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42 Palmer Street
Westminster, London
Tel: 020 7222 1314 St. Jamess Park 0.1 miles

Mon-Sat: 9am-6pm
(Thurs: until 8pm)

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Today, I tried to return a running outfit bought 4 days earlier at the Westminster store. The manager refused on the basis that the store has a "no refunds policy". There is an option to exchange or take a credit note. The goods were unused, had labels attached and the original receipt was provided. Two tiny notices about the returns policy were in store, but one was obscured by magazines. The manager was patronising. Avoid. Go to a store with a fair returns policy or shop online where returns are standard practice.

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 by thecrazycobra, 17 Jul 2013
Really excellent service from helpful and knowledgeable staff. I was really impressed with the selection and the time they took to find me the right pair of shoes. I've run in them several times now and I love them. I would definitely recommend Run and Become.

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 by Chris Davis, 15 Jun 2013
So pleased to read the reviews below. I feel completely ripped off.

As I had previously had a brilliant experience at Run and Become 4 years ago, when it came time to replace my worn out, much-loved trainers, I went back to the Westminster store... It was like being in a different shop.

After staring out the window, the salesgirl finally approached me. Having gone through three pairs of shoes in what seemed to be a very limited range, she settled on the updated version of my old trainers, a half size too big. But she suggested I buy them, try them again at home (to keep the soles pristine) and assured me that, if I kept the receipt, I could return them. The returns policy (i.e. no refunds) was not explained at any point prior to purchase.

Despite returning to the store and speaking to three separate members of staff, they would not budge and refund my money, although one admitted the shoes were faulty. I left the store with my unusable £100 purchase.

A frustrating waste of my time and money. Service? Selection? Experience? ALL bad.

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 by Leelee76, 08 Jun 2013
Initially I was so impressed by the helpful lady that served me, as she seemed interested to help. However, when I wasn't sold on her first choice and asked a few questions, she gradually lost interest in helping me and in the end I found her very cold. I felt almost guilted into buying a pair of shoes as she had spent so much time initially. Now I have a pair of trainers that cost £100 that I am not happy with and will never wear as they are too tight around my feet! Waste of money and waste of time. Not impressed.

As I said, excellent service - so long as you take their advice and do not dare to want to try something else!

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 by lou77, 30 May 2011
Pushy sales staff sold me the wrong shoe, then refused me a refund. It's their policy apparently, though they don't tell you this until you try to return the goods.

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 by sawers, 24 May 2010
The staff take time to analyse how you run in different pairs of trainers, but none of the trainers they recommended were quite right. I settled on a pair which were OK but not tight enough, as I was told that if I laced them differently they would be fine. As the shop was busy (she didn't have time to lace them for me and went to serve someone else), I bought them. But when I got them home and relaced them, they still weren't right. I tried to return them (unworn) and was told they don't do refunds, as they take the time to try out different trainers for you! This seems ridiculous, as in my case none of the trainers they suggested were right! So I have wasted a considerable amount of money (and time) on trainers I didn't want, and am now stuck with a credit note. I also found one of the staff members quite rude on a previous visit when I gave a budget limit - she actually sniggered at me!

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 by trainerless, 07 Apr 2010
I have used Run and Become since the eighties. Always courteous service and staff will recommend best kit for you, not the most expensive.

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 by Ron Searle, 29 Sep 2007
I've been using this shop for about 5 years and they always give really helpful advice and great service. I love my running shoes from there. I no longer live in London but still make the special trip back just for this shop!

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 by Ellie H, 04 Mar 2007
A helpful service but the shop was hideously busy on a Saturday!

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 by Anonymous, 31 Jul 2006
Being a non-runner (well, first time runner) they were very very helpful. The fitted me out with a pair of trainers after trying about 8 pairs. The 3 staff all came out to check that the pair I had chosen were right for my running style.

I would recommend this shop - great staff!

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 by asnood, 10 Nov 2005
Visited Run and Become, staff are great and very friendly and know exactly what they are talking about.

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 by massage, 25 Oct 2005
They really pay attention to your individual body's needs.

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 by Anonymous, 22 Oct 2005
I was very much looking forward to attending this store, however, I was not that impressed. The person serving me appeared to be fed-up and not really concentrating on the job in hand. The advice given was very half hearted and not very professional which one might expect from such a store. In the end I sorted out the best running trainer for my self and purchased them. I will not be rushing back!

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 by marathon man, 01 Oct 2005
Bought a brilliant organic sports muscle massage gel called Albmaleaf - a must for all runners and sports people. It's the best I have ever tried and the staff recommended it and use it too.

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 by Anonymous, 30 Jun 2005
I found the staff very helpful. They guided me to a pair of shoes which helped solve a long-standing knee problem. The follow up service was good too. I needed some advice on a persistent blister caused by the feature of the shoe-support that stopped the knee problem. I was invited back in, with my running shoes, so they could take a look.

I suggested Run and Become to another friend with a knee problem. The shoes solved her knee problem and she was able to do her 10k runs again!

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 by Anonymous, 02 Dec 2004
Brilliant shop - very helpful staff

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 by Anonymous, 27 Sep 2004

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