The Flask

14 Flask Walk
Hampstead, London
Tel: 020 8340 7260 Hampstead 0.1 miles

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Adam Edwards review of The Flask (The Telegraph)

The Flask reviews

The food and service at this pub are both abyssmal. We went for a Sunday lunch and were hoping that the pleasant atmosphere would match the quality of the food. Well, it didn't.

Just the look of the food should have been warning enough. The roast beef was grey, horribly tough and overcooked (even their attempts to hide the dehydrated meat with mediocre gravy strategically placed on top failed). As I tried to saw off my first bite, I called the waitress over to ask if I could change my order, since what I had in front of me was inedible. She pottered off into the kitchen to speak to the manager, who basically told her to tell us the beef is precooked and we were going to have to eat it!

We were very polite to the waitress as we felt sorry for her being caught in the middle, but we will never recommend or go to this establishment ever again. The food was an insult to the most basic palate. Oh, and I forgot to mention the ridiculous price for this atrosity - £10! Will stick to my local from now on, it's half the price and more than double the quality.

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 by Anonymous, 09 Apr 2007
We had a very nice Sunday lunch there but it was the service and atmosphere which won us over. This is a good value pub and excellent for Sundays, or any other day after a walk on the Heath.

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 by Anonymous, 04 Mar 2007
Not to be confused with The Flask in Highgate, which I think all the reviewers here must have done. It's just another Youngs pub, dark and smoky and populated by regulars who stare at you oddly. The food can only be recommended to those with a nostalgia for the post-war period. Bisto, tasteless freezer-bag veg and grey slabs of overcooked meat. I'm still in the recovery position.

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 by bigrabbit, 12 Feb 2007
Amazing old country village pub with modern twist and wow-factor food! All on your London doorstep too! Now discovered I think many of my Sundays shall be spent attacking the steak and roasts there.

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 by Mdmafo, 18 Mar 2006
A fantastic, no nonsense London pub - traditional and hence never out of fashion.

Good food, good beer.

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 by Dids (2 reviews), 09 Mar 2006
Good food (albeit slightly expensive for what it is) and a great place to meet people when visiting the area or after an afternoon in the park.

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 by Sarah M. (28 reviews), 24 Apr 2005

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