Beach Blanket Babylon Shoreditch

19-23 Bethnal Green Road
Shoreditch, London
E1 6LA
Tel: 020 7749 3540 or check availability and book online
Aldgate East 0.6 miles

The Notting Hill restaurant and bar's Shoreditch offshoot comprises of four floors and a roof garden in a former warehouse. The top floor enjoys great views of London and hosts the members' lounge. The first floor art gallery overlooks the roof garden and on the ground floor there's a restaurant with an open kitchen plus a 300-capacity bar in the basement. The roof garden and members' lounge open in Spring 2008.

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Beach Blanket Babylon Shoreditch reviews

Having read the reviews, I was very disappointed that I had booked a table here for 12 last Saturday. However, I wanted to form my own opinion and so decided to go ahead with the booking. I couldn't disagree more with the bad reviews. The service was outstanding and the manager, waitress and bar staff could not do enough to make our night a good one. They were there whenever we needed something and ensured that we had the best table in the restaurant and then later on in the bar. All in all, we had a fantastic night, great food and fab cocktails! I suggest the people who posted the bad reviews really need to take a chill pill!

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 by emmajane31, 20 Jul 2010
The worst restaurant experience I have ever had. Spend your money elsewhere. They don't know what 'service delivery' means - I get better service at MacDonalds.

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 by singapore65, 24 May 2010
The cocktail list in the cheaply finished bar downstairs looks impressive until you see the untrained, inexperienced bar staff making the cocktails from a picture book! And using Rubicon juices?? I get better cocktails in my hairdresser, Taylor Taylor. They even have the cheek to have a £100 cocktail!! Horrible and very try-hard!

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 by susanharri (7 reviews), 26 Jan 2010
Beach Blanket Babylon was really and honestly the worst 'restaurant' I have ever had the misfortune to go to. In the end the service was so poor that we ended up just getting up and leaving - all 13 of us! Never, ever to return. Terrible atmosphere and slow, slow, slow drinks - so slow that we had to restrain ourselves from collecting them off the bar where they were left for 20 mins! In the end we cut our losses. If I could give this place a below zero rating, I would.

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 by johns1, 24 Nov 2009
My visit to Beach Blanket Babylon was absolutely appalling. On arrival we were asked to go to the bar to order our drinks, which we did, only to be ignored by the barman. He eventually took our order, only to then inform us that he could not serve us as we were not standing at the correct side of the bar. We moved, and then were promptly ignored. We were then asked to sit at a side table where we waited for 25 minutes to receive our drinks, even though there were 6 members of staff chatting at the bar. Whilst waiting to be seated for our meal we asked for some bread while we were waiting. We were told that the bread was only for starters when seated at our dining table. When we questioned this, we were given 2 ROCK HARD rolls between the 7 of us. It was then discovered that they had run out - this was at 8.00 in the evening.

We were then seated in the dining area and given only 1 menu between all 7 of us. We were informed by the ONE friendly staff member that they did not have enough for everyone in the restaurant. Due to this we were told we had to wait until other menus became available for each of us to view their selection. By this point in time, we were not impressed and asked to speak to the manager. We were told by the shift runner that the manager was not present, and there was no-one we could speak to about the poor service. At this point we decided to leave the restaurant and were approached by two suited gentlemen asking what the problem was. When we asked what their position was within the company, they informed us they were the trainee manager and the manager in charge of the Notting Hill branch. They stiffly refused to tell us their names. After listening to the series of events, they made no comment and said there was nothing they could do, and were in no way apologetic or concerned by the list of circumstances, and were, in fact, appallingly rude.

The purpose for this night out was to celebrate our ten year anniversary, but also to see if this restaurant would be suitable for our annual Christmas party, accommodating 150 clients. We have clearly decided against it. We left the restaurant to go next door to 'Les 3 Garcons', where we noticed on the wall outside between the two establishments a sign that informed all potential diners that there is absolutely no connection between the two companies. This was very obvious, as the quality of service we received next door was outstanding.

I did call again this morning to reiterate that we felt we had been treated badly but the 'man with no name' at the other end of the telephone who said he was the manager didn’t want to hear the complaint. So, be warned.

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 by simon1, 27 Nov 2008
I cannot remember the last time I had such a bad time. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. Rude and aggressive reception should have been warning enough, but we came all this way and thought that we could not get in anywhere else. The staff had to be distracted from talking to each other to take our orders. The drinks took 30 minutes to arrive and were awful to boot. When we complained to the manager he did not look amused, and as he left us he muttered something in French to his co-workers and sniggered. We could not help but feel that they were laughing at our expense.

This whole place has such a bad vibe that wild horses could not drag us back here. They obviously do not value their customers and it shows, as the place was not buzzy at all. This place feels like it's fading fast and they seem to attract the wrong kind of people. We certainly wouldn't recommend this place to our worst enemy.

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 by Sue M, 22 Apr 2008
I went here for my birthday drinks with about 20 friends. We found the drinks wonderful (if somewhat pricey) but the staff unfriendly. The place seemed understaffed and unable to cope on a busy Saturday night. One of my friends went out for a cig but the bouncers wouldn't let him back in as they didn't like the look of him, despite the fact he'd already been in the venue for 3 hours! A number of us put our cards behind the bar; I am hoping this is a coincidence, but the following week two of us had fraudulent activity on our bank accounts.

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 by T, 24 Mar 2008
Read many bad reviews in the Metro, London Paper, Time Out and The Independent and had to be dragged there by friends. Was sincerely the worst night for us all. A student union bar could muster a better night at a fraction of the cost.

The food was so bad that all the press reviewers' words came back to haunt me. Most of the dishes were not available, even though it wasn't busy (probably having problems with the suppliers). Many of the wines were also not available; cocktails, meanwhile, were cloyingly sweet and terrible. After waiting 45 minutes for miniscule starters and a further 50 minutes for main courses that were cold and arriving in dribs and drabs, we decided against desserts.

In fact, we couldn't wait to get the bill and leave. The waiter then asked us to tip him in cash on top of the service charge, as he does not get the service because the owner uses it to pay their basic wages. As there were no apologies for the tardy service we decided against leaving any cash tips, since we felt that needed to be earned. My advice to the staff: work somewhere else!

Useful review? 1
 by Tyson (2 reviews), 19 Mar 2008
WORST SERVICE IN LONDON. Uncompromisingly rude door staff. So rude, we called the private party inside and the whole party left! Would never attempt to return.

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 by GCoatsworth, 17 Mar 2008
We ended up in the basement because we were a big group, but the staff were great - helpful, friendly and there when you needed them. Can't fault the doormen either, especially as we were constantly heading out for a smoke!

Useful review? 2
 by urbane, 07 Mar 2008
Hit both BBB in a single day. Love the new venue, although some of the staff were kind of uppity. Definitely recommend checking it out for yourself. Curious to see how it takes off once the rooftop patio opens...

Useful review? 2
 by scott_doyle, 29 Feb 2008
I had already read that the service was terrible but was still curious so decided to go for a drink. The doorman was so incredibly rude when I got there that I decided not to bother going in.

Useful review? 2
 by industry, 10 Feb 2008

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