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Mon-Sun: 6.30pm-11pm

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Sketch Gallery reviews

Sketch looks amazing and the menu is very attractive, but unfortunately the customer experience was the worst I've had in my life. We went to have some desserts and cocktails (8 people), after having dinner in another restaurant, and the manager asked us to leave unless we were going to order meals as well. His words were to the effect that their restaurant is not a charity but a business, although we were planning to drink a lot.

I would never have thought that someone in the restaurant trade could say no to people coming to spend money. They were extremely unprofessional, and not smart either, considering the impact that kind of behaviour has on customer relations and future business.

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 by alexandramoisiuc, 21 Jul 2011
My friends from Paris insisted we went to Sketch last weekend. I've lived in London for 8 years now and I can't believe I've never heard of it. We just went for a couple of drinks and ended up staying the whole evening! The cocktails were fantastic. We were really taken care of and we decided to stay for dinner. The food is really interesting and inventive. Will definitely be back!

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 by eric.p, 04 Nov 2010
I eat at a lot of London restaurants. I won't be returning here. It was overpriced and my starter was bland/boring. Disappointed.

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 by ellybelly85, 13 Sep 2010
The neo-gothic decor is slightly scary but makes an interesting if rather unfriendly setting for tea. The cakes were alright and tea selection excellent, and there is a wide choice of alternative starters to order instead of sandwiches.

The bad things were the open window (noise and draught), uncomfortable chairs and the horrendous service. The very rude European staff are evasive and unfriendly, forgetting our request for more tea multiple times and blaming us for asking the wrong person (the manager!). They do not communicate well and can't be bothered on the whole, not a single smile and giving bad attitude the whole time. They also made mistakes on the bill and there is a 'discretionary' charge for charity added which cannot be removed and is not explained (?).

Only go if you are not concerned by atmosphere (stale) and ambience.

Useful review? 1
 by tigerfortea, 14 Apr 2010
I had dinner last night with my friends and I had such a wonderful time. Nice restaurant!

Useful review? 1
 by jpescohur2, 06 Feb 2009
Had a meal yesterday evening and it was dreadful. Avoid this place at all costs.

Useful review? 1
 by hotrod3010, 04 Oct 2008
I had dinner at Sketch on Saturday with a couple of friends. We had a bloody great time! I've been before but just to see the art exhibitions. This has got to be the hidden gem of Mayfair. I can't remember the last time I went out for a meal and had so much fun! The food's good, really good, and the atmosphere adds to the whole experience. There are a couple of bars, which each have their own style. The whole place is just really fun, and the food complements the whole style of the place. I want to go again, just to have the mussels! Love this place!!

Useful review? 1
 by karl, 07 Aug 2008
Worst dining experience ever. Food was nice but there were about 25 waiting staff on, so we never had more than a minute's peace to actually chat before being interrupted by yet another waiter asking us the same question over and over. 3 different waiters tried to take my unfinished cocktail glass away within 3 minutes!

For an evening where we were having a reunion, it was terrible that we were rushed through our meals and never left long enough to enjoy each others' company. VERY expensive too.

The toilets are a real talking point as they are so unusual, but I was surprised at how dirty they were considering there was a toilet attendant standing outside them...

Useful review? 1
 by caesar (2 reviews), 01 Aug 2008
This was the worst dining experience of my life and so ridiculously overpriced to boot. Rude, rude, rude is all I can say for the waiter who went on a rant at my Australian friend who did not have a chip and pin in her credit card. Food was boring, tastelss and luke-warm. Nothing good to say about this place at all. Absolutely AWFUL.

Useful review? 1
 by emmacerudwen, 12 Feb 2008
Was at Sketch a couple of weeks ago. Found the staff to be friendly but a little over-familiar and the food good but a but gimicky. I prefer simple, well cooked food but this kind of cooking is great for desserts, which were the highlight of the meal. The decor is amazing and is the main USP of the place, but the DJ who comes on around 10pm was too loud too early and a bit intrusive. All in all though, a very good place to go for a celebration, especially if someone else is paying.

Useful review? 1
 by westlake72, 20 Dec 2006
Good food, professional staff. Watched the France vs. Portugal game there a few months ago and the atmosphere was so cozy and exclusive. Would recommend it at least once, on a Thursday or Friday night.

Useful review? 1
 by rea (19 reviews), 21 Oct 2006
I was unfortunate to find myself at Sketch last night and although I had a great time due to the company I was in, as far as the food was concerned it was a truly dreadful experience.

I had been ages ago when it first opened and had a great night drinking cocktails and dancing. I know that with changes in the kitchen the food has been great, then bad, then great again, while pastries have been consistently excellent. Last night however was a real shocker.

It was a girls' night out for a group of seven. We had a set menu, priced at £45. I started with the preserved aubergine with sake, followed by the sea bass and haddock, both execrable. The aubergine was bland and made bitter by a really unattractive sake sorbet; (if the aubergine had had some flavour it may have been an interesting combination).

The fish was overcooked and had been drowned in a puree of mash. While mine was under-seasoned, my neighbour's was far too salty. The dessert of tiny choux pastries however looked stunning and was relatively pleasant. The bread was also good.

What irritates me is that we could have gone to Locanda Locatelli for a lovely impeccable meal for not much more or somewhere like Yauatcha for good food and a fun atmosphere for much less. However you look at it, we were ripped off.

It was a shame as the evening started off well with the lovely welcome from the delightful woman at the entrance.

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 by dcp, 23 Apr 2006
I've eaten in Sketch Gallery a number of times and had many a great night. The menu all seems very strange, but the food's certainly delicious. I absolutely loved the lamb! The nice chap on the front desk invited us to the new Parlour bar (invites only, but apparently we can request these in advance). It's so much nicer than the previous cake room - kind of a bohemian gentleman's club feel. Will come again and would definitely recommend.

Useful review? 1
 by aazat, 03 Mar 2006
Wonderful food, really surprising, and the staff were totally welcoming.

Useful review? 1
 by Anonymous, 05 Aug 2005
Every time, food is getting too salty. Have you ever tried your own makings, chef?

Useful review? 1
 by cheeseburger711 (11 reviews), 05 Aug 2005
Unconventional design, like the rest of Sketch, and I personally found the dining area a little too large for my tastes. But the food was much better than I expected - well presented and delicious. The "friends bar" at the side of the restaurant was also very charming and cosy.

Useful review? 1
 by Sarah M. (28 reviews), 13 Nov 2004

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