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I've just just received the worst haircut I've ever had and paid £60 for the privilege at the flagship Covent Garden Aveda Institute. The stylist asked one, quick perfunctory question about how I wanted my hair and then proceeded to take off nearly all of my hair in the back - where I could not see - then haphazardly cut into the sides. It looks terrible and is now too short to go somewhere else for a corrective cut. It will be two months before I feel good about the way I look again. My advice: if you are thinking of going to Aveda Salon, don't.

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 by Mel.willby, 28 Sep 2013
Totally love the feeling and smells in this store. Staff are so friendly and attentive (not overly), and there's no hard sell (it sells itself for sure!) Marianne, my colourist, gets it (blonde) and sticks to it - more toned and warmer in winter, then brighter and sunnier in summer. She is calm and intuitive on the chat/no chat front. She cares, has passion and many years of experience (she is the educator at Holborn) and is super consistent and reliable. Thanks Marianne!

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 by andrea.fulerton, 09 May 2013
Had a pedicure here. Dingy room and uncomfortable chair. Wrong colour applied, despite asking for it to be changed, and rude staff. Was asked to leave after 5 minutes, so no drying time and subsequently smudged toes. Not what you expect for £42. Will never use again.

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 by Kitkat1, 12 Jun 2011
Their manicures and pedicures are the best around (they last for ages) and the girls are lovely, especially Vivian.

Hair is great too. Only thing to look out for is the 'facial for hair treatment'. I had it the other day. My hair felt lovely but afterwards it was blow dried by a trainee and was not up to the usual standard I am used to in there. However, every time I have had my hair cut in there I have been delighted with the result. Liene is amazing and well worth the money.

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 by polly.bowden, 08 Mar 2011
I asked for a specific haircut (a bob) and got something else instead that I did not like. I had my hair coloured and was left for 45 minutes (I timed it) and not one person checked on me or the colour the entire time. The colour ended up too dark. The cost of the colour was adjusted at the last second without an explanation. I spent a total of £140 pounds (before gratuity) and it was not worth it. Lastly, their website has a coupon to print for samples and they lamely said they didn't have any. The assistants were extremely nice - that was the only positive thing.

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 by sparkyandwilbur, 14 Dec 2009
Wonderful colour and cut. Previously my brown hair has always tended to redden with a tint, and the colour has often been too dark. Christina has restored my faith in colourists, and with Aveda colour my scalp no longer itches either.

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 by Charlotte V, 09 Dec 2009
I had a haircut at the salon a few months ago. The place seemed very airy and pleasant, and the haircut was fine. However, when I arrived I made it clear I didn't have time for the head and shoulder massage. They still charged me for it though, and even after I protested, refused to take it off the bill. They should also make it clear that when they suggest a quick squirt of some grossly overpriced 'de-stressing solution' (???) on your hair, it will slap on another £5 on your bill.

As I left, my stylist said: "I really need to see you again in four weeks to make sure the cut is settling in". Settling in? I paid nearly £70 for what amounted to a cut and blowdry - a sky high price in my view, even taking into account where we were in London.

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 by Janeyboo, 14 Mar 2009
While choosing birthday and Christmas presents across two product ranges I had to listen to the assistants chatting about the latest celebrity gossip immediately next to me. This was followed by no one serving me at the counter. Whilst someone was speaking to a customer on the phone organising an appointment (which is absolutely fine), the other three assistants were chatting amongst themselves and I was left waiting. After 3 minutes I left the store and products on the counter.

This is incredibly poor, especially given the current economic climate.

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 by bunny12, 17 Nov 2008
Went to have highlights. Colourist defensive and rude. Didn't even check the colour once my hair was dry. Never again! Do something about this appalling salon, it's letting the brand down.

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 by tamsinbee, 13 Nov 2008
What can I say? After many, many years of searching for someone who understands wholeheartedly what I wanted to achieve with my hair colour, I have finally found someone.

I went to visit a lovely chap called Carl, who treated me like a VIP from the get-go. I would never have expected to feel so pampered at a hair salon. The experience was amazing, and I have the colour that I've dreamt of for so long.

Would I recommend this salon to anyone? Yes, most definitely.

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 by smithshelley, 04 Nov 2008
I went to get my hair highlighted at the Aveda salon on Marylebone High Street. When I got there I spoke to the colourist, who kept insisting she knew what I wanted. When I asked to see what colour she would be using on my hair (on those little hair colour samples) she got very defensive and kept insisting that there was no point my seeing what colour she was using because it wouldn't turn out the same as the sample.

For some reason, I let her go ahead with the highlights and I regret it soooo much. I now have awful orange highlights and even my friends have said that my hair has never looked so bad. Am going to try and go back and see if they can do anything about it. Will update this review then.

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 by cfb, 04 Oct 2008
I have been coming here since it first opened and get a cut every 8 weeks. John cuts A-listers. Now that I have discovered him I can't go anywhere else. Many of the stylists here moved across from the Covent Garden Institute, so you are dealing with the best of the best. It's less hectic than Covent Garden, as you would expect from any shop in the 'bone.

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 by justin.cooke, 07 Jun 2008
I have had a brilliant haircut today with Liliane. She spent ages on it, and I have to say it looks fab! The colour is also really nice, courtesy of Carla.

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 by aimeeclairewade, 05 Jun 2008
I went to the Aveda salon on Marylebone High Street, to get my hair coloured. I specifically asked for a light brown colour but ended up with a very dark brown, nearly black! The hairdresser (who, by the way, didn't speak that much English) didn't even apologise. Her comment was: "Light brown wouldn't have suited you". Why didn't she tell me that in the beginning?? The whole process was very painful. I am certainly never going back.

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 by rah, 12 May 2008
I've been to an Aveda salon previously in Cardiff and find their colours are the best. Following an (admittedly self-inflicted) hair disaster last year, I had been waiting for Dominic to highlight my hair for months. I am over the moon with the results and have pre-booked my next two appointments as he is so popular. Not only did the results make a dramatic improvement to my appearance, Dominic is intelligent, fun and a great conversationalist. The receptionist was lovely too - exactly what you want when visiting a salon, as some people can find such places intimidating. Next time I must remember to buy some of the Aveda tea that they offer for free on arrival. In short, wonderful!

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 by LizzieJW, 03 May 2008
I went to the Covent Garden branch and it was HEAVEN. I used to be a hairdresser, so find it very hard to find a salon I can trust. But for the first time ever I experienced that. The whole experience from beginning to end was wonderful. I have never let anyone apart from one person colour my hair but my colourist, Dominic, not only accommodated my high expectations but exceeded them! Would recommend him to anyone.

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 by amira, 04 Dec 2007
I've been twice for colour. The first experience was OK, although the 'massage' lasted all of about 8 seconds. The second time I went (last week), there was no massage, and the woman who dried my hair was unspeakably rude and made no attempt to accommodate the way I wanted my hair done (which was the way I've been having it done for about a year, so in no way difficult!). I've also been to the Aveda on Holborn St, and I would strongly recommend it over this one.

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 by KMurphy, 08 Nov 2007
I've had many pedicures and manicures here which have been great, so thought I would book a massage and facial for my birthday. Overall, the massage was fine but I will not be having another facial here.

The girl who did my facial was great until she began doing extraction that really hurt. When I asked her if she could be more gentle, she said yes, but continued to be harsh to my skin. I realise that extraction is forcing a spot out but if it's not coming, please leave it alone!

The other problem I had was the fact that I was going out afterwards, but after the extraction my face had blotchy red patches all over it. I was not entirely happy with the experience, especially considering how much it cost.

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 by HP, 23 Apr 2007
Oh dear. Booked ages in advance. Turned up bang on time. Waited half an hour, with not even a glass of water or a "sorry" offered. Then told I hadn't been booked in and the stylist had actually been waiting for me. What a waste of a precious evening. Poor service personified. And barely an apology.

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 by julialynn (4 reviews), 12 Mar 2007
I have been 3 times for treatments here. There's a cafe where you wait before your treatments, and then you go downstairs... it's a bit like going through the back of a kitchen, not anything special, but the rooms themselves are cosy and quiet. You get asked some questions to identify your ayurvedic type, and then oils are selected accordingly. Professional, if a little bit impersonal. It's expensive but good.

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 by Anonymous, 23 Nov 2005

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