Andrew Edmunds

46 Lexington Street
Soho, London
Tel: 020 7437 5708 Piccadilly Circus 0.2 miles

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Went for a business lunch with five colleagues recently. Food and wine was good quality but when I'm there taking people out for lunch I can do without the brusque Aussie/Kiwi waitress asking us to hold our hand up when asking who wants what starter! Service a little on the patronising side me thinks.

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 by Joe Bloggs, 12 Nov 2008
Ate here on Saturday 8th November 2008. The service was inattentive and cursory with long delays between courses, the soup was cold, the wine was over-chilled, the main course (which had a posh name and a price to match) was actually only a basic beef stew served with watery smashed potato and two stems of under-cooked broccoli. The bill was delivered without being asked for and was too expensive for the standard of service and food.

But this is the worst bit... We politely asked the waitress to pay without the "Optional Service Charge". A few moments later the manager accusatorily asked why did we not want to pay it. We replied that the service and food had not been very good so we had opted not to pay the optional charge. The manager said the service charge was the way waiting staff make their money and we were therefore in the wrong. He then informed us (and everyone that was listening) that we were "banned" from the restaurant. A pointless gesture - why would we want to eat there again? Our coats and bags were then dumped at our feet.

The service charge represents a restaurant’s accountability for its standard of service and food. The arrogance of the manager is symptomatic of some successful restaurants in the West End; there is a large enough customer base for managers not to need to worry about offending a few members of the public as there will always be someone else looking for a table.

I cannot dissuade people from eating here strongly enough.

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 by Timely, 10 Nov 2008
Great wine list. Food and decor both have character and thought. Staff are professional (the place is too small to have waitresses being your best friend). Always try the desserts.

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 by brokenboy, 02 Jul 2007
Charming but forgettable. Good for a first date, but not a special occasion.

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 by missfine (24 reviews), 19 Jun 2007
The charming appearance of this restaurant led to great expectations, soon quashed by brusque staff and poor, tastless food. Our waiter seemed gruff beyond measure and lacking in any natural inclination for his job. He persisted in marching heavily and agitatedly between tables, annoying customers with pre-emptory requests of "Are you finished?", which he closely followed by whipping away the plates of still masticating eaters. Many polite complaints were overheard but these seemed to fall on deaf ears, or at least provoked little sympathy and nothing in the way of apology. The food bore no similarity to menu descriptions and was sorely disappointing.

This place has a gift of a setting, and could be so much more! We witheld the service charge and won't be going back.

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 by J.D.B, 23 Feb 2007
The service was rather frosty when we arrived but the staff warmed up during the evening, mostly due to a couple of larger parties who were much drunker than us! The menu is limited, and whilst the food presentation is not up to much, it was all very tasty. Upstairs the seats are tiny and if there are more than two of you it will feel very cramped on your table. Also, avoid going early as there's no music and it's very quiet. However, in spite of all of this we had a really nice evening!

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 by Burgos, 20 Feb 2007
They could do better by accepting Amex cards... We won't go back until then.

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 by cristy, 27 Jan 2007
Very nice setting for romantic dinners. A reasonable wine list and innovative, delicious food. Service generally good.

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 by ---, 13 Dec 2006
Intimate, traditional dining rooms serving eclectic seasonal offerings such as tomato, thyme and pumpkin soup, and warm woodpigeon salad as starters. I opted for the dressed crab to start, followed by pan-fried swordfish with potato cake, spinach and gazpacho salsa, which was every bit as tasty as it sounds. My companion went for wild Scottish smoked salmon to start and the daube of beef with bacon and button mushrooms with mash - a hearty winter warmer.

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 by Linda Galforge, 23 Nov 2006
Grumpy, unfriendly staff; mediocre to poor food that was cold and unappetising; cheap, nasty wine in expensive bottles... Surroundings (minus staff) really nice though.

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 by nerine, 18 Nov 2006
This place is a real find - great food, large wine list, excellent service and lovely surroundings. A real romantic but effortless restaurant.

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 by Natstar, 17 Oct 2006
There was a lovely atmosphere, nice company and superb wine list, and a great fresh special starter... until I discovered plastic wrapping in my salad. Unacceptable, although the server, who until then had appeared rather lacklustre, pepped up with a replacement appetizer on the house. The rest of the meal was, albeit slightly tainted, extremely enjoyable.

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 by Carolina, 02 Oct 2006
I love it here. I've been twice and the second time was possibly even better than the first. The food is great, there is a massive selection of wines, all very reasonably priced, service is friendly and it's sooo romantic. Can't rate it highly enough.

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 by Anonymous, 13 Feb 2006
Very disappointing. Our starters of Tuna Carpaccio and Dressed Crab had clearly been prepared much earlier and simply left on plate in the fridge (both very cold and served far too promptly to have been freshly prepared). The wine was served opened and my date's main, Gorgonzola Penne, looked more like something you'd be served in a town centre lunchtime cafe - very unimaginative. The service was overly brusque, until the end of the evening when our waiter noticeably cheered up! I won't be rushing back.

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 by mickstevens, 30 Jan 2006
Warm and cosy atmosphere. Kind of different for London... just as you'd imagine restaurants in small villages in Europe. Great food, and GREAT desserts!

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 by CarolIrish, 29 Jul 2005
Delicious food, great service, excellent wine selection (if perhaps too much choice!) Rather unpretentious.

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 by Clysgrl (10 reviews), 16 Feb 2005
One of the best value for money restaurants in central London. Consistently good food and an interesting wine list - great for game in season.

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 by Anonymous, 06 Aug 2004
Candle lit and cosy, but a bit too cramped for me. Fine for a low key dinner with someone special, but its not my favourite for a really special occasion.

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 by ac (37 reviews), 08 Mar 2004

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