63 Lamb's Conduit Street
Bloomsbury, London
Tel: 020 7405 8278 Russell Square 0.3 miles

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I was here for dinner around Christmas time and went upstairs to eat. I must say the risotto was divine, the staff were very friendly, and the wine was lovely (recommended to us by our waiter). I'm definitely planning another visit some time soon.

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 by Piyuu (3 reviews), 11 May 2007
The Perseverance I used to know and love is dead. It's been taken over by new owners. They've not yet destroyed the decor, but keep the interior lights on high beam and only turn them down when they start to kick the punters out at, wait for it, 9pm! That's right, 9pm!! There's also a set of new, lacklustre bar staff who make it clear they'd rather be anywhere other than serving you. They do this by putting the chairs on the tables at 9pm! Oh, sorry, did I mention that already? It's just that this used to be a great pub... And what happened to the grade A food?

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 by GirlfriendinaComa, 22 Feb 2007
This pub really has that traditional feel to it. It's great and it is part of what makes Lamb's Conduit Street such an atmospheric corner of London.

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 by Piku (3 reviews), 16 Nov 2005
Just had a fab Sunday lunch - one of the best I've had in a while.

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 by blue, 19 Jun 2005
Fantastic pub and wonderful food.

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 by Anonymous, 04 Mar 2005

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