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I had a really disappointing Eve Lom facial here. The therapist talked throughout, was harsh on areas of my face I'd asked her to be gentle with, and suggested putting brandy or vodka on any blemishes when I got home, which I don't think is part of the Eve Lom regime! Areas of my skin which had a few spots now look much worse due to the harsh treatment of exfoliator being rubbed in to the area and boiling hot face cloths being applied several times.

I would definitely not go back - it was such a disappointment for a £90 facial.

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 by Maddy L, 08 Mar 2010
Too much up-selling on products!

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 by lovebelinda (5 reviews), 29 Sep 2008
Great massage therapies in very tranquil surroundings. Really felt like I was floating on air after the treatment. Definitely recommend.

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 by carson (7 reviews), 13 Apr 2008
Had an Eve Lom facial here last week and I have to say that I was a little disappointed. The treatment was very nice, with a lovely facial massage; however, once the mask was applied, the therapist left the room for around ten minutes. I feel that if you are going to pay £85 for a one-hour facial, you really should receive a one hour service. At other spas whilst the mask is drying the therapist gives you a foot massage, but there was nothing like that here.

I did mention it when I paid, but the lady serving me told me that it was standard for the therapist to leave the room and that even though the wait may have felt like ten minutes, she was sure that it wasn't! Have received better facials and service elsewhere.

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 by Kitdiva (3 reviews), 13 Feb 2008
I just went for the first time and got a bikini wax and a 30 minute back, neck, shoulder massage. The waxing was excellent. Definitely the most thorough and pain-free bikini I've ever had done. The space was great too - heated table to lie on during treatment, no overhead lights in your face, clean. Massage was fantastic. Despite the short time, the therapist got to my problem spots, released a lot of tension, and left me feeling relaxed and 100% better! I'm going back asap!

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 by smyers02 (2 reviews), 19 Oct 2007
I have been there only once, for an Ultimate Detox treatment, as a gift after the birth of my son. It was heaven! I haven't tried their other treatments or massages, but this was definitely worth the money.

Also lovely: the atmosphere, the relaxing waiting room with fresh water and tea, the soft towel and robe, and the gorgeous smell of the products in the showers of the changing room. Each step of it was a marvellous and out-of-this-world experience, and this is not my first spa treatment!

Less dreamy though are the prices of the products in the shop area. I was dying to buy the shower gel used downstairs to live the pampering experience at home as well, but was disappointed by the far too high prices.

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 by nlabia (3 reviews), 05 Sep 2007
I went for a Eve Lom facial with massage and found it really nice. The whole thing is extremely relaxing, from when you change into a fluffy robe and go into the 'relaxation room' to listen to read books and drink lemony water whilst you wait for your therapist to call you for the treatment. All the personal items are securely put in a locker in the (very big) changing room, which provides products to de-make up and shower. My therapist was kind and expert and I managed to relax fantastically. When she finished, I was invited to go back in the relation area to enjoy an herbal tea before going home. Definitely worth a visit.

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 by Miss R (3 reviews), 19 Jun 2007
Had a good facial here, very relaxing, nice facilities. The only downside was that we were forced to pay first so that they could cash up, and I felt this was unprofessional.

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 by julialynn (4 reviews), 09 Jan 2007
Visited here for the Eve Lom facial. Therapist was OK but considering the price what I got for my money was pretty poor. I would have expected more massage techniques to have been applied. Most of the facial consisted of paraffin wax being applied with a brush and I paid £85 for the privilege! Elemis and Aveda facials are of a higher quality and produce better results on the skin.

On the whole cleanliness was good, but the changing area was looking shabby with chipped sink basin and stained carpet in the relaxation area. Again, I would expect higher standards for the prices charged.

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 by scottygirl2006, 22 Dec 2006
It was distinctly average - not the best, but not the worst either...

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 by Anonymous, 23 Sep 2006
I have been here quite a few times, and have read the comments below. It is true that the facials aren't great, and normally painful. But the rose cocoon thing is great and the waxing is good, and reasonably priced.

The spa itself is lovely and the atmosphere is relaxing. So it does get points for that!

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 by taky (3 reviews), 16 Mar 2006
The massage I had was a complete waste of money. The treatment room was bare and made me think of a prison cell. The massage itself was nothing more than someone rubbing oil on my skin. My treatment room was downstairs and I heard people walking up and down the stairs and people talking. It was not relaxing at all.

The changing room was bare and not very clean. I didn't like the plastic slippers. There was only one toilet and the toilet roll was left on the floor as the holder had fallen off and they had not bothered to fix it back up. A spa with treatments in this price range should be of a much higher standard.

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 by spa_addict, 09 Mar 2006
The dozy and robotic receptionists need to offer more information. As a customer it's difficult to think of every question to ask. It would help a lot to have some sort of interaction at the first point of contact (i.e. when booking over the phone) to help the customer choose the right treatment.

I was disappointed with the massage I had. I expected a total massage but was left lying on the table waiting for my face and arms to be done. After a few minutes when nothing was said I guessed the massage must be over. When I queried this I was told that as more time had been spent on my back time had run out. I would have liked to have been informed of this at the start. Reception might have offered the information that an hour massage may not include the whole body and given me the chance to book a longer session. Poor communication and lack of information therefore lost money and a customer. So sorry SPA NK I'll be choosing one of the many other spas in the area next time.

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 by C Webster, 02 Mar 2006
The staff were OK, but the facial didn't clear my skin at all.

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 by Anonymous, 08 Feb 2006
Had a very relaxing shiatsu facial. Staff friendly and professional. Will definitely return!

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 by Karen101 (28 reviews), 17 Jan 2006
Great treatment, the Eve Lom facial was amazing.

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 by Carla J, 27 Sep 2005
Nice experience, but I prefer Elemis - more relaxing.

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 by june, 27 Sep 2005
Very enjoyable. An excellent Eve Lom facial - deep cleansing and relaxing, highly recommended!

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 by pink, 27 Sep 2005
One of the best spas around.

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 by Sophia (2 reviews), 26 Sep 2005
Have been a good few times over past two years. It continues to be pure indulgence.

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 by Anonymous, 03 Aug 2005

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