30, 32 & 33 Brecknock Road
Kentish Town, London
N7 0DD
Tel: 020 7607 1936 Kentish Town 0.6 miles

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I wish the people that own Bumblebee would employ staff that weren't completely rude to customers. Just because they may look the part doesn't make them the best choice of staff to interact with shoppers.

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 by klc1, 21 Feb 2012
I really love this shop. Excellent organic produce and very helpful staff. Can't say a bad word about it. One of the best wholefood stores in London!

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 by Anna D, 26 Jan 2010
Bumblebee has been my local shop since 1991. Amazing place to shop, and good staff. I moved near Kentish Town and I don't go there often, but last time I went it was amazing, staff were really helpful and I also had some of their ready made food and it was delicious.

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 by callaritiziana, 09 Jan 2010
I agree with theholdens - 23 Oct, 2009. I have also noticed a huge difference in attitude of late (throughout 2009) - bad attitude by staff, no smiles etc. I have also been the recipient of verbal rudeness and argumentativeness. It's still a great shop but I don't want to put up with rude and unhelpful staff when I go shopping (this actually applies mainly to the vegetable shop). I have been a regular at Bumblebee for 22 years and have never known anything like it before. A very noticeable change and very sad indeed.

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 by The Boyles, 17 Dec 2009
Bumblebee is a fantastic shop with lovely management team! I completely disagree with the previous reviewer. I have also shopped there for a long time and have actually noticed a change for the better since two of the main owners have left. It is also worth noting that they attempted to steal customers by redirecting the Bumblebee website to their new shop, and also lied by saying that none of the original management team were there when actually the guy who started the whole thing up is the remaining owner!

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 by greenone, 02 Nov 2009
It's really sad, the place used to have friendly helpful staff but since two main owners and a few staff left (to go to Earth Foods), it has left a notably bad mood in the air and taste in the mouth. My husband and I had shopped at Bumblebee for over 10 years but with the ongoing appalling attitude of management and staff it's now an unwelcoming and horrible experience not to be repeated. It's a bit further to travel to, but Earth Foods is our new destination for whole food.

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 by theholdens, 23 Oct 2009
Bumblebee is an amazing shop, not to be confused with Earth Natural Foods - the website is very similar.

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 by francesca_rorison, 20 Oct 2009
Very helpful staff. Well stocked and will order anything they've not got. I happened to be there at closing time and they were cleaning up with eco-friendly products - smelt lovely! Obviously believe in what they do.

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 by sjoh1013, 23 Mar 2009
A fantastic shop with reasonably priced, wonderful organic fare, run by lovely people who are genuinely happy to help you in any way they can.

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 by jennalala1, 19 Sep 2008
Good choice of international and local products of high quality that don't cost the world. The freshly baked bread is amazing, as are the very useful staff members, especially in the natural remedies shop.

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 by biofiona, 02 Jan 2008
Really friendly and helpful, and stock (and are willing to order if not) stuff that Fresh & Wild doesn't and won't!

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 by Anonymous, 24 Jan 2007
Lovely old style health food shops, reasonable prices and friendly staff.

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 by Anonymous, 03 Jun 2005
The humus is amazing it should be sold in Hull.

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 by Anonymous, 06 Apr 2005
I've been shopping at Bumblebee for over 20 years and it just gets better and better and it has a real community feel. Just wish they did meat and fish. Their cheese counter is something special - always something new and exciting.

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 by Anonymous, 14 Feb 2005
I used to live near Bumblee and wish I still did! The shop has modernised its range very well without adding the hefty premiums found in central and west London wholefood / organic stores (if you shop in Fresh & Wild you'll know what I mean).

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 by Anonymous, 29 Dec 2004
Low key & authentic.

Well established over many years as stockists of wide range of organic produce & wholefoods.

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 by Anonymous, 13 Oct 2004
This is the shop providing the benchmark for London. Go visit this shop. Buy wonderful food. Be served by knowledgeable staff. I don't think they'll ever be undersold. There should be Bumblebee stores in every neighbourhood, nationwide.

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 by Anonymous, 13 Jul 2004

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