M Moen & Sons

24 The Pavement
Clapham, London
Tel: 020 7622 1624 Clapham Common 0.1 miles

Traditional and popular butcher well known for its excellent homemade sausages and high quality produce.

Mon-Fri: 8.30am-6.30pm
Sat: 8.30am-5pm

M Moen & Sons

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The rack of beef was absolutely excellent, I have never tasted beef like it! We also bought a capon and it was far better-tasting than turkey. The cooked ham was amazing too. Why bother going to all the trouble of making home-made stuffing when you can buy it here home-made and it's truly delicious? We love cooking and experimenting with produce bought from this butchers. It is worth every penny.

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 by Lorraine Brown, 05 Feb 2013
I've been a customer at Moen's for the last 20 years (back in the old shop) and can vouch for the service in the shop being great. Yes, the meat is expensive, but the quality more than matches the price.

After glancing at this site in January, I noticed the awful reviews the shop has been receiving and even the review claiming Moen's make up reviews. After asking Gary about this (the owner, who I've known for as long as I've been going to the shop), he said he knew about it, and was confused, as no one had left the Moen's staff in almost 6 months! I feel there has been foul play. I hope any of you reading this will take the 3.5 star review with a pinch of salt, and find out for yourself!

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 by vp237, 12 Feb 2012
I have always put the customer service 'style' down to being part of the atmosphere and if you go in friendly you'll get friendly back. Went in there last night asking to reserve a small order ahead of Christams and was told there was no room and they wouldn't do me a favour. Their aim was simply to sell out. Didn't take too kindly to being challenged that keeping customers happy should be an aim too.

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 by hokeycokey, 21 Dec 2011
BEWARE!! Many of the 5-star reviews on here were written by Moen staff. How do I know? Because I worked there for 2 years and have just left. Didn't like the way they did business any more - went against my moral standards. The staff often mentioned leaving 'rave reviews' on this, and many other sites.

Another word of warning: many of the porcini products are bought at Borough counters if farm produce is not available. It is simply transferred from the one counter to Moen's own - with up to 100% mark up - then sold as farm produce.

I have written to the Sunday Times, The Telegraph, and Conde Nast (who feature 'Ad Feat's' from Moen's with celeb endorsements on a regular basis). I simply won't stand for mal-trading and blatant over-selling and lies.

I now work for a good family butchers in Surrey. I've no need to plug which one, they are doing okay thanks very much. And prices are similar to good supermarkets, with no bull necessary.

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 by jbisnell, 18 Dec 2011
Spot-on review by BatterseaShopper.

Dropped by today to get some chorizo. The guy serving me was most condescending. I am southeast Asian, and he probably thought I do not know anything about Spanish food. No doubt the produce is of good quality, maybe a bit overpriced, but the attitude?! Oh my, take it somewhere!

I have written (emailed) to the manager via their main website. Hopefully they will act on it before they lose more custom. I try to support local independent shops as much as I can, but I am not going to accept appalling service.

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 by bongguapo, 17 Sep 2011
There is no doubt that the meat and other goodies here are wonderful. On the negative side, it's extortionate (steak restaurant prices) and, worst of all, the customer service is truly awful. One lovely (tall) man in there but another member of staff is one of the rudest people I have ever met. I used to go there regularly but, having being spoken to in the fashion I was last time, I have banned it from my local shop list, as have my family and in-laws. Shame really, I'm sure the owner would be furious. 'Customer is king/always right' concept is totally lost.

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 by BatterseaShopper, 16 Dec 2010
Almost consistently fabulous meat but almost as equally consistent poor service. We have been shoppping at Moen's for 6 years - spending in excess of £1500 a year. Given that we are in almost every week, a smile or a "How are you?" might be nice, but are a rare event. Instead, we have experienced surly service (being told to hurry up when deciding on whether to have a joint boned or not), parts of our order getting forgotten (imagine getting ready to serve 6 people a cooked breakfast and finding only 4 sausages in your Moen's bag!), and blatant over-selling (I asked for a pork belly joint for 4 people just this weekend and got more than twice what we needed). Not only that but it's expensive (pork belly at Moen's costs twice as much as at Borough Market I've noted). All in all, it can be a bit of a trial.

We have tried many other butchers just to get away from the endlessly disappointing transactions, but sadly have not found one to compare. So we carry on. We have come up with a slogan though "Moens: nice meat, shame about the attitude". It's no wonder people go to Tesco really.

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 by ingleburgerbrain, 05 Oct 2010
Moens = Best Butchers in London... period. The quality of meat, shop design and customer service is unparalleled. Not sure what the motives are of the individuals who are adding negative comments here, but they are simply wrong. Check out the Wagyu steak - you won't regret it!

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 by richard.broomhead, 13 Aug 2010
Without a doubt I would say that Moen's is my favourite shop in London. The food is great and the service is excellent. As for those who complain about the prices, perhaps you should go somewhere cheaper as you're taking up space in the queue...

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 by FoodieDude (2 reviews), 08 Oct 2009
Moen's really is a wonderful place, a true foodie mecca. The meat is excellent quality, the range fabulous and the deli and sundries unique and varied (only place I can find that does fresh porcini and great fresh meat stocks). I must say that it is definitely overpriced though - having spent £50 on a modest fillet of beef for 5 people once, I am fully aware of that sinking feeling when they ring it through the till and you force yourself to smile politely and hand over your card.

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 by no1redz (5 reviews), 01 Jun 2009
I've tried Moen & Sons a few times and the meat has always been good. Customer service is, however, consistently well below the standards that one would expect from an upmarket retailer. I have decided to use Waitrose butchers instead, where the meat is equally good and the service is considerably more professional.

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 by Javi, 07 Apr 2009
Great butchers. Have rescued the day on more than one occasion when other butchers have let us down. Thanks again.

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 by ianandlucywalby, 20 Sep 2008
Magical. Hog roast at the weekend. Fresh herbs, vegetables, breads cheeses, olive oils, hams, olives...

Efficient, friendly service. It's heaving at the weekends. Queues out the door. Expensive, but you get what you pay for in life and the experience is fun.

Shame it's not open later during the week.

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 by katielou (2 reviews), 04 Apr 2008
M Moen & Sons Butchers... well, what can I say? Pop in or, for the more unusual request, book your meat a few days ahead for collection. Avoid Saturdays though, when it gets really busy and the queue is out the door!

Service is fantastic. They really know their trade and can always help you out with suggestions for methods of cooking your meat. If you're adventurous, why not ask them for an idea -trust me, I had ostrich based only on their advice and it was to die for! (Other recommendations based on what I've tried: mutton, veal, venison, kangeroo, 5-week matured rib beef, and wild boar.) Oh, and umm, some of the staff are quite good looking too!

On Sundays they often cook something on the BBQ at the door for a snack. Then there's the deli and fresh food they get in...

It is not cheap, but if your want the best you have to pay for it. Believe me, all they serve is quality and it tastes absolutely fantastic!

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 by Triax1, 16 Mar 2008
Superb fare, excellent and knowledgeable service, friendly and chirpy apprentices, and a great array of cheeses. Happy to pay a little more than trudge around and queue in a faceless supermarket.

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 by Dick Head, 20 Feb 2008
Have had some very good service, in particular from the (Spanish?) assistant. However, on one occasion I wanted to establish whether the pork joint I was buying was free-range or organic, and when I asked where it was from I heard the boss hiss as an aside "Pigs!" Not the traceability I'd hope for at those prices.

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 by Ms Silky, 28 Dec 2007
I think the service is fantastic. Great quality products and genuinely helpful and friendly staff - most of whom I'm on first name terms with. You'd be hard pushed to find a better butchers in London.

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 by biscuitbrown (3 reviews), 06 Dec 2007
Although the quality of meat is very good, the service is awful, with the staff not offering much advice. I believe the staff take advantage of the fact that their customers have a bit of money and as a result take the piss at times. Also, labelling the produce and including prices would be very helpful, so that the customer can distinguish what is being sold.

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 by willn, 22 Nov 2007
I have only had really good service from the chaps at Moen's and our roast dinners just wouldn't be the same without their delicious joints!

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 by kirkland22 (2 reviews), 19 Jun 2007
I've been here a few times (mostly for the amazing sausages!), and have had excellent, friendly service each time. It opens quite early, and it's nice and quiet in the early-ish morning, which is my favourite time to go. The prices are fair and the pork pie from the deli is seriously good. Plus they sell the Carroll's potatoes, which are delicious. I agree, it's hard to leave without more than you intended to buy!

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 by EMF (2 reviews), 11 May 2007

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