Hyde Park

Hyde Park, London
W2 2UH Knightsbridge 0.5 miles

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Serpentine Gallery

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Nice park, love the Serpentine in the summer.

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 by helix (3 reviews), 30 Jan 2013
I love this park. I used to walk here often with a friend and, since her death almost four years ago, I find comfort in walking through Hyde Park in her memory. I love the calmness of the Serpentine and the wildlife surrounding it all. A wonderful oasis in this hectic city.

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 by Dreamette, 23 May 2008
I don't remember it being crowded often so don't let that frighten you away. It is a beautiful park and well worth visiting - the large parks in London are something I miss and would love to stroll through again.

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 by hooba (9 reviews), 20 Aug 2007
The standards at that park are outrageous especially when there are large crowds. I personally can't stand it and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone under the conditions as it stands.

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 by Anonymous, 30 Jun 2005
One of the most underrated aspects of London - Hyde Park is an oasis of calm in the centre of a bustling city. It's a real pleasure to stroll through the park, and take in the atmosphere.

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 by Anonymous, 10 Apr 2005
A wonderful open space in the middle of London. There are so many things around it with Mayfair, Knightsbridge, etc., so close, and it's great to walk into the park on a summer evening after the hustle and bustle of shopping in London and enjoy the scenery, people and nature. I love it.

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 by Anonymous, 24 Mar 2005
This park reminds me why I live in London. Surrounded by Mayfair, Kensington and Knightsbridge, it's a wonderful, huge space full of people relaxing and enjoying life in a varied landscape. Great lakes, walks, cafes, space to in-line skate, the Serpentine gallery, Diana's memorial and so on - it's just magnificent and is to London what Central Park is to New York.

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 by Lauth (36 reviews), 06 Nov 2004
If you're into roller blading this is the place to practice or show off depending on your level of expertise! Also the place to come and giggle at the dudes and dudettes doing roller disco on a Saturday afternoon.

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 by Anonymous, 08 Mar 2004

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