60 Sloane Avenue
Chelsea, London
Tel: 020 7590 1790 South Kensington 0.4 miles

This South Kensington branch of New York's Bliss lists among its top 10 spa treatments the hot milk and almond pedicure, the ‘blissage 75' (a 75-minute combination of Swedish and Shiatsu massage with a warm wax foot softening wrap thrown in), and the triple oxygen facial (a radical complexion reviver reputed to take ten years off in a single 90-minute session). Beauty products can be purchased in the ground floor shop.

Mon-Fri: 9.30am-8pm
Sat: 9.30am-6pm
Sun: 12pm-6pm

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Hands down the worst spa in terms of customer service I have ever been to. If you are going to spend this kind of money, go to Mandarin Oriental, Sanctuary, Elemis... anywhere else apart from here. From the girls at the front desk to the therapist to the manager to the customer service line on their website - all of them don't give a rat's arse. I wouldn't even give them any stars at all.

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 by mrsmoz, 05 Nov 2012
Agree with many of the negative comments. Cannot bear the relentless hard sell, it detracts from the entire purpose of treating oneself to a spa visit. Manicurists average at best. I return occasionally simply because of location convenience when I haven't any other choice, but still must fill in a questionnaire each time.

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 by bahamamama, 31 Jul 2012
I visited Bliss last week and had a fab experience. As I walked down the stairs, a young lady welcomed me with her warm smile and made me feel special. She showed me what to do and took me to the lounge, offered and poured my amazing fruity water. My treatment was with Liz, who was also amazing and took time to discuss my treatment with me. All in all, I had a great time at Bliss London and can't wait to go back.

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 by Spalover1969, 11 Mar 2012
My skin looks nice after a triple oxygen facial, but won't be going back as the experience was awful. I left the place wound up and angry. They are constantly trying to sell you things. Even when in a slumber they told me what I really needed was an extra for £50, which I felt obliged to accept otherwise perhaps the facial (already £148) wouldn't be worth it. And when I got upstairs they had already got a basket full for me. Really pushy, not relaxing at all. And an uncomfortable bench of a bed - I couldn't relax as my arms kept falling off the side. A shame.

Useful review?
 by DD11, 18 Dec 2011
I have been to Bliss several times over the years and I feel they are one of the best spas in London. Most spas I have been to I feel the therapists are counting 1,2,3 as they massage products into each part of your skin like they are reading from a manual. With Bliss the service feels tailored, with results that really last. The triple oxygen facial with therapist Chloe is a must, their mani/pedis are second to none. Yes, they are expensive, but trust me, worth every penny.

I have noticed a new manager over the last 12 months and she has really ironed out a lot of the niggles that are negatives here. Yes, their phone lines can still be really busy, but I guess it is a true reflection of how good they are there. I personally love the laid-back, accessible take Bliss has on spa-ing. Brownies, cool music and homemade lemonade really stand out from silk cushions and bamboo sticks that seem standard for all spas these days. Really worth a visit!

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 by MOS, 16 Nov 2011
I had always wanted to try a Bliss facial after reading about them in magazines, so I booked the Triple Oxygen as a pre-birthday treat and it was amazing. You start with brownies in the waiting room, then your therapist takes you to the room where you lie on a heated blanklet for the treatment. It was really relaxing. They do extractions in the facial, which I've never had anywhere else, and it made my skin look really clear. My boyfriend noticed that my skin looked good, so it must have worked! I'm definitely going back.

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 by vickyellison7, 21 Oct 2011
After reading reviews about Bliss on various websites over the last month, I finally had a couple of treats there yesterday from two brilliant therapists.

My first treat was a Basic Bikini Wax from Nel. She did a brilliant job (compared to a few months ago when I last had a wax, in an establishment which specialises in waxing). It was very quick, painless and thorough. One of the best waxes I have ever had.

My second treat was a Great Expectations (pregnancy) Massage from Chris. It was the first time I have had a massage whilst being pregnant. The only difference compared to a normal massage is that they use special padding and positioning to make you feel more comfortable in your pregnant state. In all the years I have had massage treatments, Chris definitely gave the best massage I have ever had in my life.

Prices are a little expensive at Bliss, but most places are in Chelsea. I had a very good experience at Bliss and plan to go back again after I have had my baby. But I will be saving my pennies first.

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 by sasumar, 19 Mar 2011
Bliss is the best, always have been, always will be. Extractions are always part of facials and they are so thorough with making your skin look amazing! It's worth the wait for bookings - they are busy becuase the facialists are so great! The receptionists are patient and I was welcomed with a warm smile and a friendly chat when I arrived. They also managed to fit me in for a mani after my facial at the last minute. I really do recommend this spa, they are top notch.

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 by suebell, 28 Nov 2010
Absolutely terrible spa. I had the triple oxygen facial that was so disappointing I was offered another facial for free. Even the second time around I could not have been more disappointed. Do not waste your money, go somewhere else. Dreadful, dreadful, dreadful.

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 by harriet2 (2 reviews), 01 Oct 2010
I could understand Bliss being overpriced if the treatments I had were of high standard or at least the staff were helpful and professional. Unfortunately the two treatments I went for (I had a gift voucher), a massage and a facial, were quite average, bordering on disappointing. The staff were acting as if they are doing me a huge favor just by being there, and were talking to each other, were quite unfriendly, non-attentive and did not listen or care at all about me and - from what I have seen – about other clients. Very, very, very disappointing.

I suggest you DO NOT go to Bliss. Go to another spa where the staff may be more professional and have a client-focused attitude.

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 by ena, 20 Jul 2010
Had my first facial ever yesterday and chose the Triple Oxygen Treatment at Bliss. My therapist was very good, very informative about what she was doing, customised the facial based on the skin analysis she did at the beginning, included head neck and shoulder massage plus moisturising massage on arms and hands, PLUS choice of foot or scalp massage. It was all inc. too - no extra charges! Love the facilities with the chill out room + nibbles + homemade lemonade - everything really clean and presented well too. A bit pricey (I had a gift voucher) but worth a treat. Skin looking good today and ready for hols!

Useful review?
 by k.chiarina, 28 Jun 2010
I just got back from a treatment at Bliss London... I read the reviews this morning, and I was shocked because my experience was nothing but wonderful. My therapist, Julie, was lovely, calming, and very friendly. Some people mention the "hospital" feeling, but I think that the design is soothing and very clean looking (much like hospitals are designed to look as well!). No one pressured me to purchase anything, and Julie even spent extra time on my Scrubs Deluxe (seriously, the best treatment Bliss offers!) to give me a Hair Dew treatment at my last minute request.

Yes, it is expensive. But in this economy, the first thing people are axing is luxuries like spa days... so it's understandable that they've raised their prices, as I'm sure they get less business.

I can sympathize with the disappointment in the manicure/pedicure area because there's nothing really that makes it stand out; however, I prefer them because I know they are absolutely careful about sanitation, and it's nice to relax with some brownies and watch Sex and the City for an hour!

Try it for yourself. After my treatment, I feel softer, I smell great (despite the tube ride home!), and I even feel a bit thinner. Pamper yourself!

Useful review?
 by M4rzipan, 08 Jun 2010
I was so disappointed by Bliss. I’ve had two facials in the run-up to my wedding, and both times I ended up paying twice what I was expecting to pay (this is so embarrassing, but I paid £250-£300 each time for a facial with hidden extras and several hard-pushed products) and left feeling like a total mug – it spoilt the experience.

My facialist announced she was going to do an ‘Alpha Beta peel’ on me as part of the facial, literally when she was holding the spatula over my face to apply it, and it turned out that was £65 extra!! Even without that, it's so, so overpriced. When I said I preferred holistic products I was assured they had a new organic line which would be much better for my skin than what I was using already. But when I tried to pin them down on what they meant by 'organic' they were sheepish and evasive, and these products turned out to have a list of chemical ingredients (not from a natural source) as long as my arm.

You really have to be on your guard at Bliss. The sales staff (no doubt on commission) are SO pushy about what products you 'need', and so manipulative – starting off by complimenting the products you already use, then slowly undermining them, until you're convinced they're rubbish. Even if you don't buy this type of spin, you still have to withstand the pressure they apply at the reception desk where, when you turn up to pay at the end, a load of super-expensive products have been 'selected' for you, ready in a basket, and the attitude behind the desk is "But if you can't afford to buy the recommended products, what on earth are you doing here?!".

The staff are ludicrously snooty – the sales technique is like those shops where you just want to buy something in order to show them that you can, Pretty Woman-style! But even if you had a will of iron, a tightly pinched wallet, and you didn’t embarrass easily, I think you'd still find yourself challenged here.

Finally, to add insult to injury, my facialist asked me to pass on a message to the receptionist upstairs that "I’m the bride" (I told her I was getting married and that's why I was having facials), and when I tentatively relayed this odd message the guy on reception barely concealed a snigger and then looked shifty and awkward. I think the facialist's de-coded message was: "This one’s a bride – milk her!". Anyway, feeling extremely foolish and conscious that I sound like a total mug, but at least I’m not going back again.

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 by Anonymous29, 21 Apr 2009
I had an overpriced mani here last month. The work was nothing special, and the manicurist was chewing gum all the way through. Will never go back again.

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 by jc821, 04 Apr 2009
I have been several times to Bliss for waxing, manicures, pedicures and facials, and I must admit all services are overpriced. I am a spa addict and was expecting a lot from Bliss but it was quite disappointing for the money I paid. The staff are quite old, the facial was very average and manicures had nothing exciting... Only book there if you are in a rush and have nowhere else to go.

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 by samantha_r, 17 Feb 2009
I have had appointments and on several occasions they have cancelled at the last minute (1 hour before the appointment). I have also been there for a manicure on a Sunday (arriving 15 minutes before, as they state you must) and their staff did not even turn up to work. In short, the people who work there have a poor attitude and the prices are sky high - AVOID.

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 by lpcaller, 19 Nov 2008
My wife was treated to a full manicure and pedicure for her birthday. She now wishes she hadn't been. When the nail polish wore off a few weeks after the treatment, she found the manicurist had dug away her nail under the cuticle and there was now a rough trench right across her nail. She complained to the manageress, who could not have cared less. She accused my my wife of having a nail infection and trying to pass that off as Bliss' fault! She was then offered a 'fill in', which she took advantage of.

However, the nails grew (as nails do) and the acrylic came loose. She was told that Bliss did not have anyone there who could do the refill, and she should go to another salon to get it fixed at her expense. She was also told that the manageress would phone back with a solution to the problem. Needless to say, she never got her call.

The nail has turned black now and is peeling off the nail bed. As you can imagine, it looks dreadful and Bliss could not care less that one of their beauticians has caused major distress as well as pain to one of their clients. WHATEVER YOU DO, THINK VERY HARD AND LONG BEFORE GOING TO BLISS. I wish we had read some of the other comments here before committing to go there.

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 by, 17 Sep 2008
Dreadful experience, terrible customer service. They never answer the phone and their messaging service is often broken. I had booked a pedicure a month in advance as I know how hectic they can get. When I turned up for my afternoon appointment they told me that the nail technician had called in sick that morning but they hadn't been able to contact me (my mobile had been on all day with a voicemail service), and the next available appointment I was offered was 2 weeks later! They offered me some money off, so I decided to give them another chance (not the first time I had been cancelled but about the 6th in the few years I have been going there, though usually at least with some notice). The day of my next appointment I get a call around lunchtime saying the same thing has happened and my appointment is again cancelled.

Never going there again. A lot of my friends have defected to other spas such as the Urban Retreat, so I think I will be joining them! They also have bad stories to tell about Bliss: being burnt by boiling bikini wax, pedicurist causing an ingrown toenail, manicure splitting all the nails so have to be cut off, hidden extras for facials that then cause allergic reactions... Not good.

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 by florence1202, 05 Jun 2008
Terrible service! I won't book anything there again. You would think at those prices they would have great customer service, but no.

Useful review?
 by sabine, 25 May 2008
I was very disappointed in my treatment at Bliss. I found it incredibly overpriced, not helped by tax being added. I also felt they pushed their products and facial extras; when I was presented with the basket of them at reception and I then declined, this was at best met with an offhand and unfriendly manner. I didn't like changing in a corridor either. I will not be going again!

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 by carmel, 27 Apr 2008

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