towel. Two hours later, I still had a burn. Oh, and after checking myself in the mirror, I realized he had missed a couple of spots (patches of hair were visible).

Regarding the environment, it was nothing special.

On a positive note, the products he used seemed to be pretty good.

Overall, the quality of the shave was rather poor, regardless of the price. I won't try them again.

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 by prec_loc, 23 Oct 2010
Sadly disappointed. I was sent there for a traditional shave, but when I got there I was told my barber hadn't arrived for work. When she did turn up, there was no apology, no hello, and I felt like I was an inconvienence. The shave was rushed - most definitely not the 30 mins I was told it would take - and there was no communication throughout the treatment.

I can only assume the lack of punctuality of this staff member is a regular occurance, as I arrived early and another client who'd had an appointment before me had stormed out the door and was overheard saying to the Manageress that this was not the first time he'd been treated like this by the same barber.

I can only say, if anyone is thinking of going there for a shave or a treatment, do not book yourself in with the young lady barber. Try any of the gentlemen instead, as having sat and watched them perform treatments on clients, they were certainly more down-to-earth and friendly.

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 by hotbutt, 10 Oct 2009
Had a shave recently by a chap called Russell. I was very impressed - it is the best I've had in a while, and his personality and wit were a bonus. Would recommend to all.

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 by dave the brave, 26 Sep 2009
I had a shaving lesson at this salon with the so-called 'old Greek guy'. He was wonderful, very informative, helpful and patient. Would definitely book another class with him.

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 by crocodile, 09 Sep 2009
I treated myself and my two best men to a shave on the day of my wedding. As I was the groom, I took advice from a previous reviewer and asked for the guy from Selfridges. I got the best shave - this guy knows what he's doing. It's such a shame that my best men ended up with the older Greek barber, as he did the two of them in such a rush they were both finished before myself. If you're after the best shave ever, ask for Russell the stylist from Selfridges.

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 by Londonlad, 24 Jun 2009
I was treated via a gift voucher from my partner for a hair cut and cut throat shave. What a magical shop, just like stepping back in time. My barber was formerly from Selfridges. The hair cut was amazing and he taught me so much about the correct way to shave (not bad since I was doing it wrong for so many years).
Every man should try this at least once. The voucher was a great idea and better to receive than the normal socks.

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 by toplad, 15 May 2009
Terrible experience - and I never even got through the door. I called twice to confirm my appointment, when I arrived the shop was shut up and no one was there. When I called back a few days later, they made no offer of any kind of concession to make up for my inconvenience.

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 by LM1, 15 Apr 2009
Really great shop, highly recommend it.

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 by Anonymous, 10 Nov 2005

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