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As an ostentatious, replica Babylonian palace boasting custom designed, hand-carved furniture on an epic scale, Gilgamesh is the largest bar, restaurant and club in London. Situated in the heart of Camden, the restaurant offers pan Asian cuisine whilst the club hosts a range of music events including hip-hop and chill out evenings.

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Giles Coren's review of Gilgamesh (The Times)

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I went to Gilgamesh on a Saturday night for a friend's birthday. On arrival, we were shown to the intricately decorated lounge and given a cosy booth, draped with opulent red curtains. After enjoying some of the martini cocktails and long cocktails, we were seated at our table. I ordered the Thai green curry with rice, which was great and not too spicy. As someone with a sweet tooth, my dessert (banana and toffee crumble with cinnamon ice cream) was a particular highlight. Overall, great night with good service.

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 by Shakira, 14 Aug 2013
Amazing night at Gilgamesh! Food was brilliant and it was a great atmosphere to have dinner in... And also good to go to the bar afterwards for a few cocktails. Definitely recommend!

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 by Emmar, 08 Aug 2013
This was my first visit to Gilgamesh and will be the start of many. I was surprised by how much it had to offer. We had cocktails, followed by amazing food, followed by more cocktails, followed by dancing. It is a great night out all-round.

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 by Rose.yeatman, 04 Jul 2013
Great restaurant, can honestly say it's the best pan-Asian food I've had. Ordered the beef penang, which I definitely recommend - so tasty! However, the best thing about this place is that we didn't have to move on after the meal, we just popped upstairs to their own in-house club which, like the restaurant, had great décor, nice atmosphere and really lovely cocktails.

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 by field_89, 15 May 2013
Me and my boyfriend decided to go to Gilgamesh last week for dinner. It was just lovely. We had sushi rolls to start, which were divine, and then I had the Crispy Chilli Chicken, which was equally delicious. I would definitely go back, there was so much that I wanted to try on the menu. It was a lovely evening in a great setting and with great service!

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 by M.Edwards, 17 Apr 2013
On Saturday 24th December 2011, myself and 3 other guests had a reservation in the main restaurant of Gilgamesh. I was extremely disappointed from start to finish, our experience was appalling. The service they provided was unsatisfactory to say the least.

Our night was as follows:

We had a reservation for 8.30pm for 4 people. We arrived and the Maître d’ took our coats and advised that as the restaurant wasn't that busy, would we like to have a drink at the bar? We accepted. We ordered 2 cocktails, a glass of wine and a bottle of beer. At 8.50pm the Maître d’ advised us the table was ready, but we asked if we could wait until 9pm as our drinks hadn't arrived yet.

We were seated at the table at 9pm right at the back of the restaurant in the corner (where we had to bring our own drinks to the table). We placed our order and we were at this point offered more drinks; we got a bottle of wine. Both servings of edamame arrived, but I unfortunately had to send it back as it was overcooked and soggy; we were given a replacement, which wasn't any better - I didn't bother to send it back but I did make a point to mention it to our waiter that it was still overcooked. We ordered various sushi rolls (which were not up to the usual standard), 2 servings of crispy chilli squid, and some other bits. When the squid arrived it was luke-warm and - like the edamame - very soggy, not 'crispy' as stated on the menu. I did not complain at this point.

I would have loved another drink before 11pm but our waiter failed to notice that 3 out of the 4 glasses were empty for most of the meal and not once were the wine drinkers' glasses topped up, we did this ourselves. One would have thought staff are trained to continuously offer drinks whilst guests are still eating and after guest have finished, as the drinks are rather expensive and as we all know this often bumps up the bill!

By 11pm I was extremely disappointed by our experience on Christmas Eve. I bring a lot of my friends and clients to the restaurant/bar and have always had exceptional service and, of course, the food is always great. I asked for the Manager on duty, as I believe it is in their interest to know if neither the service nor the food are up to their usual standard. He did apologise and said, "I will sort this out for you".

We ordered 1 dessert... What can go wrong with 3 spoons, 1 dessert?! Dessert came quickly. However, we had started to enjoy the dessert and had taken the biscuit out of the ice cream when another waiter came along with a second dessert, to advise us that he had given us the table behind's dessert in error. To my disgust he took this one away (without the biscuit in the ice cream) and put it already half eaten on the table behind's table!! (Very unhygienic and not what I would expect from a restaurant that is in a lot of the tourist books!)

11.30pm I asked for the bill, to find that nothing had been deducted from the bill. I was not complaining for a discount, however I would have thought some sort of compensation would have been offered. Again I spoke to the Manager, and said I was very surprised that nothing had been done. To my shock, his response was, "I investigated the edamame and the chefs confirmed they were cooked to perfection. I also, out of good will, didn't charge you for 1 bottle of water, as you were waiting some time for this. I also didn't include service charge on your bill". I replied with, "Service charge is OPTIONAL, so this was irrelevant because I wouldn't have paid for service as we were not satisfied anyway".

To top off our evening, we went to get our coat, where we were greeted by a large queue of people, as someone's coat had gone missing. Our coat tag was not on the correct hanger, therefore we had to find our coats ourselves - unacceptable!

It is a shame, as I was a regular customer of Gilgamesh, but after my experience I am now reluctant to return.

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 by sarah_lewis00, 10 Jan 2012
I love Gilgamesh restaurant. I have been a regular there for about 2 years and I always leave with a happy smile on my face! The staff and food are amazing. It's definitely my favourite restaurant.

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 by mai-xx, 23 Jul 2011
Excellent evening! I had the tempura dishes and my friends had a wide selection from the simply brilliant menu. I need to go back so I can try something else! It's all so well presented and the whole restaurant aura is like nothing else I have experienced.

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 by jonbishbash22, 21 Jul 2011
Gilgamesh has a fantastic atmosphere. I went there recently and think it is a great venue for birthdays and celebrations. I will definitely be recommending it to friends. Just went in for drinks and I look forward to trying the food soon, hopefully!

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 by Daisy29, 20 Jul 2011
I have been lucky enough to go to Gilgamesh a few times and I think it's about time I tried my hand at describing how amazing this place is. The decor is like nothing you have ever seen before and the atmosphere creates an aura like no other. It's a truly great place to dine for anyone with any need. I can't wait to find another excuse to go back!

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 by mattwill, 14 Jul 2011
I went to Gilgamesh at the weekend with friends and had a fantastic night. All the food we ordered was lovely; my personal favourite was the tempura dishes.

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 by PB80, 15 Jun 2011
I went for the first time with eight friends to dine at 7.30. I was checked outside the entrance and when they found I was booked I was allowed to enter. At reception I was escorted to the table, which is just as well because there are about 200 diners. The food is beautifully presented but the portions are rather small, although at the end of the meal I was just adequately full. The young Indian waiter assigned to our table was helpful, friendly and efficient. As we had been warned, when we finished eating we eight were asked to leave the table and move to a smaller one and just five girl drinkers only were shown there. After 10pm the place was filling with rather noisy drinkers. We all thought that even with the special offer it was still somewhat expensive although the food was very good. We had no cocktails but the house wine at £18.50 per bottle, the red being quite drinkable although obviously not a fine wine.

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 by Tony Glazier, 19 Sep 2010
Very disappointing. Vegetarian set menu had a dessert with gelatine in, which of course any good chef would know is not vegetarian. Although we were still drinking wine at 9pm we were told that the manager wanted us to move to the lounge. I said I would not move, as the website clearly states turnaround on tables is 2 hours (on a set menu). I suspect as we were on the 50% off menu we were treated badly. I won't go back again. Food was also uninspiring.

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 by Helen R, 03 May 2010
Took three phone calls and two emails to book a table. Then when the food came the chicken was undercooked. Sent in a complaint but no reply received. Need I say more?!

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 by asha1, 12 Feb 2010
Poor. Went on Saturday, as a group of 18, for the set menu. Food was uninspiring, staff were on the whole disinterested and uninformed. Drinks equally unimpressive - a chilli cocktail made with chilli powder (call me naive for expecting fresh chilli in a 10 quid cocktail) was barely drinkable. The highlight for me was the water waiter topping up my beer glass with water... awesome.

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 by owen_bullock, 08 Feb 2010
Went there on Saturday. WOW - the place is awesome! They served the best Thai food I've ever had. A bit expensive, but absoulutely worth every penny. A+ recommended!

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 by ferrada, 27 Jan 2010
We booked a table for 9.30 on Saturday night. On booking, I had to give credit card details and was told it would be £20 a head if we didn't show. Arrived at 9.25, were told to wait in the bar and they'd come and get us. Bought 3 mojitos - £34! At 9.40 asked about the table (a task getting anyone to talk to you) and they said it would be about 10 minutes; same thing at 9.50; at 10pm it changed to '10 minutes or so'. You couldn't call the staff helpful or apologetic, they seemed to think they were doing you a favour when they spoke to you. Gave up and went to Camden Brasserie just round the corner which was friendly with delicious food - should have gone there in the first place. Don't waste your time with Gilamesh, success has obviously made them think they don't need to bother about service.

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 by cswash, 18 Jan 2010
Very bad service, cold food and no response to my complaint after 3 weeks.

Yes, the insides are amazing and very pretty but cold food and rude staff is unacceptable. It happened the first time I went there and I let it go, but looks like things don’t change for Gilgamesh.

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 by JayS, 28 May 2009
Service was slow. After waiting 20 minutes for our main course we were then told we had to move to the bar as we could only have the table for 2 hours. Then we had to chase 3 times for our desserts to arrive. That took another 30 mins, during which time we were not asked if we would like any more drinks. There were 2 other tables of diners who suffered the same experience. Some of the food was exceptional, other dishes below average. At £90 per head I was disappointed.

Suggest they get rid of the cloakroom attendant who spent all her time on her mobile phone and then flicked a paper hand towel at me, and invest in more kitchen and waiting staff.

Can't say I will be rushing back!

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 by Josie B, 05 Apr 2009
Horrible, horrible service. I have written to Gilgamesh Bar but they have chosen not to acknowledge my complaint. Stay away from this place. Rude (non)service and exorbitant prices.

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 by perle74, 09 Mar 2009

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