Lamb & Flag

33 Rose Street
Covent Garden, London
Tel: 020 7497 9504 Covent Garden 0.1 miles

Lamb & Flag

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Was looking to find out pub details for disabled access. This is the fourth site I've tried, and still no luck!

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 by adey.ellis, 06 Mar 2010
I enjoy a drink or two before an England game. Love this pub - great atmosphere and friendly staff.

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 by stephen.woodhouse, 31 Jan 2010
Great pub. Highly recommended.

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 by Jamie7, 31 Jan 2010
In spite of the negative reviews, I and my mates always enjoy having lunch at the Lamb & Flag upstairs. The family atmosphere and serving style are much to one's liking. It attracts all sorts, and I haven't noticed they were unfriendly to foreigners from US or Canada.

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 by ROBERT STEFFER, 24 Jan 2010
I don't recommend this pub. Unfriendly staff don't like foreigners, preaching style, very ungracious.

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 by vizipok, 27 Apr 2009
This is a charming pub but ONLY for a drink. I make the mistake of taking some friends here for Sunday lunch today and it was completely gross: stale peas, carrots out of a tin, soggy Yorkshire pudding, overcooked beef, etc etc. It's a scandal they get away with it. Having said that, they were friendly!

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 by marinadebrito, 22 Mar 2009
Always friendly, always packed - especially on jazz night! A mix of in-the-know tourists and city centre workers coming in for a quick one after work. Tiny ladies toilet though!

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 by A London Thing (2 reviews), 19 Apr 2007
Always been a favourite until we visited the other night and the upstairs bar staff were incredibly rude, refusing to serve us merely because we'd requested the window closed (they claimed it was smokey, although all 4 of us non-smokers didn't notice and the only people visibly smoking were a couple of the bar staff). Will be giving it a wide berth until the management wise up and replace the staff with people who are interested in serving customers and not attempting to close the pub early. Shame.

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 by G Bentley, 02 Mar 2007
First time in London and this place was recommended to us as a great local pub. The recommendation was spot on - the people in there were very friendly and the place was packed. My wife and I will return.

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 by Jack C, 03 Feb 2007
Embodies the true essence of a back-street London Pub.

Friendly staff, good drinks in the alley, and don't forget the Sunday night delta-jazz. Only downfall is the kegs rolling out the door at 7.30 am if you live above or near.

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 by Anonymous, 03 Aug 2006
Great old pub, and excellent food served by lovely ladies.

We, from the lovely South of the Netherlands, met there a Italian guy, Erik, who just finished a job in the Netherlands and spoke a few words Dutch! Fun.

Think you can pay there with some golden coins, from long forgotten times. Will go back there!

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 by Nick63, 31 May 2006
One of my fondest memories of London. Made it a regular stop every time I was in London.

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 by Richard Dryfuss Look a like, 01 May 2006
One of the most amazing pubs in the world.

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 by menza, 30 Mar 2006
Fabulous food, great service & the atmosphere is great too!

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 28 Dec 2005
I've lived in London for over 12 years and know you will never find a pub as good as this. Once known as the Bucket of Blood (all the fighting in the 16th century). It can get packed and fill the streets with happy people.

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 by Murray Mint, 08 Dec 2005
The jewel of Covent Garden pubs. Excellence in a sea of mediocrity!

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 by Leeroy (4 reviews), 02 Dec 2005
The oldest pub in all of London, and one of my favorite evening hang-out spots! A must-see, even if it's just for one ale!

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 by Anonymous, 01 Jul 2005
If you want to find the old spirit of London, you must go to the Lamb and flag!

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 by Anonymous, 29 Apr 2005
Monster food helpings upstairs at lunchtimes but no credit cards taken last time I was there so bring your folding money.

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 by Anonymous, 13 Jan 2005
Great little pub, always crowded but good fun with a great atmosphere - the only downside is the one ladies loo - more like a broom cupboard than a convenience!

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 by lizzym (3 reviews), 03 Jan 2005

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