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Specialist footwear retailer, Profeet, is devoted to sports men and women seeking superb performance in footwear. Using state of the art technology, Profeet develops specialist footwear with ‘sport-specific' custom insoles tailored to an individual's foot motion. The result is footwear designed to reduce the risk of injury, increase performance and enhance comfort.

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I got my first pair of ski boots here and they were fitted excellently!

I have arthritis in one of my feet and they were able to work around it to give me a boot that was supportive without giving me any pain at all.

They also advised me on exercises to do to lengthen my left calf muscle (they asked me if I'd ever injured that ankle as soon they saw me balance in skiing position - I'd in fact had an injury about 2 months before).

My first outing to the snowdome with my boots was really tough as I'd opted to break them in myself without any heat molding AND they'd put me down a size and a half from boots I'd previously rented. But after a few hours they'd broken in and I'd learnt the right tightness for me.

I'm so grateful for the advice and help. My skiing's been transformed!

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 by ashauke, 09 Jul 2013
I don't think I would've got round London marathon if I hadn't visited Profeet. Was being dogged by knee pain. Had the analysis (£40) and went for the insoles (custom, £119). Bang good idea and now I also have a stretch and exercise regime to understand and help prevent knee pain. So far, so brilliant! Thanks guys.

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 by runforestrun, 02 Jul 2013
Three ultra marathons and a marathon into my Profeet insoles and I have 43 wins! (I came third in a 100-miler... but that was due to sickness). Thanks to Paul for my insoles and Rich for the analysis and exercise advice. Plantar fasciitis cleared up and feeling strong. Hope to see you all again soon for shoes.

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 by strawberry29, 02 Jul 2013
Really shocked to hear bad reviews about this place. My whole family have been going for years - for ski boots, trainers, insoles, the lot. Great people and always comfy feet (even my dad, who is always hardest to please!) They definitely get my recommendation.

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 by k571, 12 Jun 2013
Don't do it. When you love running and are in pain such as I was with my knee, you will listen to any 'expert'. Got sold a pair of insoles that made things worse, ended up not using them. Thankfully I have discovered flat shoes and have a pair of cloud surfers. No more injury or pain. My confidence is back and I am pushing my body again.

Useful review? 1
 by dewthoma, 15 Apr 2013
I went into Profeet for new footbeds and Brooks trainers for the Brighton Half Marathon. Excellent service and very helpful as always. Love the technical read-outs/print-outs.

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 by iain7, 05 Mar 2013
Never, ever use this shop. They ruined 2 marathons for me. They sold me insoles for over £100, then suggested I buy shoes for pronation. These over-corrected me and led to massive knee pain and hundreds of pounds of physio. Went to Sweatshop in Teddington, who managed to sort me out - great service, and just ran a marathon. PB: don't waste your money at Profeet!

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 by ebney666, 25 Oct 2012
I found the staff to be very polite, helpful and went out of their way to answer my questions and find solutions to my aches and pains. I was impressed by their analysis system, which illustrated very clearly why I was having problems - a real insight.

I had heat-moulded insoles which were tailored to each specific foot and I am delighted with them! No more shin splints or arch pain and my hip joint is also much better. A happy customer!

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 by tom-barnes-14, 09 May 2011
A quick note to recommend Profeet in Fulham:

I have been struggling with an ongoing sports related foot injury and noticed that Profeet (who previously did an excellent job of fitting my ski boots) now have a full podiatry service.

I made an appointment for the Pro-Biomechanics Service and now fully understand my foot problem, i.e. watched how I was walking and running on slo-mo video and was surprised what the foot scan software showed up.

So I now have wonderfully comfortable insoles in my trainers = instant relief. Great service (including a cup of tea) and very good value for money in my book.

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 by kategreenaway, 08 May 2011
After originally finding it hard to get an appointment (beware: book early for weekends), I'm so glad I persevered. Seems as though you can't just walk in from the street but once you have that appointment the £40 assessment is a ridiculous bargain. I got advice on shoes, orthotics, strength and conditioning and running technique. Have generally found that physios only treated my problem but didn't prevent re-occurance. The guy I had at Profeet actually identified why these things happen and it was a complete shining light moment for me. Great service. Definitely worth a shot at 40 quid.

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 by relicrunner, 01 May 2011
I had a very hard, full on season of skiing in Verbier, Switzerland where a number of my colleagues were forced to buy new boots; but I never once encountered problems with blisters or discomfort. The staff at Profeet were knowledgeable and helpful when it came to what I needed and what I wanted in a boot. The boots fitted perfectly and were comfortable. I ended up not going for the foam insoles that were offered, but rather the simpler custom made ones but they were perfect. Although after such a full on season I will most likely need the foam insoles after another season if not before, but I will be returning to Profeet.

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 by emilybadge, 03 Apr 2011
I went to Profeet four weeks ago as I'm training for the Brighton marathon. I have one neutral foot and one that over-pronates, causing me no end of trouble (sore feet, knee, back pain, neck pain, etc).

After various analysis the experts at Profeet had identified several other things that would be causing me issues, such as tight muscles and uneven foot aliginment.

They then set about selecting the best running shoe for me, and then creating some custom insoles that not only correct my overpronation in my right foot but also aid my foot alignment and balance.

I was sceptical, but this was my last option. I'm so glad I went for it. Now I run comfortably and completely pain free. My view is that, yes, it's expensive but it's money well spent (£40 - analysis, £110 - insoles, £80 - new shoes).

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 by mpadgett, 11 Mar 2011
Not impressed. Told the guy all my aches and pains I am experiencing while training for a marathon but he didn't address any of them, just told me I over-pronate, which I already knew from a free analysis from Runner's Need in Camden (just go there and save yourself £40). I didn't bother with the insoles either. The trainers I was recommended were £105 in the shop, but I have ordered them online for £56 instead! Waste of time and money, unfortunately.

Useful review? 1
 by pr0blac (2 reviews), 21 Feb 2011
I run 8 miles a day and, with the insoles Profeet made for me 1.5 years ago, the severe back pain I suffered from before has never returned. The insoles are working for me.

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 by dg Richmond, 02 Oct 2010
Jonny, many thanks for all of your help and loved the new shop. Feeling great.

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 by michaelg, 21 Sep 2010
I'm not sure what shop these people went to, but I had a great time at Profeet. Staff were just lovely, very friendly and really knew their stuff. I have been running for the last 10+ years and have never been so comfortable... wish I found them years ago! Thanks Profeet!

Useful review? 1
 by natasha_w20, 14 Sep 2010
Rubbish!! I made an early appointment, which they claimed was for the afternoon after I'd already got up at 8am on a Sunday morning. No apologies, no compromise, nothing. A complete waste of time. Plus, the staff were rude and unaccommodating. Couldn't be more annoyed and wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy. Buyer beware!

Useful review? 1
 by triplej, 31 Jan 2010
Terrible sevice. I made my appointment in person and they then denied I had one when I turned up after a two hour journey!

Useful review? 1
 by twofourtheroad, 10 Nov 2009
Just got back from the ski shop version of this on the New Kings Road. Amazing service, and have never felt so comfortable in my boots. Having the foot pressure plate, ski stimulator and all their technicians' help was fantastic. Definitely head there if you're keen on skiing!

Useful review? 1 1
 by funki_munki32, 27 Sep 2008

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