The Hill

94 Haverstock Hill
Hampstead, London
Tel: 020 20 7267 0033 Chalk Farm 0.3 miles

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Nice pub, not too busy so got served quickly. Staff seemed nice, good wine list, interesting tapas menu. Next time we go to the Roundhouse I'll pop in here on the way down for a bite to eat away from the crowds.

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 by TimRadford, 30 Aug 2009
I had only heard good things about The Hill, so I walked up from Camden with a friend despite some reservations about the area's snooty reputation. Not sure if there have been staff shake-ups since the reviews below but, far from being stuck up, the atmosphere was surprisingly relaxed and the service was very friendly. We were greeted when we entered and asked if we would like a drink, so sat in the big bar area first. The windows were open so it was lovely. The dining area was equally impressive although, like 'RowC', I don't think we were sitting in the best bit of it!

Had the fun take on Welsh Rarebit to start (thought it was going to be a bit heavy but it was very light) and the Pan Fried Duck. Again impressed with the quality, especially as my friend was a bit worried about the prices. Definitely justified! He chose the Salmon, which he really enjoyed (especially the delicious shrimp butter that went alongside!) despite having had salmon at loads of different places.

Only complaint would be the beer selection for afterwards. Would have liked a bit more choice.

Great night out all in all, and highly recommended.

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 by janeysamuels, 18 Aug 2009
I could not agree more with Nick Farnby. The bar staff seriously need personality transplants. "Get over yourselves, darlings. You might be in NW3 but you're hardly Kate Moss, you're bar staff... so get a grip!" Went there a couple of weekends ago and the service was really slow they were rude and totally uninterested in getting anyone a drink.

Totally rubbish. Loads of great places nearby, try them instead.

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 by Kate Whitby-Smith, 21 Jul 2009
Atrocious! DO NOT GO THERE. All the bar staff were so arrogant and could not wait to turf us out the minute the clock struck midnight. We had brought some alcohol from a supermarket to have at a party afterwards and the bar staff actually tried to steal it - claimed they had not picked up the bottles but then we noticed them behind the bar! Terrible service throughout. I will not be going back.

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 by Nick Farnaby, 20 Jul 2009
Completely overrated. I don't know how anyone could commend the service. We had two rude and sulky blondes wait on us. It was thoroughly unpleasant. Additionally, the food is bland and mediocre at best. I made the mistake of being seduced by the charming decor, but did not enjoy any of it as we were seated by the loo. Poor. Very poor.

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 by RowC, 29 Mar 2009
After booking about a month in advance and constantly asking whether we could book a table for a work do, about a day before we arrived and 2 hours after confirming we had a table, they phoned and told us that the oven wasn't working properly and they would be prioritising other people who'd paid money up front for the Xmas menu. We were left in the lurch and had to eat elsewhere.

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 by plantc3, 17 Dec 2008
I love it here. The staff, some of whom have been here ages, are always really friendly and accommodating and the food lately is consistently great. Check out their classy little cocktail list at the moment too - the French 75s are excellent. So much better than The Wash or Steeles nearby.

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 by jay80, 25 Oct 2007
Great little boozer. If you want to avoid the overcrowded Primrose Hill pubs, head up to this beer garden in the summer. They do really good food - last time I had lamb shank but also had my eye on the monkfish! Never had any complaints about the service. However, it does get very busy on a Sunday (probably as it's the best roast in the area, although also the most expensive) so maybe book to avoid waiting around.

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 by markNW3, 19 Apr 2007
I eat here every Sunday with friends and have always had an amazing time and excellent service.

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 by claire b, 06 Apr 2007
Had Sunday lunch here last week and was really disappointed. Roast dinner was OK but lamb was really fatty and parsnips overdone. Chocolate fondant with icecream at £7 was actually burnt chocolate sponge - no sign of the icecream until I asked if it was coming.

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 by Anonymous, 23 Feb 2007
Great atmosphere and I've never had a bad meal there.

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 by Anonymous, 30 Aug 2006
Great food - the new chef is brilliant.

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 by Anonymous, 11 Aug 2006
Great food and they let dogs in.

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 by Anonymous, 09 Jul 2005
Lovely pub, great food and friendly service!

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 by Anonymous, 24 Nov 2004

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