British Museum

Great Russel Street
Bloomsbury, London
Tel: 020 7636 1555 Russell Square 0.3 miles

Grand courtyard showing the new Norman Foster-designed glass roof.

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British Museum reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Always educational. Being a Saturday and having last visited within the last 18 months I did not spend the whole day, yet still managed to cover a lot of the building. The African and Egyptian exhibitions are of a high standard.

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 by d3779 (3 reviews), 24 Nov 2012
This is a good tourist attraction which offers good value for money. The organisation of the education centre is particularly useful for teachers. Staff are friendly and helpful, overall. The atrium provides a very good meeting point. The quality of exhibitions varies, but is never below satisfactory. This tourist attraction is well-managed and customers agree.

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 by David Hatchett (10 reviews), 17 Apr 2009
A wide range of exhibitions. If you go during the week, it's quite calm (and toddler-free). I like it a lot and recommend it, whether visiting alone or with a group. Staff are friendly and very helpful when you get lost... and you will get lost!

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 by Milla (46 reviews), 02 Oct 2008
Great place to spend an hour wandering, and peaceful if you avoid the mummies.

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 by now_voyager (13 reviews), 10 Jul 2007
Yeah, it's the kind place American tourists like to go.

The reading room in the middle of the courtyard is amazing... has anyone ever actually been past the ancient Egypt section? What's it like?

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 by Gabe (26 reviews), 22 Apr 2004
This is one of those places Londoners often overlook and only visit when they're entertaining visitors from out of town. But it really is a world-class museum and a wonderful way to pass an afternoon.

The permanent exhibitions are grouped by geography and era, so you can feel like you're walking around ancient Egypt for an hour and then be transported to the jade carvings and amazing temples of the Far East. I always find it a thought-provoking place and it's fun to take friends as the exhibitions always provoke discussion, even if it's as base as theorising as to why the male Greek statues all have tiny or missing willies.

Apart from all that it's worth visiting just to see the beautiful courtyard recently covered by Norman Foster (as shown above).

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 by Sarah M. (28 reviews), 08 Mar 2004

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