Fresh and Wild

32-40 Church Street
Stoke Newington, London
N16 0LU
Tel: 020 7254 2332

Mon-Sat: 8am-9pm
Sun: 9am-8pm

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Fresh and Wild reviews

Very expensive, average quality products, kills small businesses, very commercial. Most of the things I buy from there I can find cheaper in a health food shop in Cazenove Road called Food For All.

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 by losciallato, 19 Mar 2013
I personally love Fresh and Wild. The kitchen staff are always really nice to me and give me more than I pay for. It's a little pricey for me, so I can never buy too much, and I do prefer Planet Organic in Muswell Hill. However, it's nice and small and near by and the staff are lovely. Nothing to complain about really, except I wish it was cheaper. But healthy foods never are...

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 by chomp1, 22 Nov 2009
This store is awful because they use palm oil in so many products - i.e. rainforest and orangutan destruction (see David Attenborough).

The woman in charge of buying suggested I stand outside with leaflets. Unacceptable. They have the power to change their products' ingredients, yet they really do not care.

Hence, this shop sucks. Just another store using a 'green' marketing strategy.

Useful review?
 by deerhoof3x, 23 May 2009
Misleading advertising and overpriced. Went in a few days ago to buy veg. They had a selection which was labelled: 'Supporting UK Farmers', but all the veg there was from Spain and Italy! Also, was hoping to get a variety of apples, especially for cooking, but all they had was ONE variety. I couldn't believe it.

Always crowded because it's too small for the stock they carry. Staff wandering around sampling the food samples for customers. Not pleasant to shop there basically. You can tell it's run by a big chain.

I will stick with Waitrose - a big chain too, I know, but at least I know what will be there and they offer excellent customer service.

Useful review?
 by lionsteve, 12 Mar 2009
I love this shop - it always has lots of delicious foods to sample and the breads are fantastic, in fact everything is fantastic! Unfortunately, I only manage to go occasionally when I visit my children, who live in Stoke Newington. I live in Oxford and would love it if someone were to set up a Fresh and Wild here. There is a real need for such a shop (there's only a rubbish Holland & Barrett). So I suggest someone set one up and I will be a number one customer!

Useful review?
 by patsie.franks, 16 Jan 2009
I enjoy shopping at Fresh and Wild. The staff are friendly and very helpful and do appreciate customers. They also recognise good customers. However, nobody can expect them to remember everyone who goes there, even if they are regular and good customers.

Which is why it sad that someone would get angry simply because a product was not replaced after they claimed that it was bad. Yes, there are some places (smaller/individual shops) that would replace on the trust of word. But how can anyone think that they can just walk into a shop and ask for something without proof of purchase. People do try it on, so it's only fair to the customer and the shop that everyone is treated the same.

It is common practice to return a bad product. But even Sainsbury's would in no way replace a product just on word. They have a returns policy where they need the item back before replacement, like most other shops.

Fair enough, complain - I'm sure that complaints are duely recorded - but be reasonable.

Useful review?
 by gh34, 14 Dec 2008
I moved to Stoke Newington about a year ago after living in Camberwell where I had the good fortune of an excellent traditional greengrocers (Pretty Traditonal in North Cross Lane in East Dulwich). There, if I had any problems with produce, such as tart oranges or tasteless apples, I only had to say and I would be given a replacement immediately.

Last week I bought 3 avocados - at about £1.80 each - in Fresh and Wild and all were black inside. I mentioned this to a member of staff today and she said that lots of people try it on and I should bring back the rotten avocados and they would replace them. I spend about £100 a week in there. It's so sad that no one there recognises a good customer when they see one, or even realises that it's worth it to be nice to everyone in the end. I believe even Sainsburys would have replaced the items on my word!

So there you go, no one really cares whether you go in there or not. I will shop elsewhere from now on. There's a little independant organic shop in Albion Road opposite the tattoo parlour which probably needs my money more anyway.

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 by ottomoss, 14 Oct 2008
I have been shopping at Fresh and Wild since it originated as Clearspring in Old Street! it was then run by the macrobiotic crowd. It went up and down over the years, my barometer being the fresh veg situation. Remember the promo 'dirty carrots'!? Now everything is plastic wrappped, pre-washed, and pre-chilled. Even the fresh organic chicken has no smell and does not go bad (irradiated?). And they don't bother with fresh greens any more, which should be the number one food staple for anyone who wants to eat a healthy diet.

But heaps of praise for the food supplements team, and the staff in general - kind and helpful, always. Just please don't lose sight of the real mission: fresh, natural food... and cut the bickies.

Useful review?
 by millepo, 06 Oct 2007
I have recently started working in this store, but have for years shopped there regularly and loved it, so I think it's fair to give my review.

Fresh & Wild has to be a very good shopping experience for the ethical consumer. I've always found it a joy to be there. Yes, some items are certainly pricey (broccoli springs to mind!) but I don't think it compares too badly on the whole to other organic supermarket produce. Yes, there are some posey customers, but this is Church St! Yes, it gets busy on the weekends, but that's success, isn't it?

You'll be very hard pushed to find friendlier staff - I once had my Christmas shopping done for me and was given a recipe when I needed to make a nut roast and hadn't a clue what I was doing.

I must recommend the Indian head massages by Ursula on Friday evenings too.

Useful review?
 by drjazzz, 04 Jul 2007
Unfortunately, since Wholefoods bought F& W the standards have dropped significantly. Overpriced designer-looking food that isn't organic or even healthy. The range of fruit and veg is narrow and no longer locally provided (Chile is not local) and increasing amounts of what they call 'conventional' rather than organic, but priced at organic or wah wah prices. Not on. Also since the change, more packaged unhealthy rubbish that doesn't belong anywhere near the Fresh & Wild original ethos. The farmers market is a better option for produce and is fairer, fresher and cheaper than this. Sad that it's only once a week...

The UK market is ready for a better option than this new American take-over. If anyone knows Earth Foods in Kentish Town or Bumblebee Foods in Tufnell Park, you will know what original ethical healthy food shopping is about. Fresh is right - take your hand out of my purse!

Useful review? 1
 by alexrh, 30 Jun 2007
It's pricey but I care about what I eat - not so much organic but flavoursome! Sainsburys can keep their tomatoes that never ripen and taste of nothing. These guys support UK producers, so buying in bulk is not an option therefore it costs more. I like it, I choose to shop there and I enjoy the food. You are spot on about the security guard though!

Useful review?
 by milepost, 01 May 2007
I agree, the security guard makes you feel uneasy, especially when you're followed around the shop... it makes me unable to concentrate on what I want. Checkout staff really pleasant though. Convenient for some items as open late. However, very cramped aisles and awkward, especially when staff are stacking shelves in front of you. Many items are very expensive too.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 16 Jan 2007
So long as you take it with a pinch of salt, and smile inwardly at the farcical yuppie element, and the passive aggressive greenies/long-term art graduate squatters, then it is very enjoyable to actually get some veg and fruit that looks like veg and fruit. The security guard does seem a little intimidating, but as I said, take this place with a pinch of salt and it's really worth it for anyone who cares about their health, the environment, stopping GMOs etc.

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 by Anonymous, 31 Dec 2006
It's a nice shop. They're open late, which is convenient, but I always feel put off by the fact that the security guard by the door scrutinises me really closely. It's like trying to go out for the evening to an 'exclusive' nightclub!

Useful review?
 by anonymous5million, 20 Jun 2006
F&W stock some really great products (the only local place I could find Seville oranges) but, as is well known, are very expensive).

F&W is very much a lifestyle brand. I can imagine them hiring interior designers to stack their vegetables. All their clerks seem like Glastonbury types, but scrubbed.

If you can stand the all-pervasive smugness the middle-class urbanite customers exude as they take deep breaths of the vine tomatoes and ponder over Scottish or Welsh well-loved lamb then it's a great place.

Personally, I have to leave after a few minutes so I don't start lamping the hypocrites as they cart their organic shopping to their 4x4s.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 25 Apr 2006
I live very close to this shop and love it. It is very convenient (good opening hours), sells everything I need, but some items are very expensive. However, it is a pleasant shopping experience with generally very friendly staff and lots of things to taste, so I don't resent paying more.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 20 Jun 2005
I thought this was a fantastic place to eat and shop for those who are looking after their health, this is definitely recommended.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 18 Oct 2004

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