Ellis Brigham

3-11 Southampton Street
Covent Garden, London
Tel: 020 7395 1010 Covent Garden 0.2 miles

Ellis Brigham

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Some of the staff are nice but a few are very arrogant. I ended up doing my shopping at Snow and Rock.

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 by rees_jonathan, 26 Jan 2012
Found the staff to be either useless or even more useless. Just went through the motions of what various boards have spec-wise (basically what their catalogues already say) and couldn't expand with any further knowledge. A waste of time.

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 by shaun white, 10 Jan 2010
I experienced their online ordering to EU. After their strange card security checks (and strong advice from my bank not to do that), I made a payment directly to their bank account. That was about two weeks before my vacation. Until the payment, they had convinced me that my boots would arrive on time. Afterwards, things naturally get complicated...

There is no order tracking, so I have to call them every day and every time I get almost no information and an excuse they will call me as soon as possible. Of course, they've never called. This vacation I will be stuck with my old boots. Still I hope that the new boots will be delivered to me one day, or at least that I will get a refund.

Compared to American online shops where I've ordered a couple of times, this shop is extremely unprofessional.

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 by mmmmssss, 12 Dec 2009
The Covent Garden store staff are on another planet. Had massive problems using their own vouchers, which they refused to give change against... which turned out to be contrary to their own policy! They always seem to be more expensive when compared to their competitors too.

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 by matthewquasar, 27 Mar 2007
The staff are arrogant and rude.

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 by customer100, 30 Nov 2006
Whilst they have an okay range of gear, their prices are a joke (20% higher than other high street shops). And the staff range from incompetent to down right rude! Avoid at all costs!

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 by jedsonmcfarly, 27 Sep 2006
One of the best ski and outdoor shops in London (and the UK). Great range and friendly, helpful service from the staff. They also have an ice wall downstairs which you can book to use, so it's more than just a shop.

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 by Anonymous, 12 Dec 2004

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