Thomas Pink

85 Jermyn Street
St James's, London
Tel: 020 7930 6364 Piccadilly Circus 0.2 miles

Thomas Pink

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TM Lewin is better and, on the whole, cheaper. Quite frankly I love Jermyn St but they are all factory-made shirts at the end of the day. Lewin are simply more aggressive but the quality is the same.

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 by tigerboy (3 reviews), 28 Aug 2009
Most of the product in Thomas Pink is now made in cheap factories in China. Ask the sales staff why, and they're trained to say that China have the best craftsmanship for jobs such as hand stitching sequins! Who do they think they are kidding?!!

The shirts are nice - but not for that price, and not for fact that they recently shut down a factory in the UK because they took their business East. Their labour costs are decreasing and their prices are sailing high - shop with Thomas Pink, and you're as good as having your pockets picked.

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 by joep, 18 May 2009
Branding. Much ado about nothing. A decent shirt in M&S will probably be better value. Most shirt companies are now selling very low-grade cotton for too much. Stick to the High Street if you want value. Ask them in these fancy shops about the cotton count and they'll have no idea. I'm against the shirt rip off. 95% of shirts are not UK made - they should be for the price they charge. Go to Alexander Boyd of London E1 for value.

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 by paquitookwesa (3 reviews), 14 Jan 2009
Adequate and serviceable shirts, though not in the same universe as Turnbull & Asser... but then who is?

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 by Steven Pidcock (6 reviews), 21 Dec 2007
Bought my first Thomas Pink shirts in Minneapolis, and have been loyal to the brand ever since.

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 by patrickf, 23 Jun 2007
The shirts are of average quality compared to the rest of Jermyn Street but it's reflected in the prices.

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 by Anonymous, 08 Nov 2004

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