Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew

Kew Green
Richmond, London
Tel: 020 8332 5022 Kew Gardens 0.5 miles

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Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew reviews

Oh, how I love Kew!

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 by Karen_Abse (3 reviews), 05 Sep 2011
Not embarrassed to admit at 19 I would rather spend a sunny autumn day at the Royal Botanic Gardens than at a theme park (and my friends all agree). Definitely not to be missed when the leaves and conkers are fallen. Refreshing, educational and, above all, for all ages.

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 by janeyjaney (3 reviews), 22 Jul 2008
You've seen enough of London, and you're choking in car exhaust... what do you do? Take the train out to Kew, of course. It'll invigorate even the most jaded soul, particularly if you take a picnic lunch and good book and while away the hours in a quiet corner. The new tree-tops walkway is absolutely awesome, if only for the view.

I could go on for hours, but others can get into the details. Here's a tip: leave in the early afternoon and walk along the Thames walking/cycling path all the way down to Richmond - then sit down in a pub and watch the river life flow by. Not to be missed.

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 by Chapps (3 reviews), 28 May 2008
Kew is a great place but [1] very costly and [2] nowhere to park.

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 by josephlloyd, 27 May 2008
A great garden and place to visit all year round. Warrants two visits. Not that peaceful with planes flying overhead every minute however. A shame Kew won't stand up to Heathrow expansion.

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 by Corblast, 09 Nov 2005
Kew is great to visit at an time of year, but particularly in the Spring, when it's flowerbeds are in full effect.

One tip is to go in early January and take your Christmas tree there for recycling - they let you into the park for free!

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 by ChristianA (13 reviews), 24 Jun 2004
If you like parks, flowers and plants from around the world this place is an absolute must. Truly a great place to get away from all the hustle and bustle of London. The tropical glass Palm House building should not be missed.

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 by Punkaj (26 reviews), 08 Apr 2004
Take a picnic on a sunny day and enjoy a peaceful stroll through the woodland area or formal flower beds and fountains.

However, Kew is also quieter and more magical in winter when you can go and warm up in the great Victorian glass houses and see the incongruous sight of bananas growing in west London.

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 by Anonymous, 08 Mar 2004

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