Duke of Cambridge

30 St Peters Street
Islington, London
N1 8JT
Tel: 020 7359 3066 Angel 0.4 miles

Duke of Cambridge

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Went for a Christmas meal last night and had looked forward to sampling the delicious-sounding menu... BUT the hanger steaks were served cold and smelled revolting - actually inedible, completely black burnt potato rosti, bitter fish & chips, starters were below average, cold stewed fruit for afters. Worse than school dinners and at about £40 a head for 3 courses, go elsewhere. We left feeling cheated. It's a shame we can't erase that meal and start again. Staff friendly and refunded those that were brave enough to complain and send back the charred/cold/smelly food.

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 by nards, 10 Dec 2013
Went there for Sunday lunch and was gravely disappointed by the roast pork at £18. I understand organics are expensive and that's fine, but to be served gristly slabs of grey, tough meat was just wrong. I really wanted to love the Duke but I left feeling quite offended and ripped off. (I thought the beer was well kept though.)

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 by ebacher28 (2 reviews), 22 Dec 2009
Smug. Bland. And ridiculous. I went here for a friend's birthday on Friday and one of our party had baked a special birthday cake. But when they tried to bring it into the pub, they were barred. The reason was that, as an organic pub, no non-organic food could be consumed on the premises (due to their organic certification).

We countered that by saying the cake hadn't been made in the pub kitchens, hadn't been sold by the pub and that their kitchen was closed anyway. But no.

We then asked if we could at least cut the cake and sing happy birthday inside. But again no, non-organic food could not be cut or sung over on the premises. In the end, we had to go outside and serve the cake in the freezing cold and rain. Nice.

Otherwise, the service was surly, the food overpriced, the atmosphere ordinary and the cider terrible.

If you want a good pub that serves organic ales, go to the Charles Lamb down the road.

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 by chrisking80, 03 Nov 2008
I have mixed feelings about this place, having been several times. It is very 'Islington'. If you are one of those people who walk along Upper Street grumbling about trendies with money, then this place will irritate you, so don't go. I suspect some of the previous reviewers fall into this category.

I like the eclectic mix of old furniture. I like the light, airy main bar - great on a sunny day. I like the relaxed 'Sunday' vibe. I like the organic concept.

I don't like the too short menu, which often seems too heavily weighted towards fish and reads a little too earnestly. Only usually around four options and if you arrive later in the day expect at least one to have sold out. Another couple of choices would be good to avoid those times when none of the options appeal.

Having said that, I've always enjoyed the food, but without ever being blown away. It leans towards the expensive end of gastro, but no more so than many other places. There is a good selection of organic wines, though the list gets expensive quickly for a gastropub. I've always found the staff friendly and helpful, so baffled by previous reviewers.

On the whole, a good place for a relaxed lunch and the Sunday papers.

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 by StuH (39 reviews), 04 Oct 2008
Really awful and expensive. Just got back from a birthday dinner. Had OK cauliflower soup but disgusting salmon (dry, overcooked - yuck). Paid £45 each. Could have gone to any number of better restaurants. Oh, and scatty and patronising service. Go elsewhere.

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 by ladbroke, 27 Sep 2008
Great organic food, very good wine list and charming service. GO!

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 by publick, 11 Sep 2008
Truly organic, this place belongs to the Premier League of gastropubs. If you can bear the uncomfortable seating in the main area (if you are close to 6ft tall, your knees can't go under most of their tables), you'll usually have great food and excellent beer. Service is hit and miss, but then, as with most places in London, staff changes so frequently that you can never tell in advance. Browns is probably best for service but it is an altogether different proposition.

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 by EmmanuelUK, 03 Dec 2007
We ate at the Duke of Cambridge on Friday and, unfortunately, didn't have a great experience. The place wasn't clean (l saw a big dirty dog in the pub), I'm not satisfied with the service, the food wasn’t nice and wasn’t cooked properly, plus the price was far too high (l paid over £200, and that for bad service!). But the worst was that every table was dirty and sticky, which made my dress dirty. I have never been so disgusted. I will not be back, and will warn all my friends about the place.

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 by wiseman, 17 Nov 2007
Great selection of wines, including BRILLIANT English white. But organic bordering on the fascist. Got very upset when I explained that paper wasn't made from the rain forests! Will go back for more Basil Fawlty service.

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 by william_mcmullan (2 reviews), 28 Nov 2006
Good food and great range of organic beers, wines and cider.

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 by ICOT (8 reviews), 22 Jan 2006
Although my friends have been regulars here, the staff were so desperate to get us out at closing time they kept the door open on a freezing night and complained when we tried to shut it to keep warm whilst finishing up. Wouldn't go again.

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 by turkish, 23 Dec 2005
A lovely place with good food, but the service can be monumentally discourteous - almost (but not quite) to the extent of becoming an endearing feature.

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 by Octavian, 16 Dec 2005
I had a great lunch here and the barman offered to let me try three reds to help me choose a bottle. The atmosphere is laid back, for sure, but not, in my experience, dismissive as some others have commented. Good food, good wine and beer and I'd happily recommend it as a quiet gastropub.

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 by SDog, 05 Sep 2005
Good little find, but a bit sparse of customers when we went on a Saturday afternoon. Food wasn't served until 6.30pm and we were starving at 4pm, but never mind... Only nuts and olives for us!

Nice to find a decent pub off crowded Upper Street. Great for lazy afternoon drinking.

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 by Anonymous, 05 Apr 2005
Lovely pub, food and drinks great. But it's expensive and I've often found the staff to be unfriendly (ignore you at the bar until they see fit to serve) and really scathing of people who ask for coke or similar non-organic drinks. Seems a bit unnecessary to me, and a shame as it has the potential to be a great pub.

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 by Anonymous, 16 Dec 2004
Food is unreliable and the service dismissive.

Useful review? 1
 by AD, 11 Aug 2004

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