90 Berwick Street
Soho, London
Tel: 020 7437 2944 Piccadilly Circus 0.2 miles

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Excellent pub playing great music - but a very irritating bouncer.

I'm talking about the guy who stands around the side door in a hi vis jacket. He is constantly prowling around the pub, unsettling customers, as if he's looking for a fight with anyone who sticks a toe out of line - this in the happiest, most unthreatening of pub atmospheres.

After last orders, his 'reminders' that it's now closing time are at best rude, at worst, abusive and threatening. It puts a very bad taste in the mouth when you leave the pub.

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 by Albion71, 08 Jul 2011
Awesome pub, great food! Ignore 'thevikers' poor review, he's obviously better off going to hotels for lunch. I eat at The Endurance at least twice a week and I've been through the entire menu. Always consistent. A great pint of Guinness too! One of the best pubs in London.

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 by ahoy, 17 Dec 2008
Terrible pub, run by a bunch of Basil Fawltys. Was moved twice from tables to make way for dining people (even though the tables had not been reserved). I saw a guy who had been waiting for nearly 40 mins for a meal complain and be verbally attacked by the bar staff. When I intervened I was told to mind my own business. The landlord was arrogant and unsympathetic. I've been to this pub before and always found the bar staff either slow or plain rude, but returned and put it down to overworked staff.

The fact that it's very busy and tends to devote more effort and time to dining customers at the expense of drinking ones, does not make this a traditional authentic pub as some reviewers have stated. With all the decent pubs that there are in Soho, I'd say just avoid. But if your palate is basic and easily pleased and all you care about is the bleeding juke box and don't mind being treated like cattle, then enjoy!

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 by theviker, 15 Feb 2008
Fantastic bar - has the feel of a great traditional boozer. Nice crowd too.

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 by dinoccio (2 reviews), 06 Feb 2007
It's not really an authentic Soho atmosphere - try The Ship round the corner for the proper taste of boot straps and braces - but certainly a reflection of what the area has become. Stick Vicious on the jukebox, spool up a pint of Guinness and enjoy. Not for people who like rugby or shop at Reiss.

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 by Anonymous, 04 Jan 2007
Wicked jukebox, but turn it down a bit. Would be good to listen to great music and good conversation at the same time!

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 by tomcat, 09 Aug 2006
Hits the spot. Wicked jukebox, too.

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 by Anonymous, 16 Apr 2006
Wonderful for eating at the weekends. They do the best chocolate pot in the universe!

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 by arls, 19 Jan 2006
Excellent pub, gets a little busy on weekend nights but still easy to get a drink. Friendly service, great darts and pulls in a good crowd.

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 by Chrystle, 15 Aug 2005
Does good Sunday lunches.

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 by Anonymous, 08 Jul 2005
As pubs go this certainly has character, but not in a traditional village pub manner of character. It's smoky, dark and has the bar slap bang in the middle of the pub. It's full of funky agency / film / music types in the evening and full of the Berwick St market lot in the afternoon. A proper Soho pub if ever there was one.

Useful review? 2
 by Punkaj (26 reviews), 08 Mar 2004

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