Ormonde Jayne

Royal Arcade, 28 Old Bond Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 020 7499 1100 Green Park 0.2 miles

One of London's leading perfume houses gets a striking new look. The interior blends antique gold shagreen wall coverings, black glass chandeliers and ivory stone floors to create a dramatic setting for Ormonde Jayne's collection of exclusive perfumes. A testing table enables customers to sample each fragrance.

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My daughter Sara arranged an event in Dubai, from this she presented me with a bottle of B1. I had no information on this perfume or on Ormonde Jayne. To be truthful, I just put it with my other perfumes on my dressing table. It was only by chance I had a little time, so I sat and sniffed my perfumes. When I came to B1 I was in a hurry so I sprayed a little and left and met up with friends. All day I was told over and over again how lovely I smelt and what was I wearing. So that speaks for itself. Although too expensive for me, I will be looking into more scents by Ormonde Jayne and I will be treasuring my B1.

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 by helenfakhri, 22 Sep 2013
Was "profiled" here with a friend in December - informative, fun & surprising, actually! Ordered the Discovery Set for a friend in the USA who is absolutely thrilled with it. Can't wait to visit the Pavilion Road store next time I'm in London. Beautiful products & great customer service.

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 by Carolyn (7 reviews), 09 Feb 2011
A great-looking shop with a variety of nice perfumes.

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 by katerose, 06 Dec 2010
I love this shop. They now have a branch in Sloane Square that I visited yesterday. It's a completely glamorous shopping experience. A really special place and the perfumes are divine.

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 by bryonnyh1, 02 Dec 2010
I absolutely love this beautiful shop. Wonderful service and, thankfully, staff that really know their stuff. Ormonde have a heavenly perfume called Tolu which is just about my favourite scent ever. I practically wear it every day - which is why I'll be back soon!

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 by moira L, 30 Mar 2010
Take it from a perfume connoisseur that Ormonde Jayne fragrances are not of poor quality. I live in the USA and found the Ormonde Jayne online site as I was looking for a fragrance with the Tiare flower. I ordered the Tiare and received a free sample of Frangipani, which I just ordered. These are no common scents. They are the most beautiful fragrances ever. The scent lasts all day. I am sure I will eventually end up ordering all of them. They are expensive but well worth the money. I wish I could purchase them in New York!

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 by audrey.thomas, 24 Mar 2010
Overpriced and poor quality perfumes. I bought a bottle of parfum and it wasn't strong enough. Yet another person trying to master the art of perfumery and failing. The shop and service are very pretentious and the products not good enough. No air conditioning in the shop - need I say more?

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 by lolaita, 04 Mar 2010
I could't agree more with the reviews below. Definitely 5 star service. The staff are really helpful. It seems to be a real traditonal family-run business and what a relief it is to shop in a speciality store where people know what they're talking about!

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 by James D, 08 Mar 2009
Ormonde Jayne has turned into a passion for me! The perfumes amaze me each time I try something new. The Ta'if is my signature scent with Sampaquita and Tolu falling close behind. Amazing customer service and an unforgettable and unique experiance!

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 by sam_k, 23 Sep 2008
I have just discovered this amazing boite de parfum! On a trip from where I live in Paris, as you know littered with parfumeries, I stopped at Charbonnel & Walker to have some of their chocolate. I found Ormonde Jayne and was greeted by a smiling Linda who explained some of her perfumes and asked me which ones I liked. She sprayed Osmanthus on one arm (simply beautiful) and Tolu on the other. The Tolu, she explained, was for autumn and gave me a description of the ingredients and colours and resins. She was lovely and I walked out of the shop in love with my right arm.

But then extraordinary things happened... I felt different and elated and armed with a secret weapon! I had to have Tolu! I went back to the shop to ask for a sample to take home, as I wanted to know what it would smell like at night, in the morning, after a shower. Linda had gone but a nice assistant was there and gave me a sample to take home. It is simply like no other, and when I am richer I shall buy the Parfum bottle! Amazing discovery!

Useful review?
 by IngridDSE, 12 Sep 2008
Have recently discovered Ormonde Jayne! What a surprise. The fragrances are absolutely intoxicating. It's a perfume house that has so many perfumes that resonate with me. Having just received my samples - they are all fabulous, but for me Champaca is the standout.

It's light but has a beautiful presence. I get a lot more spice with Champaca and less floral scent but I think it's striking for this reason. The rice note stands out with the pepper and tea also distinctive. And it's discernible hours after application. Staff very helpful when it comes to choosing.

Useful review?
 by Jill6002, 12 May 2008
Ordered the sample range on the web and it arrived promptly (in Brisbane) very well packaged. And delicious. Hard to decide which one to buy in a larger size when I go to London.

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 by xxdfarre (2 reviews), 14 Mar 2008
Nice place. I actually thought that the scents were not that amazing but hey, I'm a guy; the girls seem to like them! Bought Ormande Woman for a friend and she loved it. Assistants who work there are really posh, which is not surprising considering the area and cost. More for the slightly older woman perhaps.

Useful review?
 by JackSmith (2 reviews), 30 Oct 2006
When I went into OJ recently to stock up on Ormande Woman, they didn't have any left! This distressed me to say the least. For me, buying an OJ fragrance is akin to investing in beautiful silk lingerie of the highest quality.

The owner, Linda, who never forgets a face and is very charming, offered to mail it out to me the following day and pay for the postage herself. True to her word, the perfume arrived by recorded first class mail a couple of days later!

The customer services at OJ is second to none. I cannot understand those reviewers who seem to think that it is! Linda Pilkington offers breathtaking scents that will capture the exotic sparkle of any imagination, with gracious, poised and discrete service-the like of which is rapidly disappearing in the hustle bustle of London shops.

Wear her perfumes always-whether you're scruffing around your home in trakky pants or you're sipping cocktails at an exclusive soiree, OJ perfumes will make you feel truly feminine.

Useful review? 1
 by AbsintheFairy, 17 May 2006
Wonderful friendly and generous staff! And unbelievable perfumes that smell completely different to anything else I have ever tried!

Useful review?
 by SMig (2 reviews), 14 May 2006
Probably the most beautiful perfumery I have ever come across. Friends had been raving about OJ, so I decided to pop in and see for myself when I came to London. Most of the scents are fantastic and truly different to what's on the market today.

It was a pleasure to meet people who are passionate about perfume and perfection in everything from their products to packaging, bags and service. I had over an hour explanation of where each of the scents had come from and learnt more about perfume than I ever thought possible - what a delight! A real MUST if you are in London.

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 by Arabella Linley (3 reviews), 15 Apr 2006
Wonderful. The scents are like nothing else. Charming service.

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 by Froglet (2 reviews), 01 Feb 2006
A friend gave me a bottle of Ormonde Jayne's amazing bathing oil a few years ago and I have been hooked ever since.

The shop is a gem and the staff so helpful and generous - found the complete opposite of Ms Anonymous (below) as they gave me heaps of sample bottles that last for days.

I have dreams about raiding their supplies of Ormonde Woman Absolute - the unbelievably hypnotic and addictive fragrance with black hemlock and violet. How do they come up with such inventive original oils? And I have found that I am always always asked what scent I am wearing - lots of times by complete strangers - and it's the perfume, not me I fear!

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 by SarahEE (2 reviews), 11 Jan 2006
Perfumes are ok here but very traditional. Similar perfumes can be found elsewhere. Found the service to be very aggressive.

Useful review? 1
 by Anonymous, 21 Oct 2005
Perfumes are nice but they need better customer service and more generous sampling programmes.

Useful review? 2
 by Anonymous, 22 Sep 2005

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