The Dove

19 Upper Mall
Hammersmith, London
W6 9TA
Tel: 020 8748 5405 Ravenscourt Park 0.3 miles

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Probably the worst pub experience I have had. We waited for an hour and fifty minutes for our food. We were told three times that our food was on its way. When we asked for some bread to stave off our hunger pangs, we were told they could not serve bread. In the end, we paid for our drinks and left without seeing any sign of our food. The toilets were disgusting and the service is terrible. What a shame, as the location is fabulous. I'm a local and I can't wait for someone to take over this public house and provide a standard this setting deserves. 0 out of 10.

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 by nicksteen, 14 Jan 2011
Adore the pub and history, small and cosy - love it. Loos HAVE GOT to be dealt with as appalling! This was my first visit! Hope kitchen and loos will be dealt with at same time.

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 by tannie, 20 Jul 2009
A fabulous location and OK food. We went there on a Monday lunchtime - not exactly rush hour - and the service was poor. Worst bit though, was the loos. No paper, no light, no plughole, no soap, hand drier not working. Think about that. How are people (including staff) washing their hands?!

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 by martha marsupial (4 reviews), 11 Sep 2007
Magnificent pub in the real sense. Good beer too. Some say it gets too busy, but I've always found a quiet corner in an afternoon.

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 by Leeroy (4 reviews), 02 Dec 2005
A proper pub. Where have they all gone?

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 by jimdurrant (3 reviews), 01 Nov 2005
Perfect positioning, electric atmosphere.

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 by Anonymous, 08 Aug 2005
A very nice place to spend a summer's evening outside or a winter's evening by the fire. The food is very good too and the atmosphere great. Well worth a visit.

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 by Anonymous, 16 Dec 2004
Lovely place - perfect to sit outside on a warm day and great history and ambience. Food's good too.

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 by crimson (32 reviews), 01 Oct 2004
Very historic little pub - lovely setting on the Thames and olde worlde feel. Difficult to get a seat for food though.

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 by ac (37 reviews), 08 Mar 2004
General boozer which is great in the summer as it's usually packed and therefore has a good atmosphere. You can sit or stand outside on the nice pedestrian riverside-walk near Hammersmith Bridge with the young crowd enjoying your drink and the sun.

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 by ac (37 reviews), 08 Mar 2004

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