The Albion

10 Thornhill Road
Islington, London
N1 1HW
Tel: 020 7607 7450 Angel 0.5 miles

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Wow - amazing evening, beautiful (and I mean beautiful) garden, and great food too. Well done! We will all be back very soon.

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 by Jill jones, 25 May 2012
I went to eat at The Albion last night with a party of 10 and was shocked at how poor the service was. Our food took over an hour to come, which was ridiculous as we were all having steaks or burgers. When it did come, it came out in dribs and drabs, with staff needing repetitive reminders about what was missing. The food was not cooked to order (steaks were all under done). The staff were rude and confrontational. I didn't think that things could get any worse, but I bit into a stone that had made its way into my spinach, which really capped things off!

It's such as shame, as The Albion has a lot of charm and could be an amazing place if they got their service right. I certainly won't be eating there again considering there are loads of great options nearby.

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 by gordon.hewitt, 10 Sep 2011
I went to The Albion this weekend and feel compelled to leave my thoughts. After reading the other reviews on this site I almost cancelled my booking for my husband’s 40th, but I’m glad I didn't.

Rarely in London have I been to a place that's so accommodating, especially as we were a large table with children. We'd ordered a pig, which was perfect and easily fed the 15 of us. The staff were great, especially the manager. Highly recommend.

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 by frannykelly1978, 02 Mar 2010
The Albion is a horrible place to go! The staff are rude, in particular a moody French man who appears to be the manager. You are not made to feel welcome and are treated like an animal when you go in there. The food is rubbish and very expensive. It is such a shame as the location and the pub itself is lovely. My sister went in there recently and again the staff were rude and unwelcoming. Please, please get some new management and learn how to develop some customer service skills.

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 by danielle2, 13 Dec 2009
So, I think that The Albion is a very nice looking pub. You would think its large beer garden is great for a few summer drinks with friends... so long as your friends are huge, dull, TOFFS.

I don't think that the staff are particularly rude, but they're obviously told how to behave.

I recently decided to invite my friends to The Albion because it was my birthday. My friends are designers, writers, scientists etc. They may not wear corduroy slacks, Ralph Lauren shirts with a v-neck jumper slung over the shoulders, but certainly respectable folk. They all felt that they were made to feel uncomfortable.

After looking through the menu, we decided to order some food, but were then told (at 8.30pm) that we couldn't, because the garden would be closing and they were not going to serve more food. But, people around us were still ordering and being brought food and the garden didn't close until 10pm.

So we decided to eat a slice of my birthday cake (we were hungry!). Only to have a waiter rush over to tell us that if we cut into the cake, we would have to pay £2 each person. "For what?", we enquired. This cake was homemade, certainly not using any of their ingredients or equipment. We even had brought a knife and serviettes. It would have cost us around £30 to eat the cake! NOT how you would treat a group of people who chose your pub to celebrate a birthday in. So we had to retire to The Draper's Arms, which is altogether a more welcoming and enjoyable experience.

For the record, the single malt whiskey I had tasted awful (I don't know what they did to it), and the Black Sheep ale (a good one) was very poorly looked after. Not what you would expect from somewhere with such a high price on their drinks.

If you don't like the Great British pub, but want somewhere 'posh', pretentious and soulless to go, then I'd fully recommend The Albion. You will be amongst friends.

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 by al.m, 19 Aug 2009
The Albion has the worst attitude towards its customers that I have ever encountered in around 50 years of restaurant-going, during which I must have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on food and drink. When you order a meal, they demand that you give them your credit card, which they lodge behind the bar until you pay the bill. And before you ask, no , I do not look like a career criminal; I look ridiculously respectable and have, in fact, eaten dozens of times at The Albion before under previous managements.

I can understand that they may have a problem with dishonest folk who leave without paying, but I have never been treated as a potential criminal before in any pub, café or restaurant where I have eaten – and I’ve eaten in some pretty dodgy areas, believe me. The management of The Albion is extremely foolish, because just around the corner is The Draper’s Arms, with superior food and an appreciably better attitude.

I cancelled my order of food and wine and walked out. I shall not be returning to The Albion until it is under new management. If you don’t want to be treated like a criminal, I would advise you to boycott it too.

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 by christookey1, 27 Jul 2009
The staff are soooo rude here. I can only think they must be overworked, which leads them to behave so appallingly. We tried to order oysters and were told they had no tables free; however, we checked indoors and there were plenty of tables. We asked another waitress if we could order food to sit indoors and were told they don’t serve food indoors... what do they do in winter?!? Staff simply did not want to take food orders (this was 8:30pm on a Friday).

Make no mistake, this is a poorly managed pub with bad service and to top it all off their drinks are way overpriced for a pub.

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 by BP01, 06 Jul 2009
Two portions of chips and some bread didn't arrive after 40 minutes. I asked why and when the order would arrive. 30 minutes later it was delivered with no apology or explanation. The bartender was rude, if not offensive, in his offhand manner. AND a pint of orange juice and lemonade costs... wait for it... £3.80! The Albion does not deserve its reputation. Let's hope the owner has some inkling of what goes on there.

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 by mjg, 21 May 2009
The walls are painted a hideous Victorian green. The clientele seems to consist largely of yuppie poseurs. If you eat meat, there is an overpriced and bland menu of Stone-Age favourites (large lumps of meat with vegetables). If you are vegetarian, the food is execrable.

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 by Whitechapel90210, 04 May 2009
We were quite disappointed with the food - undercooked and rushed. Service rude. We won't be going back there again.

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 by SMLC, 26 Apr 2009
With summer around the corner, this pub is about to get very very busy, especially given the standard of the food - possibly one of the best examples of the 'gastropub' genre.

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 by richard24706146, 24 Mar 2009
Live very local to this pub and agree with most of the comments on the rudeness of staff and the overpriced food. Have met the chef and would agree that he is not the cleanest of people. The staff ought to have been welcoming and friendly, considering we spent a few hundred on the suckling pig! Haven't given
The Albion any custom since then.

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 by mimidorring, 05 Feb 2009
The steak costs £18 (sic), and is comparable to a small Sainsbury's rump steak chucked in a frying pan. I know there's a recession coming, but they might want to consider cutting their prices as well as their costs...

The staff are very unwelcoming as well, but then maybe they're being ripped off by the owners too.

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 by urbanpath2, 30 Sep 2008
Okay, I live very close to The Albion and reading the comments below I can agree with both sides of the argument. The food is good but it’s not great and not worth the extra couple of pounds they add here and there to make them appear like a very sophisticated gastro pub. If this was the case you wouldn't mind paying the extra, and especially if the staff new what they were talking about, but they are just cleaner, neater versions of JD Wetherspoon workers!

Saying this, it's in a great little spot of Barnsbury, quite peaceful and very English. The Albion has a great beer garden to the back and front of the premises, perfect for the one week of summer we may get. It’s definitely worth a look because, let's face it, every pub has something wrong with it somewhere and The Albion ticks most of the right boxes.

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 by curtisgibson01, 12 Jul 2008
£19 for a very average roast might just be forgivable if the staff weren't so incredibly rude and pretentious. After our group had spent over £200 and had just bought new drinks they told us abruptly that we would have to move in five minutes as there was a reservation on the table. Astonishing that people are blinded by the decor enough to keep spending their money here.

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 by Jill Scott, 10 Jul 2008
This is probably my favourite pub in London. It just twinkles with authenticity. The food is unpretentious and utterly 'spot-hitting'. It's a magic kind of place, whilst still being ordinary and homely. I love it!

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 by spice (4 reviews), 18 Mar 2008
I went for dinner last night and I truly enjoyed the cosy atmosphere and the lovely food. The waitress who served us was smiley and helpful. The portions were really generous and my braised beef absolutely stunning!

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 by vippone, 26 Sep 2007
Went on Sunday for lunch and the place looked great after the makeover. Food was even better than the paint job and the waiters were nice - not in your face but seemed to know the menu when I asked for a recommendation.

Well priced and well chosen wine list. Very busy, so go early (otherwise you might have to wait for a drink at the bar... but not 16 mins!).

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 by LATOUR61, 02 Aug 2007
The food was OK but for the price I expected a lot more for my money. However, the real problem was the staff. Inept is a word that barely describes the incompetence of these people - 16 minutes to get a drink from the bar?!...

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 by local1, 20 Jul 2007
Fabulous refurb with really elegant interior. Gorgeous food and such a stunning garden! Can't wait to sit out there in the summer and feast on some hog-roast!

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 by jturner, 15 May 2007

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