Beach Blanket Babylon

45 Ledbury Road
Notting Hill, London
W11 2AA
Tel: 020 7229 2907 or check availability and book online
Notting Hill Gate 0.4 miles

Prepare to be dazzled by the eclectic décor of a French country chateau combined with gaudiesque architecture at this Notting Hill restaurant. Imposing statutes, columns, marble busts of emperors and urns dominate the restaurant interior. Individually designed rooms connected via walkways, tunnels and bridges, and aptly named The Chapel, Crypt and Scullery Gallery, offer a unique restaurant experience. Modern European cuisine graces the menu and an extensive cocktail list is available at the bar. Rooms are available for hire.

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Beach Blanket Babylon reviews

Rude staff, long wait, poor food, dull cocktails, overpriced, G-list celebs and braying Notting Nill types... the list goes on.

Useful review?
 by fiona1, 25 Aug 2010
I love this place, particularly the bar area - it's different and fun. The best time to go is in the afternoon. Evenings can be too busy. Not a big fan of the food though.

Useful review?
 by Londonfan (3 reviews), 17 Oct 2009
New Year's Eve Disaster. We were seated an hour after our reservation. When we got to our table we waited 30 minutes for our waiter. Dinner came with a glass of champagne but the waiter brought it for my husband only. So 15 minutes later when I saw him again, I had to ask for mine. I had the steak, which was supposed to be medium but came out dry and well done. We had to pay in advance or else we probably would have left and got fish and chips, which would have tasted better.

Useful review?
 by hedomc, 05 Jan 2009
Please see our SPOILT WEDDING ANNIVERSARY list below:
- Paper table linen; toilets smelly.
- Watch out for the 12.5% service charge added to the bill.
- On arrival staff were all smoking outside the main door.
- Whilst eating, a grocery supplier proceeded to pass our table on at least 5 occasions with produce being carried directly above us; they were drilling walls while we ate.
- The pear and stilton salad did not have any stilton on it and by the time this mistake had been rectified the other members of my party had finished their food.
- The waiter bombarded our table and did not allow us to finish.
- The female manager didn't care - no offer of a discount (even though I never pursued this avenue), i.e. customer soft skills extremely poor.

Useful review?
 by ian.gorringe, 02 Jan 2009
The best time to go to BBB is in the afternoon and have a Bloody Mary (very good by the way). It is really crowded in the evening and can get quite noisy, but I still think it's an awesome place.

Useful review?
 by mbc2028 (6 reviews), 20 Dec 2008
There is no doubt that this place is unique in its decor and architectural layout, so it deserves praise in this respect. Sadly though, it trades too heavily on this and not on the quality of its food and drink, which is what people will want to experience again.

Its postcode aiding the process, this place attracts a pretentious moneyed-up crowd quite willing to pay over the odds for what they perceive as a 'cool' experience. The drinks and meal were very overpriced and, though I could happily afford it for an occasional night out, I won't be returning.

In addition, I thought lighting candles at floor level along the narrow stairs was a huge health and safety danger - after a few drinks you could slip and set fire to yourself. Common sense please.

Useful review?
 by rachb, 03 Dec 2008
H&M chic, over-styled décor and OK food describes this venue best. It certainly isn’t the buzz that has been made of this new Shoreditch ’fashion’ venue. Understaffed and poorly planned menus led to a disappointing evening which was supposed to be ‘fabulous’. Even the manager with his charm couldn’t fix a failing combination of dim-witted staff, poor kitchen preparation and average food. In fact, no amount of charm could have saved this train wreck.

Useful review?
 by s_m_pearson, 12 Oct 2008
OK, this place was great fun 10 years ago, but now: Quelle Horreur! Went back recently and DISASTER. Bizarre service, the food is now not good, too many Heat magazine stars as well, if the photographers outside didn't have the wrong information. If there was a no star rating, this place would have nothing.

Useful review?
 by James Sales in The City (8 reviews), 24 Sep 2008
I went with a group of 10 for birthday drinks. Beautiful bar/restaurant. The staff were very helpful and friendly. Pricey but worth it!

Useful review?
 by subz80 (3 reviews), 29 Mar 2008
Had a table booked 4 weeks in advance for 7 people at 9:30pm on a Saturday night. Got there at 9:30 and were not seated until an hour later. It was too busy, crowd was second rate, food not good.

Useful review?
 by rea (19 reviews), 25 Nov 2007
We visited back in March and it was total rubbish. We were packed in like sardines and were seated at our table for 45 mins before we got a drink, let alone a menu. My partner was dripped on from the ceiling above; they did move us but it did not make up for the fact that we didn't eat for another 1 hr and 30 mins, and when it arrived it was the wrong dish. Wish we had gone to Macdonalds! We and the 4 tables around us did get a financial concession, but despite this we'll never go back.

Useful review?
 by wakers, 27 May 2007
Place as a whole completely overrated, drinks totally overpriced.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 01 May 2007
I went there for dinner on a Saturday night and they had a queue down the road! I mean, who queues to get in to a bar and restaurant? Luckily we had a reservation in the restaurant so didn't have to wait outside. Inside was buzzing. Not sure about about the magnums of Cristal that were being sent out to tables with sparklers on (a bit naff, no?). Dinner was good and more relaxed than the bar. Certainly worth a visit.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 06 Mar 2007
Amateur, appalling customer service! I booked a table at 21:30 for my girlfriend and I on Valentine's day, and was made to wait for 45 mins at the bar. When I enquired why people that had arrived after me were being seated immediately, not only did they not know who I was, but told me that 'that's the way they do it'. Not even an apology! Stay away at all costs on busy nights.

Useful review?
 by RD, 16 Feb 2007
BBB is an institution! I had drinks and dinner there the other evening and was not disappointed. It was great. The staff, cocktails and ambiance were first class. It was cutting edge back in the 90s, and since some new guys took it over it has become a mecca for all the fashionistas in W11 again and not surprisingly so!

Useful review?
 by Carter, 19 Oct 2006

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