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42 Old Compton Street
Soho, London
Tel: 020 7437 2592 Tottenham Court Road 0.2 miles

Vintage House

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Vintage House was recommended to me by a colleague who has being going here for a number of years. I needed a malt whisky for my father’s birthday and ended up with a bottle of rum (Diplomatico Exclusiva) and an excellent bottle of Chateau Pontet Canet 2000 into the bargain.

The guy who helped me select the rum was brilliant, and when I turned my attention to the exceptional Bordeaux selection, he introduced me to a guy who was obviously the Bordeaux expert. What a character - he looked like a Dickensian philanthropist but spoke like a Guy Ritchie gangster. It was great fun - he even produced a couple of samples of malt whisky when it came to selecting my father's present, a nice Caol Ila 30yr old.

High trouser man was present but I did not have any dealings with him. Apart from looking like Simon Cowell’s grandfather, he actually seemed ok.

I agree with the comment below, the way the rums are displayed is definitely missing an opportunity. But overall, a great shop that must be preserved for the Nation.

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 by jonsie203 (2 reviews), 13 Aug 2010
What a gem of a shop! I have been visiting Soho for over twenty years and have only lately found out this place exists. Yes, there are some peculiar staff working here but they do know their trade.

If you are an enthusiast of malt whisky it should be an obligation to search this shop out. The whisky room at the back of the shop has floor-to-ceiling display cabinets full of reasonably priced malts, and at the end of the room is a staggering arrangement of collector's malts.

As mentioned in many of the comments below, the guy with the high trousers (surely there is a health and safety issue here?) is creepy. He was dealing with a young man who required a birthday gift, and talk about patronising... But the guy that I was served by was very knowledgeable on the subject of malt and rum.

They had a very nice Ardbeg on sample when I was there, which I purchased and received a complimentary Ardbeg glass.

The icing on the cake for me was the rum selection. I have never seen such a selection, (e.g. Mount Gay Tricentennial, never seen in this country). I am not convinced that they are presenting the rums for optimum effect though - it is a bit scrappy and I am sure they are missing an X FACTOR here.

High trouser man aside, what a shop!

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 by alfredthegr8 (2 reviews), 13 Jul 2010
A wonderful shop with a great selection of malt whisky - the expensive glass cabinet section at the back of the shop is mind-blowing. The rum selection has to be one of the best in London and the tequila choice is outstanding.

One criticism... I usually go to Vintage House in the afternoon when the staff there are friendly, amicable and knowledgeable about all their products (the big guy there is not shy with samples of malts and Keith is the man you want to see about rums). However, I made a mistake once and went in around 9.15am on a Tuesday and met a rather obnoxious fellow who made you feel like you were disturbing him (which is weird as I found the height he was wearing his trousers rather disturbing) and his knowledge of rum was questionable.

On the whole though, an excellent and interesting place to spend an AFTERNOON!!

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 by rumwizard (3 reviews), 22 Jun 2010
The staff of this shop is the most awful I've ever met. They are extremely antisocial and I suspect that they hate tourists/foreigners.

I was there 2 weeks ago, behaving most interested and extremely polite, carefully trying my best English (which is not the worst, as you may see). I bought 8 bottles for over £700. When asking them to guess how much a delivery with Royal Mail was, I was strongly advised to better transport the bottles within my holiday luggage. Unfortunately I was dumb enough to follow this advice - a mistake which resulted in over £120 I had to pay for excess baggage.

If you want to meet nice and professional whisky conoisseurs, there are many other locations in central London: Milroy's of Soho, Royal Mile Whisky in Bloomsbury Street, or The Whisky Exchange within VINOPOLIS in Park Street (near London Bridge).

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 by Whiskylover (2 reviews), 08 Jun 2010
The staff do seem to be somewhat peculiar... On the other hand, the selection they have is amazing - the malt whisky and the rum in particular. I avoided the man with the high waistline, he is creepy and he looks like he is hiding something there!

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 by arundel, 17 Mar 2010
A great shop with a great range in the wines and rums. But have to agree with scorpion14 that the grey-haired man is somewhat weird (if you are visiting this shop, be prepared!). But other staff ain't much better - must drink the whisky before they sell it!

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 by jldqpr25, 08 Dec 2009
Amazed by the comments on "weird staff". Perhaps you have to be a bit eccentric or anorak-ish to work in such a shop which boasts such an incredible selection, but having got to know one particular staff member some years back, he always welcomes me with a dram, and more often or not it results in a sale! A couple of years ago I went in late on a Friday, and they were offering free samples of a new Bowmore range. I must have stayed for an hour - a most convivial hour too, chatting with the staff who invited me to refill my glass more than once - eventually leaving, pleasantly inebriated, with a bottle of Talsker 18 under my arm.

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 by timhain, 25 Sep 2009
Just got back from London. A visit to the Vintage House was a delightful experience. Great selection and wonderful staff.

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 by Bob.J.S, 23 May 2009
I agree with o sullivan: very strange staff, excellent shop, wonderful selection of rums and tequilas. The grey-haired man with the glasses and high trousers is certainly worth avoiding... there is something of the night about him.

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 by scorpion14, 25 Mar 2009
This is a store with outstanding stock. However, the staff are somewhat odd, especially the grey-haired man with the high trousers. But don't be put off by him - the other staff are quite helpful, if not normal...

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 by osullivan.jeremy, 09 Dec 2008
I do not know about Bob's experience, but all I have ever received in this shop is friendly and informed advice.

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 by j2, 07 Dec 2008
Great selection but the worst staff ever. I don't think that they even know the meaning of the expression 'customer service'. Prepare to be abused by these people.

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 by Bob W., 07 Nov 2008
Really helpful staff, great products. Their 'own' malt whisky is gorgeous.

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 by Moo Moo (23 reviews), 17 May 2007
An outstanding shop with a great selection.

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 by Anon e-mouse, 08 Jul 2005
Great selection at keen prices on both whiskies & wines.

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 by Anonymous, 11 Apr 2005
Aside from the wine selection, this has possibly the most awesome range of whisky in London, and is usually the most reasonably priced.

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 by Anonymous, 27 Feb 2005

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