177 Hoxton Street
Shoreditch, London
N1 6PJ
Tel: 020 7613 0477 Old Street 0.6 miles

With its unique approach to cooking you can expect diverse culinary delights at Bacchus. Embracing the French ‘sous-vide' style of cooking in which food is cooked at low temperature for prolonged periods, Bacchus provides a creative menu of mouthwateringly different combinations of foods. The restaurant's philosophy of ‘fine dining with trainers' creates a casual, family friendly atmosphere. Customers can select their soundtrack to the evening by choosing their favourite tracks on a giant ‘iPod'

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My boyfriend and I went here last night on the many positive recommendations and we were not disappointed! The lamb steak I had was fantastic, as was the crab linguine that my boyfriend had. The atmosphere is great, with really good music playing. It's a little off the main strip of Hoxton Square, so a bit quieter, but that's what we were after, so was perfect. Really lovely staff and a good selection of wine. Will be back.

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 by NicolaA, 28 Aug 2011
We went there last night for a quick drink but couldn't resist the smells coming from the kitchen. Really, really good service, food and wine. I have worked in the area for a while and not found anywhere like it.

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 by kim1, 10 Mar 2010
My partner and I recently dined at Bacchus on a friend's recommendation and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the place. The food was out of this world (the Barnsley Chop I had was cooked to perfection) and the atmosphere really makes for a relaxing evening. The staff couldn't have been more obliging and the manager was really helpful when it came to choosing the perfect wine to go with our meal. We're hoping to visit again soon to try out the Sunday Lunch (have heard very good things about this!) and am recommending Bacchus to all of my friends. Go now - you won't be disappointed!

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 by BoltonBabe, 21 Jul 2009
Is it fair to leave outdated reviews from 2007 on this webpage? I understand this restaurant is under new management this year (2009). I recently stayed in a local hotel and dined in Bacchus on 2 evenings. Imaginative menu (Dover sole and Sunday roast), good food, and great service from friendly staff. Very clean. Will definitely eat there again during my next stay in the area.

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 by anni, 26 Apr 2009
Looking at other reviews this place must have changed - gone is the crazy food, in came fine dining with a relaxed service. I really enjoyed the menu, very accessible, just like the wine list. but also I must say the standard of food kept up with what I was expecting. Definately recommend this restaurant.

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 by bourke.jon, 10 Feb 2009
I must say that I was quite reluctant to go to Bacchus, as I had read some bad reviews online. But when my boyfriend insisted, I gave in - and boy am I glad I did! The food was absolutely AMAZING! Which makes me think that some people really don't know what good food is, or they have been to a different restaurant...

I have not eaten such exciting dishes anywhere before, and I loved the service too. Our waitress was very sweet and friendly. We ate and drank for hours and, after getting just tipsy enough, I was brave enough to go and compliment the chef, who was very approachable and happy to explain his cooking in more detail.

The evening was superb. The only bad thing is that we live so far away that we won't be able to make this our regular, but we will most definitely be back for more!

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 by sizzy, 28 Mar 2008
Had an amazing dinner with four friends at Bacchus last night. Six delicious interesting courses, nicely paired with wine, for £60 a head (bargain!). The service was also friendly and the atmosphere was cosy. We are all seasoned fine diners and would highly recommend to anyone looking for something special. Warning: this is not your average steak and chips restaurant, so do go for the six or nine courses as recommended!

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 by Nanna, 26 Jan 2008
Eight of us unanimously agreed that dinner here was one of the worst dining experiences of our lives. Unbelievably pretentious, unsuccessful combinations of deliberately odd ingredients do not equal fine dining.

The portions were minute, including the wine - a dribble at the bottom of an enormous glass, even though we were paying £5 a pop. When I dared to complain about these measly measures, I was told we should have ordered the 9-course taster menu (instead of three courses) "...then you'd be grateful the portions were small"!

The textures were unanimously sloppy, slodgy or mushy. So many random ingredients sloshed together that you could not actually taste any of them.

The service was irritating - every single dish was described in minute detail before each 8 of us could try it, effectively killing the conversation and leaving the food to go cold (when it wasn't cold already).

We left most of our food, but none of the waiters bothered to ask why or whether we enjoyed our meal. Overpriced to boot - we paid a hefty £60 each for this dreadful experience.

Seriously considering opening up a hot dog stand outside to cater to hungry and disappointed diners leaving the place.

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 by raheel, 27 Nov 2007
We were a group of 12, which I realise is sometimes tricky for restaurants; however, we booked in advance and agreed to a £30 per head set 3-course menu. Apart from the venue, which is (another) identikit pub conversion, this restaurant is to be avoided at all costs. The food is pretentious nonsense that verges on disgusting - a starter of skate and avocado mashed up in a ball of caramel, followed by breast of veal apparently cooked for 14 hours (for the life of me I cannot understand why this is a good thing) that was covered in a thick rubber blanket of soy milk (it really was as tasteless and revolting as it sounds), and finally a pudding of frothy spittle with some oversweetened ice-cream.

What is more, each course was miniscule (about the size of a hen's egg) and with no bread or veg accompaniment. Therefore prior to the pudding I asked our surly waiter if we could order another course or some accompaniments. After he refused, I attempted to get to speak with the manager/chef to explain that we had only been fed enough to nourish a mouse. This was also refused, the waiter relaying the message that the restaurant was too busy and it would be too expensive for us to have any more food... This pretty much summed up the place - ridiculous, pretentious nonsense. I paid the bill for £550 and intend never to return.

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 by Mark3, 06 Aug 2007
Lunch at Bacchus was the nicest meal I've had for quite a while. Unusual combinations of flavours, put together thoughtfully and presented beautifully. Service was attentive without being intrusive. Cocktails were lovely too. I'd definitely recommend Bacchus.

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 by hamish, 23 Mar 2007
Bacchus is fun. The chef is trying to present the future of dining - not in the amazing 'wow' kind of way of somewhere like The Fat Duck, but more in terms of what innovations from places like El Bulli will make to middle road dining.

The food is certainly interesting, but maybe not quite there yet. The atmopshere, quality, and service were all good.

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 by Leon_B (6 reviews), 16 Feb 2007
Tried this place last night. Slightly daunting menu with a multitude of options, but you will be rewarded with a very unusual and high quality culinary experience. Had the calamari for starter and sirloin for main. Both were excellent. Strange to find such high quality in a dump of a location. Recommended.

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 by adolf galland (4 reviews), 21 Dec 2006

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