Diverse Menswear

286 Upper Street
Islington, London
N1 2TZ
Tel: 020 7359 0081 Highbury & Islington 0.4 miles

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I work internationally as a freelance stylist and this store has to have some of the most inspired buying I've come across. 'WOW' is all I can say. Worth a visit to Islington just for this store alone. I love that they have 3:1 phillip lim for men.

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 by dkay (2 reviews), 04 Sep 2008
I love this store! It is pricey, yes, but has some fantastic stuff, with great staff. They are always helpful and never enter into the hard sell.

As I live close to this store, I'd much rather shop here on a Saturday in their laid-back, chilled store, than suffer the horror that is a hideously-packed Oxford Street on a Saturday afternoon!

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 by The bristar (7 reviews), 14 May 2008
I can't believe Bert has been to the same store. I love Diverse. They don't sell Bape and, yes, they do serve bankers as well as anyone else (these guys aren't pretentious). I love the eclectic buying: APC, Folk, RAF, Margaret Howell. Beautiful! If only there were more stores with character like this. Thank god it's my local.

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 by busybody, 28 Nov 2007
Small, overpriced and pretentious. This is streetwear for forty-something bankers who want to wear "BAPE" tees whilst they sip their vanilla skinny and eat bran muffins reading the FT. Avoid.

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 by Bert Trautman, 20 Sep 2005

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