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Knightsbridge, London
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Beautifully designed shoes from one of the fashion world's favourite designers.

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Shop for Christian Louboutin at NET-A-PORTER.COM

Shop for Christian Louboutin at NET-A-PORTER.COM

Christian Louboutin reviews

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I went to the Mount Street store today for my birthday. I was extremely anxious about going to one of the main stores after reading the reviews on here but I had been disappointed by the range of shoes at Selfridges. I'm so pleased I went to this shop as the staff were all extremely friendly and didn't look down their noses at anyone. The person who served me was really helpful and made suggestions on sizes, etc. The other staff were just as helpful when I overheard them serving other customers in the shop. I am so pleased I braved going to this store as I think it made the experience all the better.

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 by TraceyB, 15 May 2013
Unless you walk in there with your black American Express dangling out of your wallet, the staff will not be interested in you. They spent most of the time that I was in the store fawning over a Russian lady who, to my absolute delight, left with no shoes. I was in there to buy a pair for my wedding and they epically failed to sell me any. Didn't have my size, didn't suggest any other styles, practically threw the shoes at me when I was trying them on. I had to stand for 10 minutes in the middle of the shop, whilst making loud comments to my fiance, before anyone bothered to ask me whether I needed any help. Terrible.

To say that the staff there have delusions of grandeur is an understatement. Perhaps if they were better at their jobs then they wouldn't have to work in a shop. I had read the reviews, so at least I knew what to expect. I found CL in Selfridges has a wider range and staff are polite and helpful. So my advice would be avoid Motcomb and go there instead.

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 by charlottevcook, 18 Feb 2013
Utterly incapable of answering a telephone at the standalone boutiques. (The concessions, however, are better as I assume they have to meet the required standards of the department store.) Generally all staff are rude, have mind-blowing delusions of grandeur and have clearly forgotten that 99% of the people who have taken the time to visit these stores can afford the shoes. The difference to, say, New York or Paris for service is laughable.

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 by mjcreview, 02 Jul 2012
I visited the store in Motcomb Street. I had reserved some sizes I wanted to try, and I chose the pair of shoes I wanted to buy and proceeded to the counter to pay. Unfortunately, the woman at the counter was abrupt, rude and condescending in her manner and tone. It was as if she had better things to do. No eye contact, she just took the credit card and spoke abruptly.

We returned to the shop the next day because the pair of shoes I had bought were faulty - the heels disintegrated on wearing. I thought as they were only a day old they would replace them for the same pair, but no, they sent them to a cobbler to fix and I'm still waiting. It's been over a week now with no call... I will not be going there any more.

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 by Vd1, 05 Mar 2012
I was taken to the Motcomb St boutique yesterday as a birthday surprise. Not only was the surprise amazing, but the staff were too. The sales assistants bent over backwards to help me, getting me loads of different styles and suggesting other shoes. Even though there were other, clearly more well-off customers than me there who were buying several pairs of shoes, they treated me exactly the same and made my day absolutely perfect. Get yourselves down there and treat yourself!!

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 by jessicasmith1978, 08 Feb 2012
Went to the Mayfair branch yesterday and was treated as if I was an inconvenience just for being there. I wonder when Louboutin first started out if this type of service would have been acceptable? Guy behind the counter seemed to be occupied with his reflection and nothing else. SUCH RUDE STAFF! You sell shoes, get over it. I'm off to Jimmy's!

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 by lorraine3, 14 Jul 2011
I have been trying to resolve a problem with my shoes and had very bad customer service from the management team. Worn only once, the heel had an obvious manufacturing fault. I purchased them in Vegas and was told to phone them up to sort it out. WHAT??? No more Christian Louboutin for me. Jimmy Choo have previously given me excellent customer service.

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 by maria.bowdler, 15 Mar 2011
I went to this branch first and the sales assistants were lovely. They helpfully checked the database to see if they could locate the style I wanted. They didn't have them but suggested Harrods or Browns might, as they have separate stock. In the end I happened to be in Mayfair so called into the Mount St boutique, which has the biggest collection. Here again I found the assistants extremely helpful. They were happy to get me many pairs to try on and advise on comfort of different styles. In the end I bought two pairs as I was so impressed.

I much prefer the calm boutiques to the busy Selfridges etc concessions, which are always so busy and the staff often so rushed they can't help individuals as much as they could. Buying expensive shoes should be the wonderful experience I had in Mayfair. I highly recommend it as my favourite Louboutin branch and wouldn't go anywhere else.

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 by fashionpearlsofwisdom (3 reviews), 07 Dec 2010
I went to the new Selfridges concession and was served by an unbelievably gorgeous guy, who couldn't have been more helpful.

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 by jazza54, 07 Sep 2010
I went there to buy a pair of black Rolando. The staff were unbelievably rude. Their guy behaved like he had a big problem with serving me. He was acting as if he considered he was wasting his time, because I woudn't buy them anyway because I didn't look posh enough. Well... I decided to go to Harvey Nichols and bought my shoes there. The service was very good there.

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 by kwannon, 31 Aug 2010
I went to the store quite early in the morning, so there were only about 3 customers in the shop but I was still completely ignored. I asked the sales assistant if they had another size and she didn’t answer me, just went back to the stock room with a face like thunder and came back out and practically threw the box at me. Staff were unbelievably rude and unhelpful, I really couldn’t believe how bad the service was. They must lose a lot of business due to their attitude. I went back round the corner to Jimmy Choo where the service, as always, was great.

Another customer gave up after trying to find out when the next collection would be in the shops, since the staff were completely clueless. The shoes are beautiful; however, I would never go to their store again - go to Harrods or Selfridges instead.

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 by sarah._x, 03 Aug 2010
I visited the store in February to buy my wedding shoes. I received fantastic customer service and all the staff were lovely. I would highly recommend using the boutique rather than a department store as it is much more of an experience. I would like to add that I was not wearing any designer items but I was treated just as nicely as the designer brat who was was served before me. No problems at all - highly recommend!

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 by lauracrezz, 18 Feb 2010
I really love the shoes - comfortable killer heels. I never had a problem with the staff, they were always were very helpful and friendly. Today I have discovered that they are also great when it comes to mail order. I found a pair of boots which I can't get in Germany, and they will now post them to me.

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 by eva.gerlach (3 reviews), 20 Jul 2009
I visited this shop for my birthday present last month and I have to say that the staff were so friendly and helpful. Got the most gorgeous pair of shoes. Lovely little shop, very comfortable. Can't wait to go back for my next pair.

Useful review?
 by Louise C (2 reviews), 20 Mar 2009
Went to the Motcombe Street store for my birthday treat. I was a bit sceptical after reading the reviews, but even though it was busy the assistant was really helpful and pleasant and apologised for the delay. I'd definitely go back there (when the piggy bank allows!). Prices were about £40 cheaper than Harrods as well!

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 by rebeccajford, 11 Mar 2009
I completely endorse the comments of your most recent contributor. I have seldom been to such a disagreeable shop. I had the temerity to ask advice on a pair of shoes for a Christmas present. The 'assistant' simply ignored me. Breathtakingly rude. As these people are plainly so flush with business that they simply don't need our money, we should take it elsewhere. Avoid. One star too good for them.

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 by Mouldtj, 23 Dec 2008
I found the staff very helpful and friendly. Beautiful and sexy shoes and, all in all, a great experience. (Although, the door person was ponderous and irritating, as was his Kevin Costner 'Bodyguard' impression. What is it with these people - he opens doors for God's sake!) Great shop, we will be back!

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 by Steven Pidcock (6 reviews), 22 Dec 2008
My boyfriend and I went to the Motcomb Street Christian Louboutin boutique to buy me a pair of heels for Christmas. It is a beautiful little boutique with lovely soft furnishings. The young girls that work there were so friendly. The young girl that served us was very helpful indeed and very pleasant. I finally found the pair of shoes that I liked after trying on ten pairs - the Declic in Navy, beautiful shoes and very well-made. I would definitely go back there. Lovely place, lovely staff.

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 by sarah and steven (2 reviews), 21 Dec 2008
Took my daughter to London for a birthday treat to buy a pair of her "must have" Louboutin shoes. Harrods was fine but did not have her size, so travelled over to the Motcomb Street store. What a disaster. I only had contact with two of the staff, who both treated me as if I was from outer space. These people could not spell customer service never mind deliver it. My daughter refused to ask any more questions and told me she would rather do without if it meant giving our business to these "snooty bitches". We left and went to Selfridges, where my daughter found the shoes of her dreams and I was left £1000 lighter.

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 by Maca123, 01 Dec 2008
After reading some of the reviews on here, I went to all of the major department stores to look for the perfect pair of shoes. As I couldn't find the right pair, I went to the Louboutin shop expecting the worst. But I have to say, I'm disappointed I didn't go there first...

The staff were so helpful and friendly. I found the shoes I wanted but not in the right colour. They contacted the other stores for me to see if they had any in stock and then gave me a variety of other websites etc I could try. All of the staff in the shop did say that they always try to help as much as they can but at busy times it is hard for them to give every customer their undivided attention (which is why some people may not have been happy with their service); but as I went there on a Tuesday afternoon and was the only customer in the shop, this was not a problem!

I would definitely return to the shop and would recommend it to anyone looking to buy a pair of CLs. Loved it!

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 by maisie_2004, 25 Nov 2008

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