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Mayfair, London
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Shop for Burberry London at NET-A-PORTER.COM

Burberry reviews

Very unhelpful staff, I found; I really had to be very pushy just to get them to acknowledge my presence. I was asking for a specific coat and they didn't even bother checking stock in theirs or other stores, just 'no we don't have that'. Well Net-a-Porter do, so that is where my money will be going. I have to say though, I do adore Burberry but just not on that day. That said, I have shopped in Manchester and received only the best service.

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 by fashionpearlsofwisdom (3 reviews), 08 Dec 2010
Don't buy Burberry. We had a problem with Burberry London, Knightsbridge branch. Bought a pair of Burberry boots which turned out to be of poor quality. We took the boots back to the shop and the staff weren't helpful, immediately blaming us rather than checking on the quality. I will never buy Burberry again after receiving such poor customer service from a supposedly high-end brand.

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 by hagop78, 29 Oct 2010
Went in here just for a snoop at their things and everyone was really friendly to us, smiling and asking us if we wanted any help. A bit expensive at £100 a scarf, but good quality.

Useful review?
 by littletreetrading, 02 Jun 2010
This store is great. I've been in a few times and the service was like nothing else. As for all of the 'Burberry is for chavs' comments, how many chavs do you see in a trench coat?

Useful review?
 by noisaf123 (2 reviews), 22 Feb 2009
I would like to compliment Burberry on the polite and efficient service given to my wife in dealing with the replacement of a broken umbrella. I for one would commend you on your afterservice.

Useful review?
 by michael.dicks, 27 Nov 2008
Why do people insist that Burberry has always been chavy? From the image on the right, I'm guessing a chav has never so much as set foot through that door. Burberry is a classic representation of modern and antique England, keeping traditional clothing simple and comfortable. If you can't afford the prices, then don't buy; if you think it is chavy, then don't buy. It's as simple as that. It doesn't take a genius NOT to shop somewhere. Lovely shop, simple in design, fabulous quality clothing. Will definitely shop there again.

Useful review? 1
 by Uttermaniac (12 reviews), 10 Apr 2008
I don't understand why people complain about the price - if you can't afford it, then don't buy. Burberry is fashion again - men's coats, bags, jerseys, and women's shoes, knitwear, handbags... GREAT collection, with loads of must-have items.

Useful review?
 by sophysticated, 27 Nov 2007
A few months ago, my wife bought a rather pricey Burberry handbag and within 2 weeks of using it, it broke! We took it back to the shop but they seemed disinterested in repairing it, and to that end offered no after-sales assistance. Nice one Burberry, I don't think we'll be shopping at your stores any more.

Useful review? 1
 by Troy, 07 Oct 2007
Excellent quality and classy. You don't have to buy a cap if you don't want to, so stop complaining about it being for chavs - they can't afford to shop there, they shop at the market!

Useful review?
 by cystalhaze (20 reviews), 06 Oct 2007
eljay2001 obviously hasn't a clue. Burberry Prorsum is the greatest design house in England. OK, maybe you sometimes see the odd 'chav' wearing some fake plaid cap or jacket etc, but get real! Their apparel is classy, sexy and yet classic. Most of the lines are made within the United Kingdom and their designers are bloody genius! Haven't you picked up a Vogue or GQ lately?

Useful review?
 by Tayler Buckle, 10 Jul 2007
Beautiful products. I would buy most of their stock. Classy and wearable.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 01 Mar 2007
Prosum is OK, but come on people, it's for chavs only. There are plenty of other British designers.

Useful review?
 by eljay2001 (20 reviews), 26 Oct 2006
I loved it there. I get all my nieces and nephews the clothes here. They always look great. I love to show them off in the clothes no matter the price.

Useful review?
 by sweet16airest, 15 Jun 2006
The Prosum men's line is excellent but the London stores simply don't carry enough of the pieces-the London line is pretty awful (unless you stick to the check as a trench lining).

Useful review?
 by botero1982 (15 reviews), 06 May 2006
It's a good store with a good selection of clothing (a little over-priced).

Unfortunately, the "nouvelle rich" tend to buy all the flashy stuff they can find there in order to show off. For example: I went there to buy a couple of scarfs and what I saw was, at least eight ladies wearing a bag, a jacket, a shirt, a hat, a watch, and trousers, all with Burberry check. But well, what can we do?

Useful review?
 by Spo0ok (14 reviews), 22 Dec 2005
Avoid the cheaper items but the more expensive goods are worth buying and showing off.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 30 Jul 2005
Absolutely fabulous and beautiful. I think it's great and not at all 'chavy' .

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 by Anonymous, 07 Jun 2005
Very good quality.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 03 Feb 2005
Avoid at all costs - the label has returned to being stuff for tourists.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 08 Nov 2004
The famous trench coats and "not-so-famous-but-still-great" duffel coats are sadly the only items worth buying. The now infamous check has been copied to death so steer clear of it, most clothes are over-priced and not really a great investment.

Useful review?
 by StyleGuru89 (13 reviews), 24 Aug 2004

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