Slick Willies

12 Gloucester Road
Kensington, London
Tel: 020 7225 0004 Gloucester Road 0.3 miles

Mon-Sat: 10am-6:30pm

Sun: 12am-5pm

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Slick Willies reviews

So disappointed. All the positive reviews made me take a closer look. Big mistake, lots of old stock and high prices. Not for me and my skater kids.

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 by skaterboy1silver, 01 Jul 2011
What EXCELLENT service. Polite and informative staff. I ordered from the website for a limited edition scooter for my son's birthday. It was pre-order for mid-June delivery. Slick Willies kept me informed as to when I should expect this. It arrived sooner than I expected and on a day when my son is off school due to strike action. As you can imagine, he is really pleased. I would definitely recommend Slick Willies to people looking for a skate shop.

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 by suzy c, 30 Jun 2011
By far the best skate shop in London. Have been a customer for years and never a problem. Staff are fantastic. Highly recommended!

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 by laurenkatymp (2 reviews), 26 Jun 2011
The service was very polite, which was appreciated; however, as an experienced skater I was aware that I was being misled into a sale. Don't understand why when people don't know things they won't just be honest - could have spent quite a bit of money on the wrong item.

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 by Sk8erGirl, 02 Apr 2010
Having visited the London Skate Centre just prior to going here, the difference was like night and day. London Skate Centre couldn't care less, had no interest in selling anything and seemed to know very little about any of their products that didn't go on ice. Slick Willies, on the other hand: knowledgeable, helpful, attentive... excellent all round.

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 by JonH (2 reviews), 03 Oct 2009
They know what they are they talking about, are very helpful and have a wide range! COOOL!

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 by rechale74 (2 reviews), 07 Feb 2009
Good shop, great service and good stock. Very helpful and had everything I needed.

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 by Anonymous, 18 May 2006
Brilliant service, good stock & lots of knowledge!

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 by Anonymous, 11 Apr 2006
They really, truly rock!

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 by Anonymous, 03 Jan 2006
Excellent service. Good range of in-line gear and the staff are extremely helpful.

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 by Anonymous, 14 Aug 2005
Always helpful service - one of the favourite shops amongst the experienced skaters - close to Hyde Park which is the skating hub of London,

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 by Anonymous, 29 Jun 2005
Really friendly service, and loads of cool stuff.

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 by Anonymous, 08 Jun 2005
Great shop, nice owner and helpful staff. Very good for parts.

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 by Gerbil, 04 Feb 2005
The staff are really helpful. Good range of bags!

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 by Anonymous, 18 Nov 2004
Absolutely brilliant service, with friendly staff. The blades work wonderfully and no problems at all.

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 by Anonymous, 10 Oct 2004

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