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Jimmy Choo's largest store showcases their growing collection in luxurious surroundings. Opened in March 2005, the 1,600 square feet space features satin panelled walls, crystal drop chandeliers and the first Jimmy Choo VIP room.

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I would give it zero stars if I could. Like many of the other reviewers below, I have had the worst experience for a product priced at $1,000! Do not let this low quality, low craftsmanship, and poor customer care brand get the best of you. Go elsewhere for a good quality shoe that is worth the expense. Prada, Dior, and Louboutin all deserve the cash you dish out.

Useful review?
 by AddieGonzalez, 20 Feb 2013
Jimmy Choo makes poor quality rubbish! I purchased a cross body bag for $950 and the metallic leather coating started to come off within 6 months of use. When I contacted the company they said, "Tough luck. You didn't buy it directly from Jimmy Choo, so we can't even repair it for you".

Useful review?
 by ej1129, 13 Feb 2013
Absolutely the worst customer service. Rude woman on the phone, very unhelpful. They take your money but trying to get a refund is like asking for gold bars. Finished with Jimmy Choo. Will NOT recommend.

Useful review?
 by loo lafs, 25 Apr 2012
Absolutely rubbish customer service - unhelpful verging on rude. Still no shoes, after being submitted for repair for the third time. Have had better service from Kurt Geiger.

Useful review?
 by K_gannon, 05 Apr 2012
Awful, awful, awful service. A shame, as if they concentrated on improving that then they would be a decent, yet not quite A-class luxury brand. Yet it seems all they care about is the money. Fools.

Useful review?
 by christiandior101, 11 Dec 2011
I am really digruntled to have bought a pair of almost £500 Jimmy Choo shoes that then broke on the third wear. I returned them to the Knightsbridge store to have them sent away to be fixed (the very least I would have expected was an apology and an immediate replacement), but I am still awaiting the return of my shoes more than a month later. The customer service is very poor. In future I will stick to Guess, where even though they are a supposedly inferior brand their customer service is second to none.

Useful review?
 by kristielucastaylor, 04 Nov 2011
Heaven knows by whom some of these reviewers have been seen and dealt, but I have been a Jimmy Choo customer at their shops around the world for many years and the ladies in this particular branch couldn't be more friendly or helpful. I regularly send an old, but much loved pair of boots to them for repair and the service is always excellent! Never a word of complaint and always ready to help in any way - and I am a difficult person to impress!!

Useful review?
 by Crowlands10, 01 Nov 2011
Completely unacceptable after sales service! I will never buy Jimmy Choo shoes again.

I was given poor fitting advice and consequently the shoes cut my feet badly. I contacted Jimmy Choo for advice and first of all was made to feel like a criminal. After I passed all the tests of sending receipts, long written details and even photographs of the injuries, nothing happened.

It took a number of chasing calls and an escalation to trigger a response from Head Office.

The response was patronising and totally missed the point.

Eventually, I was ordered to return the shoes so they could see what the problem with the fit was. I did point out that returning the shoes without my feet was unlikely to inform their investigation!

Throughout the whole complaint, I repeatedly asked for someone to just call me to discuss but the person dealing with it just ignored my request.

Eventually, I was half-heartedly offered a refund but no explanation of why, or if there was a problem with the shoe or the fit etc.

The refund offer included a laughable paragraph about how they like to create excitement with their brand, but no genuine apology.

Be careful with this brand - nice looking shoes but very shallow brand. Once they have your money, they don't care about service.

Useful review?
 by SoftInside, 30 Mar 2011
I contacted the Jimmy Choo shop in Knightsbridge looking for a specific pair of shoes. The ladies I spoke to were very helpful and although they didn't have what I was looking for they directed me to another store that did. I phoned the other store and they are keeping the pair of shoes I want for me to collect on Saturday. First class service from everyone.

I've visited the store in Knightsbridge before and always found them to be very helpful. I think sometimes people expect too much from them - they are only humans after all! I understand that buying a pair of shoes from Jimmy Choo is a lot of money for everyday people like me, but they sell them all day every day and to people that buy a lot more than one pair! It's just like working in any other shoe shop for them! I've never had a problem with their customer service; I think it's a question of how you approach them.

Useful review?
 by macpop, 03 Mar 2011
Very poor. I was bought a £1000 bag as a gift. After very limited use it started to literally fall apart in a couple of different places. I returned it to the store early December. They were mildly efficient and merely offered to send it back to the factory for a repair, saying it may take a few weeks due to Xmas shutdown. It's now February and I still have no bag or even a phone call to explain why. Would never want anything from this company again!

Useful review?
 by Skm, 06 Feb 2011
I had a very poor experience here. I came here ready to buy my wedding shoes. After about two circuits around the shop I asked the girl at the counter where I could find their bridal collection. She responded by saying it may be found in a separate room at the back of the store. After waiting in that room for a good 10 minutes, trying on the samples, I still hadn't been approached by the staff or even the girl who responded to my query. We tried to catch someone's attention once we came out of the bridal area, but the assistants literally tried to avoid eye contact. We left the store and Jimmy Choo lost our £500 sale as a result. Very disappointing.

Useful review?
 by CF100, 23 Jun 2010
The store contacted me directly because the online service had no stock of the style that I wanted to buy for my wife. I spoke with an assistant who was polite, professional, knowledgeable and affable - a credit to Jimmy Choo.

Useful review?
 by Kieron, 17 Jun 2009
I planned my trip to London months in advance and was looking foward to spending 1000s of pounds on clothes, shoes and bags. Once I had arrived, I was made to feel unwelcome by many shop assitants. I was willing to put up with it, but after walking into Jimmy Choo I had had enough!!

I didn't get one smile or even eye contact from any sales assistants. After waiting 15 minutes with a pair of shoes in my hand, someone finally told me they would be with me "in a minute". After another 10 minutes of watching people walk in after me and getting served before me, I decided to take my money back home to Manchester where people are much more down-to-earth and don't look at you as if you're nothing. I will be making a formal complaint to Jimmy Choo themselves, although I certainly do not want to return to London again.

Useful review?
 by pharrellover (2 reviews), 31 May 2009
I miss the Draycott Avenue branch – it was intimate, friendly and they knew me there... ah, the good ol' days! I actually like this branch though. They are so professional and smiley (even the door men smile!). The thing I love about JC shoes is that they are always consistent – no matter what the style is, a size 37 always fits (unlike other brands).

Call up, ask them to send you something/put a pair on hold and it’ll be done with no issues. Again, you’re paying for the fabulous shoes/bag AND the service. Worth every penny!

Useful review?
 by Milla (46 reviews), 19 Dec 2008
I bought a pair of shoes after contacting the store to say we were coming from Ireland for the day and could they order the shoes that I wanted. Staff very very helpful and knowledgeable. Cannot wait for my Xmas shopping trip!

Useful review?
 by amandamckeever, 28 Oct 2008
I was apprehensive about going to Jimmy Choo, but I was pleasantly surprised. I went there to purchase my wedding shoes and the assistant that sesrved me could not have been more helpful. The assistant standing by the door was a bit pretentious, but then again that's all she seemed to do - stand by the door - so even though she was surrounded by glorious shoes she was probably really bored. If you are thinking wedding shoes, buy!

Useful review?
 by alliejo30, 21 Jan 2008
I bought two pairs a while ago and totally love them. The staff are nice and helpful (both in the boutique in Knightsbrige and in the Selfridges store) and you can take your time choosing your shoes. I love Jimmy's!

Useful review?
 by crisspe, 19 Jan 2008
I took my daughter to look for wedding shoes and couldn't have asked for a better experience. The assistant - Silvia, I think - was lovely and helpful and made us all, and especially my daughter, feel really special. And the shoes we purchased are absolutely beautiful. A perfect shopping trip!

Useful review?
 by Jo Q, 29 Oct 2007
I bought two pairs last week. The staff were really helpful. I loved the way the walls are all mirrored, so you can see yourself walk in these beautiful shoes. I can't wait to buy my next pair.

Useful review?
 by maisey (3 reviews), 12 May 2007
I walked in the store and was the only person there (aside from my husband). The assistant was behind the counter, just standing there. I was ready to purchase something but didn't because she didn't even bother to acknowledge my presence.

Useful review?
 by JuneHawk (2 reviews), 05 Apr 2007

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