Bread & Honey

205 Whitecross Street
Barbican, London
Tel: 020 7253 4455 Barbican 0.3 miles

Discerning shoppers come to these Clerkenwell digs for the latest and greatest in sport and casual apparel. The owners have a keen sense of current trends and only chose the best for your pleasure.

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Bonjour! None of the reviews and comments are from either of us (the shop owners) as we didn't think it would be fair - everyone's entitled to their views, good or bad!
Laurent & Laurent x
BTW: we've just opened a new store in Shoreditch.

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 by akalaurent, 27 Feb 2009
Ha ha, was the last comment written by the owners? Calm down guys, it's only a clothes shop! Even if you have gotten a little bit carried away with it all.

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 by tonyflexable, 20 Feb 2009
Rude? Well I know those two and they may be French but they're never rude without a reason. What they are, however, is exceptionally talented at buying men's clothes. Somehow the line between casual DJ and smart English gentleman disappears in here, and I think that's rare. The staff are honest and know how to make you look good - how many other shops in London can say the same? Well, obviously apart from Primark!!

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 by kdakda, 12 Nov 2008
I love this shop, but unfortunately one of the owners is so rude, even though I keep spending a lot of money there!

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 by ale2gennaio, 10 May 2008
Great Japanese-y women's clothes, men's a bit boring but that's usual. The staff are great, and honest about how clothes look on you - a rare find in fashion.

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 by Anonymous, 07 Oct 2006

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