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It's interesting to read the poor reviews, and I can only think that people who expect "sides", use phrases like "slapped arse" and talk of "dessert" when they mean pudding, have probably gone to the wrong part of London to start with.

Useful review?
 by hdwake, 18 Nov 2010
Great fish, music good. However, service and level of response to our requests was less than satisfactory and they misplaced our credit card.

Useful review?
 by cjkisses, 30 Aug 2010
Organised a client dinner here a few weeks ago and must say I was a little nervous, based on the reviews below. However, the food, service and atmosphere could not have been better, and the pricing was pretty reasonable too. Hadn't been to Quaglino's since its hey day years and years ago and would say that it's now even better than before. We will definitely return for both social and business.

Useful review?
 by roni1, 29 Jun 2010
Just in after dinner at Quaglino's and I'm afraid to say it was awful. Service non-existent (didn't receive any water I ordered twice, mains came without sides, which turned up 10 mins later...), waiter had a face like a slapped arse and dessert was warm and melted. Left minimal tip and wish I hadn't. Won't be returning.

Useful review?
 by drnish35, 12 Mar 2010
Went lunchtime Dec 1, place almost empty. Why? I will tell you: overpriced, food neither great nor plentiful, really dreadful service, lack of soft furnishings make for noisy acoustics. DON'T GO.

Useful review?
 by barry_rob, 02 Dec 2009
Went for wedding anniversary, had an excellent time. Food was good and plentiful, music excellent, atmosphere great.

Useful review?
 by francispfa, 02 Nov 2009
Went there with a friend for a birthday lunch. Great setting and location. Service not so great - the waitress was so slow and inattentive I felt sorry for her ineptitude. The food was good. Quite small portions but so rich and filling that we couldn't try the dessert, although that course sounded the most interesting. Good value as it was a lunchtime offer. On the whole I enjoyed it, but I've been to better...

Useful review?
 by AnnWatcynPugh, 14 Aug 2009

Went last night. Food good, service ok, music far too loud and intrusive. The musicians seemed to live it, shame nobody else did.

Useful review?
 by gregmatless, 02 Aug 2009
Quaglinos is a wonderful restaurant and we had a lovely evening with excellent food and ambience. Hoping to take my family there for dinner later in the year.

Useful review?
 by tellyadict, 01 Mar 2009
Food is barely adequate and service is embarassingly poor. Acoustics are harsh and the place gets very loud even when nowhere near full. I defy anyone to get decent service at the bar, for which they will top your bill up by 12.5%. Have walked out 3 times to date - I should have learnt my lesson after the first time. I won't be going back.

Try Matsuri next door instead - great place to eat!

Useful review?
 by Frankles, 12 Dec 2006
Food is adequate (though nothing to get excited about). The service, however, is so poor it's embarassing. Uncomfortable acoustics - very loud and noisy when not even barely full. Have walked out 3 times to date - should have learnt my lesson the first time. Will never return.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 12 Dec 2006
Noisy, bad service, quite good food. This may once have been a great place but now it's turned into a factory.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 13 Nov 2006
Service very slow in both bar and restaurant. Has become a bit of a production line where food is concerned. It was good, but not a 'wow' experience any more.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 24 Sep 2006
Amazing dinner. Tres romantic!

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 12 Sep 2006
The WORST dining experience in a lifetime. And service was non-existent.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 28 Aug 2006
The atmosphere is great. I found myself looking around to see if there were any famous people dining at tables near us. The food was OK but I've had just as good at little side street Italian restaurants. The waiters tried hard but didn't seem to know very much about the food on the menu and then tried to charge us for items that had already been pre paid as part of a theatre deal. I might go back with a large party for a night out but not for a good meal with a friend.

Useful review?
 by Stephen_Henry, 01 Apr 2006
One of the best restaurants to celebrate in! Great Champagne list - my favourite LP Rose - and a wonderful menu, especially the seafood - fresh and delicious.

Useful review?
 by Starr, 05 Dec 2005
There is a sense of occasion when you come to Quaglinos. If you're going to come, go with lots of people and ask for a table in the centre. This way you can see everything that's going on. The service is great and the atmosphere is even better. The only way you can describe it is electric. Your get such a buzz when you walk down the marble staircase.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 11 Oct 2005
I love this place - stylish, chic with a fantastic brasserie menu. This is what true brasserie dining is all about - attentive, friendly staff, live music, great food and open late.

Useful review?
 by Aura (4 reviews), 19 Sep 2005
Top draw.

Useful review?
 by Jo M, 05 Sep 2005

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