The Anchor

Bankside, 34 Park Street
South Bank, London
Tel: 020 7407 1577 Cannon Street 0.3 miles

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Bad service, rude staff, stinking toilet and no managers to speak to. Rubbish.

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 by lupalm123, 18 Feb 2012
Poor service, not enough staff. Vegetarian food, only one choice, and tasteless. The toilets were disgusting, and had to wait for ages to pay bill, therefore no tip was left. I came down from Scotland as we have used The Anchor before and really enjoyed it. Family reunion ruined.

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 by BrendaBuchanan, 30 Oct 2011
DO NOT EAT HERE! This has to be the worst food in London.
A classic, can't-go-wrong prawn cocktail (it is pub grub afterall), was made from tinned prawns smothered in a nasty sauce obviously meant to hide the crap prawns. My fish in a parcel was obviously frozen and then heated in a microwave; it was grey, plastic-looking and inedible. My friends had a roast that was pitiful: pre-made, too-perfect-a-shape Yorkshire, nasty slices of meat in a thick sauce, vegetables that looked like school dinners. This place should be ashamed it's so terrible. Only one poor waitress on and the service was so slow. I doubt the cook enjoys the food at all - horrible.

This used to be a great pub, but since becoming a Premier Inn, it's gone to the dogs. Shame, it is in a great location and is a historical building.

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 by Ecbacon, 16 Mar 2011
This review is for the upstairs restaurant. DO NOT EAT HERE! I have been a professional chef in the US for over 12 years and I was embarrassed for this restaurant. Possibly the worst meal I've ever had! Horribly overpriced, food is terrible, cooks in kitchen staring out the door and making customers uncomfortable. Anchor, clean up your act, you should feel ashamed!

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 by CARPEDIEM_65, 28 Feb 2011
Nice location but never enough staff working behind the bar - waiting 25 mins for 2 drinks just not good enough... Won't be going back any time soon.

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 by kathrynborley, 30 Jul 2010
Used to frequent here when I worked at the London Dungeon and, to be fair, I'd always choose the Thamesside.

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 by Reverend Josiah Rowe, 16 Jun 2009
Great location and pub atmosphere, but lousy food. We both had sandwiches and neither one was worth the cost - the bread was hard and dry and not a baguette either as advertised!

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 by rmargeson, 31 Mar 2009
Beautiful location and decoration ruined by terrible service. It took over an hour for the main course to arrive, at a relatively not busy hour. Moreover, when we asked the staff why it took so long, we received no apology; they just told us that the food was coming and then immediately asked us to change tables because they were expecting a company of 30. 45 minutes later, when we left, the large company had not yet arrived...

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 by drM, 16 Mar 2009
Awful service! Around the cashier was total chaos. Many people queued to order but one female staff ignored the queue and took orders at random. Because of her, most customers got cross. The location is very nice, but I would't want to go this pub again.

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 by Mary (London), 21 Feb 2009
Very pleasant pub under normal circumstances, but my latest visit was ruined by the presence of some rather obnoxious e-generation, marketing types who did not stop whinging from the moment they got in there.

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 by Nimrita1, 20 Mar 2008
Full of tourists, which is annoying enough but worse when everyone's wandering aimlessly because the venue makes no effort to direct people on how to order their own food (from a separate and hidden bar upstairs through a gallery and... I can't remember the rest). Carvery was cold.

Not bad if you're with visitors and just want a pint in the sun and to enjoy the view, but don't go for food.

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 by ginsta (3 reviews), 05 Feb 2007
Great location, pity it is spoilt by poor and overpriced food.

Oh, and don't even THINK that you can grab some hot chips from Nando's next door and have it in the open area. The Anchor have a very strict policy that you can only have food from their kitchen in the open seating area across the pathway from the pub... After many years of highly recommending this place, sadly I no longer do!

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 by Peter London, 04 Aug 2006
Service is dire, the Guinness is worse.

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 by Anonymous, 25 Jul 2006
Great pub, great atmosphere. Just watch out for handbag thieves - mine got stolen. We think it was a bogus glass collector, so trust no-one.

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 by Rutter, 21 Nov 2005
A nice beer stop on a Saturday afternoon, with no suits to spill larger all over me! The view of St Paul's etc is enough to recommend a look.

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 by Anonymous, 11 Jul 2005
Once full of charm, now suffering from an identity crisis prompted by a disastrous conversion into what is essentially a pub of the Happy Eater genre. The people who did this should hang their heads in shame.

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 by Anonymous, 18 May 2005
Overpriced and spoilt by a recent conversion to a hotel / bar. Drink in the Market Porter, Borough Market instead.

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 by Anonymous, 07 Sep 2004
There aren't many beer stops on this stretch of river -- if that's any kind of recommendation!

The Anchor is often swamped by tourists in the summer. And watch out for the grouchy FT hacks from the nearby office block. You have been warned.

I prefer The Globe (5 mins walk away in Borough Market). Or if you've got the dosh, Vinopolis across the street is wayyy classier.

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 by Gabe (26 reviews), 08 Mar 2004

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