Wapping Food at The Wapping Project

Wapping Hydraulic Power Station, Wapping Wall
Wapping, London
Tel: 020 7680 2080 Wapping 0.2 miles

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Wapping Food at The Wapping Project reviews

Nice place, food below average. Duck dish crispy and dry (unacceptable), while rabbit dish poor quality and presentation a mess. As for starters, only the duck hearts was okay.

Overall, not recommended for food but fine for drinks and socialising in a very unique, artistic atmosphere. My rating reflects my impression of the food.

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 by Karotos, 06 Mar 2012
I went here a few weeks ago with my mum for her birthday and was very disappointed. The service was slow and the food was cold, plus we weren't given side dishes or cutlery. We didn't dare complain after overhearing the response to a table who had! The place is lacking in atmosphere (apart from a surly oppressive one), and I'd expect so much more for our money, as the food was very average.

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 by RM, 01 Oct 2010
Amazing food, great place. I laughed at a couple of these reviews. I love it that the management don't put up with idiots. I was in there last summer when the bloke at the table next to me was endlessly complaining and then talking really loud with his city mates. They threw all of them out.

We go here regularly and couldn't like the food, staff, art or building any more than we do. If you get thrown out, you really deserve it. I've never had a bad meal here. The staff treat you with the same respect you show them - which, in my case, is extreme friendliness and great service.

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 by Jamie T (2 reviews), 18 Jun 2010
I went there once and the woman was so rude - got the feeling she was still hankering for her theatre days! The food was good but the ambience (primarily caused by her) spoilt the occasion. Would I go back there or take visitors? Never.

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 by rdchamberlain (2 reviews), 26 Nov 2009
Being told to "Fu*k off out of my restuarant you c*nt" made this the worst and most bizzare restaurant experience I've had.

The food was terrible, but when we sent it back we were told that "The customer is not always right; the chef says the food is perfect". We then got a different dish which was equally as poor.

We also ordered a reasonably priced 'Heywood' wine but when the bill came were charged for a very expensive 'Harwood' wine - clearly they were hoping we wouldn't notice. When I asked politely for it to be changed and suggested they might consider a small reduction on the bill in light of the poor quality food, we were told to "Fu*k off out of my restaurant you c*nt", which was an incredible reaction. As I was putting my coat on to leave (in shock at being spoken to like this by the sour-faced owner) I was then 'shouldered' out, told to 'fu*k off' once again by the owner, and pushed out of the door.

DO NOT go here unless you are looking to pay close to £100 for 2 to eat poor food and to be treated like dirt.

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 by vanessa1, 07 Apr 2009
A unique setting and good service, but food not great. You expect better food for the price you pay. My crayfish risotto was cold and not creamy, main lamb was undercooked and nothing special, and banana tart tartin doesn't work. Big disappointment.

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 by ibakinay, 22 Mar 2009
Love this place. Friendly and helpful and they do the best eggs benedict breakfasts I've had.

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 by bbrown, 28 Oct 2008
Love the space, the food was exceptional, service was good (and after reading lots of reviews, I was on the look-out particularly for the service). I will definitely go back.

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 by McLisky (2 reviews), 20 Oct 2008
Wapping Food never disappoints - excellent food and service in a unique setting. Definitely a must if you want to see an unusual side of London.

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 by Miss R (3 reviews), 18 Apr 2008
The gruff woman referred to in the previous posting is certainly Jules - she runs the place and doesn't suffer fools gladly (and her definition of fools can be pretty broad on a bad day!). I'd forget it and go again as it's still a spectacular place to eat. Don't be put off by this, Wapping Food is a one off and there are few of those left in London.

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 by TonyR (4 reviews), 11 Aug 2007
Every time I come to London, Wapping Food is a must for me! I wish such fantastic places, mixing food and art, existed in Switzerland!

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 by Didier, Geneva, 24 Jun 2007
Had an excellent meal here a month ago. However, when attempting a booking this morning a gruff woman suggested I book elsewhere and put the phone down mid flow, when I asked just where our table might be. Not an unreasonable question when booking with elderly parents in mind. Outrageous behaviour.

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 by Anonymous, 13 Dec 2006
Superb. Food excellent. Service great. What a setting!

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 by Bob D, 16 Nov 2006
Unbelievable! Absolutely wonderful - from the food to the venue.

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 by Anonymous, 31 Mar 2006
Super place to eat. Rustic surroundings, unusual menu and food. Service was excellent.

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 by jaynorman, 27 Jan 2006

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