The Dove

24-26 Broadway Market
London Fields, London
E8 4QJ
Tel: 020 7275 7617 Bethnal Green 0.7 miles

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I love this place. I usually pop in on Saturday morning for brunch. I used to live close by but have now moved but still go there whenever I can because it's so good. They do a stonking brunch burger which is kind of like breakfast in a bun, using organic pork form the market stall outside. I am a bit funny about what I eat and I know they get their meat from two farms directly. Oh, and did I mention they have the most amazing selection of Belgian beer in the world?

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 by HollyCow, 13 Feb 2013
Moved to the area just under a year ago and read some reviews before I went, which did put me off. I have to say that I am so cross because I have missed going to this gem of a pub. The drinks are just amazing - 100 Belgian beers, real ales galore, ciders so yummy. The food is not Gordon Ramsay, it is good honest, decent pub food. Does it claim to be anyhting more? I have had the mussels twice, served with chips and bread for under a tenner, and I am happy to report no ill effects. The pub is really busy, so the staff are sometimes brusque but not unpleasant.

What makes this an amazing pub is you never know what you are going to find when you get in there. A few months ago, a free beer tasting - a brewer from a real ale brewery giving away free samples and talking about beer. This pub takes what it does seriously and should not be avoided because of a few unhappy customers. Other pubs are just plain boring in comparison. Go and see for yourself, you won't be disappointed.

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 by scouse (3 reviews), 28 Jun 2011
I like the atmosphere here, it can be lovely and cosy in the back room. Food is patchy though - I had some kind of potato starter that was clearly from a frozen packet, surrounded by rotten lettuce: £7. On the other hand, the roasts seem to be okay... Go for the beer and you should have a good time.

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 by Alfamonk, 07 Oct 2010
My wife and I had lunch there today. She had the mussels, I had the bison burger. She is now on the sofa suffering from classic shellfish food poisoning. I can understand that there is always a small risk when eating shellfish in the summer, but what really upset me was when I rang The Dove to inform them of the dodgy shellfish I was basically told that they were too busy to talk at the moment and could I email them later. They did not ask for details, take a name or number. Shocking for a pub restaurant. If they did not sell beer they would be out of business.

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 by smartisan, 02 Aug 2010
I am sorry but I am going to agree with most reviews here. The staff are extremely RUDE (even the manager seemed to be drunk) and the food left a lot to be desired. We found the loos in a dreadful state. Will never go back.

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 by alehop, 24 May 2010
I have been to this pub twice now, following glowing recommendations from friends, and have come out very frustrated both times. The beer and food is good (nice Sunday roast) but you shouldn’t need to ask 4 times for water. The main woman who runs the place is rude and needs to learn about customer service. Plus, on the second visit, the pub was rammed, there was no loo paper in any of the loos and when I politely asked one of the waitresses if they could be stocked up, I got a filthy look.

And don’t even try to book a birthday dinner there. I tried to for 16 people by email, had to twice chase up for reply, got half-replies saying they don’t take group bookings for drinks, even though my email said it was for a dinner. When I called to confirm, I was told they don’t take bookings for over 12 people, so I cancelled the booking by email, and received confirmation from the pub. I then got three phone calls the week of the dinner from the same woman who told me she couldn’t take the booking, now trying to reconfirm the booking!!

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 by AnnieMac, 30 Mar 2010
The manager is awful and so rude!

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 by rosaneportugal, 27 Mar 2010
These reviews are obviously written by the same people holding a grudge. This pub is a gem, the beers are great, the chef is amazing. Best pub food I've ever had and great atmosphere too. 5 stars.

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 by luke1, 06 Feb 2010
Yet another cringeworthy pub to add to Hackney's ever-growing medley of hilarously 'cool' drinking establishments! As is (now) the norm in E8, what you first notice upon entering this venue is the one-dimensional crowd of white, monochrome, middle class twenty-somethings, all out for the evening with their artiste mates and designer-clad (by way of Oxfam) girlfriends. Oversized glasses and pork pie hats adorning all tables here. They also have security to ensure that any fun had by beered up drinkers is kept to a minimum; although ironically they have no qualms in selling 8% Belgian beer. The rest you couldn't make up. Whatever happened to feeling threatened, or slightly intimidated, when you walked into a pub? Why are American Apparel sponsoring places like this in Hackney, London, England? Why is it all so depressing?!

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 by buglife39, 07 Sep 2009
Appallingly rude waitress - shouted and barked at us for the bill in the most aggressive way. Customer SERVICE obviously a concept not known or understood in this establishment. They just want the money!

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 by kathy1, 19 Jun 2009
Well, I have to say that I love this pub and recommend that you take the time to go. When I say take the time to go, I mean reserve a good afternoon/evening to enjoy the atmosphere to its fullest.

The reviews below do not do this pub justice. I am not surprised that a large party of loud people were told to keep it down! That is what I love about this pub, because at its roots it's an old man's pub and thrives from peace and the enjoyment of good beer and pleasant warm conversation. It's managed to become very popular and busy but still strives to maintain the sense of atmosphere without it being ruined by noisy customers with little regard for the others that go in there. The food is lovely, the service is good and tends to be on the mark always with good recommendations on both the beer and food side.

I have been going in there all year and love the place. Keep the large groups out and keep the atmosphere in, I say. 5 stars on all fronts. The Dove is one amazingly good pub and I'll help any bouncer out in keeping it that way.

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 by jensenlara, 12 May 2009
Visited on Friday 10th April. Firstly, the barmaid was not particularly helpful and stared at me like I had landed from another planet. They got the food order wrong and I was given a fish tart instead of risotto. I ordered the apple pie with ice-cream, but it arrived with custard. Shame - nice food and beer but lousy, LOUSY service.

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 by radiojaney, 13 Apr 2009
Reviews here seem out of date. Been in quite a bit recently and the current quota of staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about the huge selection of beers. Food isn't the best pub fare and is a bit pricey. But that's not what I go for... and the chips are nice if you want something to line the stomach.

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 by gdpreston (2 reviews), 03 Apr 2009
I went here last Sunday lunchtime to introduce a Polish friend to a good old Sunday roast. What a mistake. The whole place smelled of stale beer, service was surly, charge on debit cards (whatever the amount!) and the Sunday roast was horrible! Roast potatoes tasted deep-fried, meat was grey and bland, apple sauce was from a jar and I reckon the Yorkshire pudding was from Aldi! For a TENNER!! Avoid.

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 by englishman3001, 11 Aug 2008
The staff are certainly not friendly. The beer might be good, but then you could get that elsewhere. I think they've forgotten the 'social' element, and I'm not talking about the loudness. I wasn't allowed to have a piece of my birthday cake in there. Hello? It was my birthday! Loosen up a little! On another occasion the bouncer threatened to watch me buy a beer if I was going to use their toilet.

Do NOT go there. You'll be disappointed by the capitalist
mind-set of the managers.

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 by qwertaker, 26 Jul 2008
No, it's true and SUCH a shame. I was there with some friends recently too and we were asked to leave because we were too drunk and loud! We'd only just arrived and had just been for dinner nearby and were not at all in bad shape, just having a good time.

What's this anti-fun rule they have? I've since heard other people say to me that you get thrown out for laughing, and I think people feel forced to go to the Cat and Mutton which isn't as nice really. Shame a few people are spoiling it for all. ie. the bar manager.

Wonder if the owner knows about this? A reluctant 1 star I'm afraid. Shame cos the beer's good.

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 by fieldsoflondon, 22 Apr 2008
Clearly a lot of the below reviews are from the same party and want to make their point many times! I have had great visits here and found the food wonderful, the staff friendly and the atmosphere relaxed. Great pub in a great location.

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 by anonymousX, 26 Oct 2007
Went for a drink for my birthday last night. My mates were told off for singing 'Happy Birthday' to me. The (and I use this term loosely here) manager said it's not that sort of pub and could we be quiet. Then he kept on shouting at us from behind the bar telling us to be quiet. We eventually left. Perhaps it's a themed pub, a sort of 'No Fun' pub. I'd give this place a wide berth if you're out for a good night.

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 by SenorBaz, 11 Oct 2007
Rude staff - you are expected to talk in whispers as this is a 'quiet' pub!

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 by mavisdavies, 11 Oct 2007
This is not a pub for the human. The staff are rude and not at all friendly. We went in there for a friend's leaving do and spent a lot of money on drinks and food. There was another group of people in there and it did get quite noisy. However, the manager kept sending his bouncer round to tell us to be quiet and was very rude. My friend got locked in the toilet and they suggested she had a disability - they did not even apologise! We used to go there as our local but whenever we go in they are rude. The beers and food are lovely but overpriced and not worth the nasty atmosphere!

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 by hev, 08 Oct 2007

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