74 Old Compton Street
Soho, London
Tel: 020 7734 4215 Piccadilly Circus 0.2 miles

Easily London's best range of spirits and cocktail ingredients.


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Gerry's has a brilliant range of booze. Helpful, knowledgeable people too. Have been going there for years and will continue to do so.

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 by P Asquith (4 reviews), 16 May 2011
Great shop on the whole, but not too keen on the fact you cannot walk around and browse. If what you're looking for is not in the window, you have to ask for it. A shame really, because they must have some hidden gems.

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 by rumwizard (3 reviews), 23 Jun 2010
I have tried all over south east London for Royal Mint liqueur - no one has it... no one, that is, except Gerry's. Worth the train/bus journey.

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 by sandra1, 01 Aug 2008
Gerry's must be one of the highlights of my visits into central London. One of the things I like the most about the place is they have all the new products before anybody else. They are prepared to let you try them if you ask.

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 by sidney, 25 Feb 2008
Comprehensive stock, extremely helpful staff.

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 by Sorcha65 (7 reviews), 10 Jan 2008
Every sort of alcohol you could ever imagine. Great staff too!

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 by Lamzy (5 reviews), 06 Aug 2007
Incredible choice!

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 by Moo Moo (23 reviews), 09 Jul 2007
Impossible to browse properly because of the layout of the shop. Apart form that, fine.

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 by Bubbles J. Smith (6 reviews), 08 Jun 2007
If you're going to Gerry's for VODKA... you don't have a clue. One of the most arcane veritable museums of superb and obscure spirits for sale in the UK.

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 by drcocktail, 03 Jun 2007
Overpriced because it's in Soho. Same selection plus more is available at Soho Wines on Percy Street... and it's run by a Polish family, who DO know their vodka.

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 by PingPong, 31 May 2007
Excellent selection. They're a nice bunch of guys too. Oh, and they do now accept card payments.

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 by Anonymous, 04 Mar 2007
The most fantastic range of drinks in the UK. Helpful staff too, but odd opening hours.

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 by Anonymous, 12 Dec 2006
Great! Amazing selection of absinthe.

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 by lucieeeeeeee, 24 Nov 2006
Best selection in the country, so much obscure stuff. Very helpful staff - when I give them a decent order they even pick up my coffee and olive oil from local shops. All in all, fantastic.

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 by ppos, 21 Aug 2006
You can find anything - even Unicum from Hungary! Just like they say, if you want something you know they will have it - in several sizes or brands.

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 by gill w, 19 Aug 2006
I have been shopping here for over 5 years and only wish I had known about it sooner. The best tip is take only cash you can afford to spend, or have iron willpower. I went in for a bottle of cachaca and came out with 6 other bottles!

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 by stu5068, 08 Jul 2006
Fantastic selection! They always have what you want.

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 by The Cocktail Man, 19 Jun 2006
Fabulous selection. Best in the world.

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 by June49, 03 Jun 2006
It's an alcohol Aladdin's cave!

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 by lisah (4 reviews), 17 Apr 2006
What's good about Gerry's?

They literally do have everything you need.

They are helpful and willing.

They are knowledgeable.

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 by Anonymous, 05 Dec 2005

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