174 Queen Street
The City, London
Tel: 020 7236 7474 Blackfriars 0.1 miles

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The choice of beers was limited and the toilets look like something out of Saw. But on the plus side, it's right next to the station.

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 by mickey247, 08 Feb 2007
Excellent pub atmosphere - with benefit from being smoke-free.

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 by Anonymous, 23 Mar 2006
Only one word - wonderful!

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 by Leeroy (4 reviews), 02 Dec 2005
Absolutely great to visit, drink and come back. Good beer and great atmosphere.

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 by Anonymous, 04 May 2005
Afterwork hangout, smelly inside and out and dingy toilets. Historical value though and right next to tube station.

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 by Anonymous, 23 Apr 2005

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