The Fox and Hounds

66 Latchmere Road
Battersea, London
SW11 2JU
Tel: 020 7924 5483

Friendly local with a gastro menu, a small garden area, and a good selection of ales and wines.

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The Fox and Hounds reviews

Reasonable food, but utterly overshadowed by the aggressive manager and her staff. My friend had booked a table for Sunday lunch for his birthday but what should have been a lovely afternoon was nearly ruined. (Only 'nearly' because we chose not to kick up a fuss).

The staff messed up our orders - several times - with some food not arriving at all. It took 3 requests before the money was refunded. One of the meals which did arrive had a rubber band buried in it. The system of paying up front at the bar means that as a customer you are stuck when things go horribly wrong - which they did. It was extremely frustrating.

To say the service was rude would be an understatement. Not only was no apology offered at any point but the staff suggested it was our fault. Erm... not sure how. "Oh sorry, yes it must be terribly inconvenient for us to want to order food at what's essentially a restaurant. Especially at lunch-time. And want to eat it too? Yes, what a cheek".

So, sadly, my conclusion is this: it is a gorgeous pub run by idiots. If I owned it I would sack them all. Don't go, please!

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 by chalkface, 14 Dec 2008
Great pub, good beer and friendly staff. What more could you want?

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 by Anonymous, 18 Feb 2006

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