John Smedley

24 Brook Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 020 7495 2222 Bond Street 0.2 miles

John Smedley

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Went in store to look for a Spyder jumper in red. The friendly staff said they could order it in a fortnight and would contact me when it arrived. That was around 3 months ago.

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 by gilfra (2 reviews), 05 Jun 2011
Fantastic stuff, made in the UK. It is unfortunate that we do not praise and patronise 'Made in Britain' enough to keep quality alive. The trend now is for cheapness, or 'designer' coupled with the riff-off price. John Smedley is marvellous. Quality always shines through. In some things - such as value for money, well-made clothes - you cannot beat Britain.

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 by paquitookwesa (3 reviews), 06 Feb 2009
I've promised myself I won't come here for a while as colleagues have started to ask if I have shares in the company as I appear to be permanently wearing their jumpers on "dress down" Fridays.

But if you're long-armed, you don't forget somewhere that always fits, is well made, comes in range of tasteful colours and doesn't shrink. So, dear colleagues, that's the reason I own so many of their merino wool v-necks, not because I lack imagination. Admittedly, accountants are not known for their style or imagination, but don't let that put you off this excellent shop.

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 by Mark Cowan (13 reviews), 08 Mar 2004

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