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Well made and comfortable range of classic shoes and stylish trainers.

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I won't have to worry about the sole wearing out on my Oliver Sweeney 'Foster' - the uppers are falling apart and I've only worn them 6 times! Rubbish quality leather and workmanship
(they don't even deserve 1 star to be honest.)

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 by pnewbury502, 11 Nov 2013
I have been buying Oliver Sweeney shoes for years and have about 9 pairs in total. However, the last 2 pairs I have purchased have been such poor quality I have returned them to the shop, only to be told I had "worn them to death". I then showed the person in the shop the receipt that proves these £280 shoes were only 8 weeks old. Not what you expect for that money!

Stay clear of Oliver Sweeney, their shoes are not made as they used to be. Very poor quality now and the shop will accuse you of misuse when they start leaking! Surely shoes are made to be worn in wet weather?!

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 by Martinvsmith, 08 Oct 2012
Oliver Sweeney... what can I say? I have had 3 pairs of shoes, of which 2 were faulty. I own a large retail company and my one aim is putting the customer first and ensuring they get good service and good product. This cannot be said for Oliver Sweeney.

The return process is, quite frankly, a joke. Shoes are sent off that cannot be replaced, refunds promised and not processed. I wrote to head office and 2 weeks later no reply. Am disgusted at such a high-end retailer having such little interest in the customer. Serve the customer properly and professionally and they will be a customer for life. Something Oliver Sweeney has not learned or, it seems, does not want to.

Nice product, ridiculous returns procedure, pathetic customer service.

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 by JG RED, 13 Sep 2010
I have had over 20 pairs of Sweeneys in the last 13 years, in addition to Church's, Grenson, Patrick Cox and Jeffrey West. My favourites are my Bells stingray skin (I have 2 pairs). Sweeneys fit well from day 1 and I now have no qualms about investing £240 or more in a pair of these fantastically well constructed shoes.

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 by willoughbybrown, 16 Jul 2010
I've been buying them for 20 years now, and only ever had a problem with one pair in all those years. Love 'em!

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 by Joe Ninety, 05 Apr 2010
Not my favourite shoe brand. Two pairs later, one has developed holes in the leather sole and the other had leaking stitching, even after having been sent back to Italy for repair. If in Bond Street, stroll across the road to Bally or Church's. They're the real deal.

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 by B.B. (5 reviews), 24 Nov 2009
Went to the Liverpool Street store and was totally amazed - they had my size (6.5). It wasn't a sale, but the particular pair of shoes was reduced from £240 to just £50. I had the most amazing service ever. As others have said, the guys here really know shoes. At first I was debating whether the shoe was a comfortable fit, the guy then flexed the sole and they fitted like a glove.

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 by gokhart, 04 Oct 2009
Most I have ever spent on shoes is about £70. Decided to treat myself anf bought a pair of Ravioli. By far the most stunning pair of shoes I have seen. They actually had them in size 11 (Got them in Brighton, Profile).

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 by Anonymous, 23 May 2006
Wow, what a comfortable pair of shoes. Whilst I was shopping the salesman informed me all about the anatomical last and how Oliver creates these great shoes.

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 by Anonymous, 17 Mar 2006
Prior to being given a gift of Oliver Sweeney shoes, I refused to spend more than £60 on footwear. Now I don't even blink at the £160+ and won't buy any other shoe. Customer service is excellent as well!

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 by bloikey, 11 Mar 2006
Oliver Sweeney's are without doubt the best shoes money can buy!

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 by doddlehead, 14 Jan 2006
Oliver Sweeney's shoes are the absolute biz.

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 by cockney red, 03 Dec 2005
The best shoes ever. And very kind personnel.

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 by Anonymous, 15 Nov 2005
This was without a doubt the best fit in my life and they actually had my size (12 UK). Also as an engineer, I noticed the shoe was pivoted at the fore edge of the heal making it easy to tap on hard surfaces and easier (sexier) to walk in. The guy who designed this really knows shoes. Best buy certainly.

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 by osadoo, 06 Nov 2005
The best shoes a gentleman could own. Thankfully, now that I live on another continent, I can buy online.

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 by Anonymous, 20 Oct 2005
Bought the Everyman shoe, fantastic design, comfortable and a level of uniqueness! Sales assistant was also very informative and helpful in choosing the best shoe.

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 by Anonymous, 15 Aug 2005
A sound investment.

Useful review?
 by plates off meat, 20 Jun 2005
Great shoes designed with a real sensitivity.

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 by Anonymous, 31 May 2005
Size 13 - All Class! - Have five pairs - I buy a pair on every visit to London from Australia... and the staff remember me each time - Rare customer service that most of London overlooks these days. Oh yes... and chicks dig em'.

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 by Anonymous, 19 Apr 2005
They go up to a size 13 - rare for a pair of quality fashionable shoes!

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 by Anonymous, 31 Jan 2005

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